University of Glasgow

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Roger L.P. AdamsNucleic Acid Biochemistry
Marco AmoresEnergy materials School of Chemistry20142018 Serena A. Corr (grad student)
Thomas Andersonorganic chemistry, agricultural chemistry
Craig AuchinvoleBiological Chemistry
Geoffrey Malcolm Badger James Wilfred Cook (grad student)
Sourav BanerjeeBiochemistry, Cancer, Cell Biology, Kinase20092009 Miles Houslay (research assistant), John Gordon Lindsay (research assistant)
Fredrick Orpen Bower
John C.D. Brand
George L. Buchanan1954 James Wilfred Cook (grad student)
Christoph BuschePOMS2010 Lee Cronin (post-doc)
Tauseef R. Butt1977 Roger L.P. Adams (grad student)
Ian C. CarmichaelTheoretical Radiation Chemistry & Photochemistry1975 Brian Webster (grad student)
J Stephen ClarkSynthetic organic chemistry
James Wilfred Cookpolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, alkaloids
Serena A. Corr
William Cullen
David Paton CuthbertsonBiochemistry1926 Edward Provan Cathcart (research assistant)
James Johnston Dobbie
Jack David DunitzX-ray crystallography1947 John Monteath Robertson (grad student)
Peter H. Elworthy
John Fergusonhistory of chemistry18641868 Thomas Anderson (post-doc)
Alexander T. Florence Pharmacy1965 Peter H. Elworthy (grad student)
J. S. GillespieAutonomic Neuroscience
Duncan H. GregorySolid state chemistry
Frank D. Gunstonefatty acids and lipids
Stephen L. HajdukBiochemistry, Pathology1980 Keith R. Vickerman (grad student), Piet Borst (grad student)
George Gerald Hendersonterpene chemistry1884 James Johnston Dobbie (research assistant)
J. Grant HillTheoretical chemistry, computational chemistry
Malcolm Kadodwala
Tony D. KeeneChemistry School of Chemistry20022007 Daniel J. Price (grad student)
Alex. H. Lamberton1937 Thomas Stewart Patterson (grad student)
William Robert Lang1899 John Ferguson (grad student)
A. Graham Lappinmechanistic inorganic chemistry1975 Alexander McAuley (grad student)
Aurelien Letort20112015 Joëlle Prunet (grad student)
John Gordon Lindsay
James Dalrymple Loudonoptical activity, colchicine and tripolones, the organic chemistry of sulphur and indole alkaloids1932 Thomas Stewart Patterson (grad student)
Jake MacMillanchemistry and biochemistry of plant hormones1948 James Dalrymple Loudon (grad student)
Alexander McAuley1962 George H. Nancollas (grad student)
Alexander McKillopOrganic chemistry1963 Ralph Alexander Raphael (grad student)
Stephen David MorrisonChemistry, Polymers, Peptides, Metathesis Chemistry Chemistry20132017 Joëlle Prunet (grad student), Rob M.J. Liskamp (grad student)
William B. Motherwellmetallocarbenoids1972 Ralph Alexander Raphael (grad student)
Hamish Nisbet Munrobiochemistry1936 Edward Provan Cathcart (research assistant), David Paton Cuthbertson (research assistant)
Mark MurrieInorganic Chemistry, Molecular Magnetism Christopher David Garner (grad student), David Collison (grad student)
Philippe Nauny School of Geographical & Earth Sciences School of Geographical & Earth Sciences School of Geographical & Earth Sciences20162019 Jaime L Toney (grad student), Martin R Lee (grad student), Vernon R Phoenix (grad student)
Matthew A. Parker1893 John Ferguson (research assistant), George Gerald Henderson (research assistant)
Laurie L. Parker Chemistry20002003 David J. Robins (grad student)
Thomas Stewart Pattersonoptical activity, optical superposition, the rate of transformation of certain organic compounds
Iain Campbell PaulX-ray crystallography1962 John Monteath Robertson (grad student)
Joëlle Prunet
Neil PurdieAnalytical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry1962 George H. Nancollas (grad student)
Robert RamageOrganic Chemistry1961 Ralph Alexander Raphael (grad student)
William Ramsay18691870 Robert Rattray Tatlock (research assistant)
Ralph Alexander Raphaelsynthetic organic chemistry
Alexander Robertsonnatural products1924 George Gerald Henderson (grad student)
John Monteath RobertsonX-ray crystallography1926 George Gerald Henderson (grad student)
David J. Robins
Michael G. RossmannX-ray crystallography, cryo electron microscopy and molecular biology to study the three dimensional structures of viruses and their component proteins1956 John Monteath Robertson (grad student)
Frank Ruddlehuman genetics1961 Guido Pontecorvo (post-doc)
Alastair Ian Scottchemistry of natural products1952 Ralph Alexander Raphael (grad student)
David William Arthur Sharpfluorine chemistry
Harrison Massey Macdougall Shearercrystallography1954 John Monteath Robertson (grad student)
Robert Stevenson1952 Frank Stuart Spring (grad student)
Ian W.J. Stillsynthesis of naturally occurring compounds1962 Ralph Alexander Raphael (grad student), George L. Buchanan (grad student)
Alexander Robertus ToddBiochemistry1928 Thomas Stewart Patterson (research assistant)
Jaime L ToneyGeology chemistry
James TrotterOrganic Chemistry1957 John Monteath Robertson (grad student)
Claude W. Wardlaw1925 Fredrick Orpen Bower (grad student)
James K.G. Watsonvibration-rotation spectroscopy1962 John C.D. Brand (grad student)
Brian Webster theoretical chemistry1967 Durward W. J. Cruickshank (grad student)
John Greville Whitex-ray crystallography1947 John Monteath Robertson (grad student)
Alan R. Williamsonimmunology
Klaas Wynnechemical physics, spectroscopy
Douglas W. Young Alastair Ian Scott (grad student)