Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ming‐chuan C Cheng
lei fu2D materials20142019 Yunqi Liu (grad student)
Fanyi Minchemistry assembly
Yongqiang Ma Daoben Zhu (post-doc)
Lifeng WangLow dimensional materials and its Energy storage Yunqi Liu (grad student)
Haihua XiaoBiomaterials, Drug delivery
Jian Zheng Yunqi Liu (grad student)
Yunlong Guo Yunqi Liu (grad student)
Gui Yuorganic/polymer semiconductors, graphene and their optoelectronic devices
Jianyi Chen Yunqi Liu (grad student)
Dechao Genglow-dimensional nanomaterials Yunqi Liu (grad student), Gui Yu (grad student)
Rong LuUltrafast laser spectroscopy and dynamics; Photo-physical and photochemical phenomenon in chemistry and materials fields; Femtosecond optical Kerr effect spectroscopy of inorganic salt solutions and room temperature ionic liquids. Hong-fei Wang (grad student)
Yi RaoNonlinear Spectroscopy and Ultrafast Dynamics20002003 Hong-fei Wang (grad student)
Yunqi LiuCarbon Nanomaterials, Organic Semiconductors, Graphene, Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Ranran FengNonlinear spectroscopy, interface Hong-fei Wang (grad student)
Wei Gan Hong-fei Wang (grad student)
Wen-kai Zhang Hong-fei Wang (grad student)
R. Kramer Campen2004 Hong-fei Wang (research assistant)
ZhengGang Lan Hong-fei Wang (research assistant)
Zhen Zhang Hong-fei Wang (grad student)
Lei Fugraphene, CNT, CVD, energy storage batteries, device fabrication20012006 Yunqi Liu (grad student), Daoben Zhu (grad student)
Justin Paul LomontSpectroscopy, Biophysics20132013 Jianping Wang (research assistant)
Hongtao Zhangmolecular electronics
Jian Yao ZhengOrganic nanowire, Optical waveguide
Jianping WangUltrafast Infrared Spectroscopy
Kunbing OuyangOrganic Chemistry
Zhixun LuoCluster science
Xiaodong Wen Richard L. Martin (grad student)
Yanyan Huang Chenistry20172018 Hong-Cai Zhou (post-doc)
Dong Wang Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology20002003 Lijun Wan (grad student)
Baichuan Kou Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology20182021 Dong Wang (grad student)
Lijun Wan
Hong-fei Wangsurfaces and interfaces, spectroscopy and dynamics, nonlinear spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy