Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jonathan Paul Dilworth AbbattAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences19901992 Mario J. Molina (post-doc)
Nicholas L. Abbottinterfacial phenomena and complex fluids1992 Daniel Blankschtein (grad student), T. Alan Hatton (grad student)
Jeff I. Abes2003 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Harmon B. Abrahamson Chemistry1978 Mark S. Wrighton (grad student)
Nile S. Abularrage2022 Ronald T. Raines (grad student)
Jerome L. AckermanMRI, NMR, bone, biomaterials, interventional MR1976 John S. Waugh (grad student)
Waldemar Adam1961 Frederick Davis Greene (grad student)
Andrew J. AdamczykMultiscale Modeling, Computational Chemistry, Reaction Path Analysis, Materials, Catalysis20112012 William H. Green (post-doc)
Richard Darwin Adamsmetal carbonyl cluster compounds1973 F. Albert Cotton (grad student)
Jamie L. AdcockInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry19711974 Richard J. Lagow (post-doc)
Steven A. Adelmantheoretical physical chemistry19721974 John M. Deutch (post-doc)
Theodor Agapiemultimetallic complexes2001 Christopher Colin Cummins (research assistant)
Preeti Aghalayamkinetic modeling William H. Green (post-doc)
Alessandro Agosti Timothy F. Jamison (post-doc)
Kumar Varoon AgrawalTwo-dimensional nanoporous materials, membranes, crystallization Chemical Engineering20142016 Michael S. Strano (post-doc)
Paul F. AgrisBiochemistry1971 Gene M. Brown (grad student)
Alan Aguirre-Soto Chemical Engineering20152016 Hadley D. Sikes (post-doc)
Farrukh AhmadEnvironmental Engineering, Biogeochemistry, Biochemistry, Water Quality
Edward Sun Ahn
Beth Allyson AhnerEnvironmental Engineering, Biogeochemistry, Plant Physiology, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences Civil and Environmental Engineering1994 François M. M. Morel (grad student)
Özge AkbulutMicro/nanofabrication, Enrichment of rare cells, Composite materials, Chiral Nanoclusters20042010 Francesco Stellacci (grad student), Anne M. Mayes (research assistant)
Christopher A. AlabiCatalysis, Molecular Therapy20092013 Daniel G. Anderson (post-doc)
Thomas C. Alberhost-pathogen interactions, motions in proteins1981 Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Roger AlbertoTechnetium, Rhenium, Hydrogen Production, Vitamin B12, Radiopharmaceuticals19881993 Robert J. Silbey (grad student)
Robert A. AlbertyBiochemical thermodynamics
Andreas Christopher AlbrechtPhysical Chemistry Walter H. Stockmayer (post-doc)
Charles F. AlbrightMolecular Biology, Biochemistry1989 Phillips W. Robbins (grad student), Robert A. Weinberg (post-doc)
Ionut Alecu Chemical Engineering William H. Green (post-doc)
Rebecca W. Alexander19961999 Paul Schimmel (post-doc)
Jes Alexander Biology20032008 Michael B. Yaffe (grad student)
Nancy L. AllbrittonSignaling in Single Cells, Microfabricated Systems for Cellular Analysis1987 Herman N. Eisen (grad student)
Leland C. Allentheoretical chemistry1956 John Clarke Slater (grad student)
Joshua W. Allen Chemical Engineering William H. Green (grad student)
Benjamin D Almquist Chemical Engineering20202014 Paula T. Hammond (post-doc)
Joshua Alper Mechanical Engineering20042010 Kimberly S. Hamad (grad student)
Frederick W. AltDNA repair, immunology, lymphoma1982 David Baltimore (post-doc)
Sidney AltmanBiochemistry Lee Grodzins (research assistant)
Ryan A. Altmandecarboxylative strategies for fluoroalkylation, and the use of fluorinated peptidomimetics to perturb physicochemical and biophysical properties of neuropeptides Chemistry2008 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
Carl Joseph Altstettermetalurgy, hydrogen Metallurgy1958 Morris Cohen (grad student)
Lihini AluwihareGeochemistry, Oceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences1999 Daniel James Repeta (grad student)
Chibueze V Amanchukwu2017 Paula T. Hammond (grad student)
Miguel A. AmatMolecular modeling and computational chemistry Gregory C. Rutledge (post-doc)
Isadore Amdurphysical chemistry
Angelika AmonCell biology
Madhu Anand1981 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Bharthwaj Anantharaman Chemical Engineering William H. Green (grad student)
Hans C. Andersenstatistical mechanics, molecular dynamics1966 Irwin Oppenheim (grad student)
Daniel G. Anderson Robert S. Langer (post-doc)
Lisa A AndersonBioAnalytical Chemistry, Metabolic Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology Chemical Engineering20152018 kristala jones prather (post-doc)
Kevin William Anderson2006 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
Brian Anderson2005 Bernhardt L. Trout (grad student), Jefferson W. Tester (grad student)
Rodrigo B. Andradeorganic chemistry2001 Peter H. Seeberger (grad student)
Trisha L. Andreworganic optoelectronic devices, wearable electronics20112012 Timothy M. Swager (grad student), Vladimir Bulović (post-doc)
Justin L AndrewsMetal-organic Frameworks, Transition Metal Oxides, Highly Correlated Systems, Synchrotron Techniques Chemistry20212023 Mircea Dincă (post-doc)
John Angelos Chemical Engineering William H. Green (grad student)
Mitchell Anthamatten Chemical Engineering2001 Paula T. Hammond (grad student)
Jon C. AntillaOrganic Chemistry, Chiral Organocatalysis, Metal-Catalysis, New Stereoselective Reaction Methodology, Drug Discovery20002003 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Eric Andrew AppelBiomaterials, Hydrogels, Polymers, Drug Delivery Chemical Engineering20132016 Robert S. Langer (post-doc)
Daniel H. AppellaOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19982001 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
John P. Appleton
Koiti ArakiSupramolecular Chemistry, Nanotechnology19951996 Mark S. Wrighton (post-doc)
Christine A. ArbourPeptide Chemistry Biology2019 Barbara Imperiali (post-doc)
Isuru R AriyarathnaComputational Chemistry Chemical Engineering2021 Heather Kulik (post-doc)
Adam P. Arkincellular regulatory networks1992 Douglas C. Youvan (grad student)
Kurt W. Armbrust20142014 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc), Timothy F. Jamison (grad student)
Robert C. Armstrongpolymer fluid mechanics, rheology of complex materials and energy
William H. Armstrongtransition metal catalysis19831985 Stephen James Lippard (post-doc)
Roger Aronow2006 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Ayse AsatekinPolymers, membranes, filtration, zwitterions, self-assembly, fouling Materials Science and Engineering Chemical Engineering20092011 Anne M. Mayes (grad student), Karen Klincewicz Gleason (post-doc)
Robert Ashcraft Chemical Engineering William H. Green (grad student)
Avery Allen Ashdown1924 James Flack Norris (grad student)
Orr Ashenberg Amy E. Keating (grad student), Michael T. Laub (grad student)
Holt Ashley Aeronautics and Astronautics Aeronautics and Astronautics19461951 Shatswell Ober (grad student), Manfred Rauscher (grad student)
Didier AstrucMolecular Nanosciences and Catalysis1977 Richard Royce Schrock (post-doc)
Harry A. Atwaterphotovoltaics1987 Henry I. Smith (grad student), Carl V. Thompson (grad student)
Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam20032008 Kimberly S. Hamad (grad student)
Elizabeth C. Austin-MinorLimnology Biology, Geochemistry1998 Timothy Ian Eglinton (grad student)
Fred M. AusubelMolecular Biology19661971 Ethan Royal Signer (grad student)
Bruce A. Averill19691973 Richard Hadley Holm (grad student)
Gary J AxenGeology, Geochemistry, Materials Science Engineering Geology1980 B. Clark Burchfiel (research assistant)
Yimon Aye20092012 JoAnne Stubbe (post-doc)
Frank W. Bachelor Chemistry1960 George H. Büchi (grad student)
Julien BachmannInorganic chemistry, materials, energy research20012006 Daniel G. Nocera (grad student)
Lindsey R. F. Backmanprotein biochemistry, structural biology
Jan-Erling BäckvallOrganic Chemistry19761977 K. Barry Sharpless (post-doc)
Raymond F. Baddour1951 Edwin R. Gilliland (grad student)
Richard F. W. BaderTheoretical Investigations of Molecular Structure and Reactivity1958 C. Gardner Swain (grad student)
Neda BagheriComputational biology and control theory20082012 Doug A. Lauffenburger (post-doc)
Corrado Baglioni1961 Vernon M. Ingram (post-doc)
Peng BaiChemical Engineering Chemical Engineering20122015 Martin Z. Bazant (post-doc)
Mu-Hyun BaikInorganic, Energy, Computational Stephen James Lippard (post-doc)
William J. Baileypolymer chemistry19461947 Arthur C. Cope (post-doc)
Ghislaine Bailey2007 Timothy M. Swager (grad student)
Akash Bajaj20162021 Heather Kulik (grad student)
Tania A. Bakermacromolecular machines
Anna Christina Balazs19821984 Keith Huber Johnson (grad student), George M. Whitesides (grad student), Robert J. Silbey (grad student), John M. Deutch (post-doc)
Jack E. BaldwinSynthetic chemistry and reaction mechanisms, natural products
David BaltimoreVirology, Oncogenes, Immunology, Gene Regulation19631964 James E. Darnell (post-doc)
James L. BanalExcitonics, Organic electronics, Light-harvesting Biological Engineering Chemistry2016 Mark Bathe (post-doc), Gabriela S. Schlau-Cohen (post-doc)
Jeffery S. Bandar Chemistry2014 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Anupam BandyopadhyayBiomimetic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, chemical biology20162018 Brad L. Pentelute (post-doc)
Joshua H Barabanchemistry, spectroscopy Chemistry20072013 Robert W. Field (grad student)
Anne M. BarangerRNA Recognition By Proteins and Small Molecules1987 Stephen L. Buchwald (research assistant)
Victoria P. BarberPhysical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering2020 Jesse H. Kroll (post-doc)
Timothy E. Barder2007 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
Joshua E. Barker Chemistry Robert J. Gilliard (post-doc)
Ishan Barman2014 Michael Stephen Feld (grad student)
Kenneth Jay Barr1993 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
E.A. Barringermetal oxides, colloids, synthesis Materials Science19791983 H. Kent Bowen (grad student)
Bonnie BartelGenetics, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry1990 Alexander Varshavsky (grad student)
David P. Bartel"RNA World", regulation of gene expression by small RNAs found in animal and plant cells
Jim Bartis1972 Irwin Oppenheim (grad student)
Bart M. Bartlettinorganic synthesis to prepare compositionally complex materials for applications in renewable energy2005 Daniel G. Nocera (grad student)
Paul I. Barton
John Barton Chemical Engineering20142019 Fikile R. Brushett (grad student)
Frank S. BatesThermodynamics and dynamics of polymers and polymer mixtures1982 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Robert Todd BateyMolecular Biophysics, Nucleic Acids, Structural Biology19911997 James R. Williamson (grad student)
Mark Bathe Biological Engineering Electrical Engineering & Computer Science20012004 Gregory C. Rutledge (grad student), Alan Jay Grodzinsky (grad student), Bruce Tidor (grad student)
Peter BäuerleThiophene chemistry1986 Mark S. Wrighton (post-doc)
Mario Elliott BaurPhysical chemistry1969 Walter H. Stockmayer (grad student)
Moungi G. Bawendiquantum dots
Hagan P. BayleyChemical Biology 19791981 H. Gobind Khorana (post-doc)
Guillermo C. Bazanorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, polymers and materials science1990 Richard Royce Schrock (grad student)
Martin Z. Bazant
Carthene R. Bazemore-Walkermass spectrometry-based proteomic technologies to identify and comprehensively characterize novel biological structures19971999 Lawrence J. Stern (post-doc)
Richard Scott BearBiophysics, X-ray diffraction
James Alexander Beattiethermodynamics1920 Duncan Arthur MacInnes (grad student)
James W. Beatty19561960 Isadore Amdur (grad student)
Laurance G. BeauvaisInorganic and Solid State Chemistry20022006 Stephen James Lippard (post-doc)
Curt W. Beck1955 John Clark Sheehan (grad student)
Jamie W. Becker
Dorothy Beckett Biology19861987 Robert T. Sauer (post-doc)
Gregg T. Beckhambiomass conversion to liquid fuels2008 Bernhardt L. Trout (grad student)
Robert H. Beer19851990 Stephen James Lippard (grad student)
Tadhg P. BegleyBarton Professor of Chemistry Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Daniel BélangerElectrochemistry, chemically modified electrodes, electrochemical energy storage Chemistry19861987 Mark S. Wrighton (post-doc)
Benjamin N BellBiochemistry, Protein Engineering, Immunology Biology20122014 Catherine L. Drennan (research assistant)
Alexis T. BellUnderstanding the fundamental relationships between the structure and composition of heterogeneous catalysts and their performance1967 Raymond F. Baddour (grad student)
Stephen P. BellBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Anuj Bellare1992 Robert E. Cohen (grad student), Ali S. Argon (grad student)
Matthias BellerCatalysis1990 K. Barry Sharpless (post-doc)
George B. Benedekphase transitions, self-assembly and aggregation of several biological molecules
Ryan Bennett2007 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Richard Alan Bennett1979 Gerald Norman Wogan (grad student)
Keith BentleyMedicinal Chemistry Chemistry20152017 Jeffrey F. Van Humbeck (post-doc)
Greg BeranQuantum Chemistry William H. Green (post-doc)
Glenn A. Berchtoldsynthetic organic chemistry1960 Arthur C. Cope (post-doc)
Nicholas H. BergmanGenomics, Microbiology Biology19952001 David P. Bartel (grad student)
Scott Charles Berk1994 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
David BerkinskyChemistry
Jacob M. Berlin20062008 Gregory C. Fu (post-doc)
Marc Dylan Berlineroptimization;batteries;data analytics;simulations;differential equations
Chet M. Berman Chemistry20132018 Matthew D. Shoulders (grad student)
Peter F. Bernathlaboratory spectroscopy, molecular astronomy, atmospheric science Chemistry19761980 Robert W. Field (grad student)
David BerrisfordStructure-Selective RNA Recognition, Biomimetic Catalysis Using Conformationally-Constrained Peptides K. Barry Sharpless (post-doc)
Donald H. BerryInorganic and Organometallic Chemistry1979 Dietmar Seyferth (research assistant)
Theodore A. BetleyPolynuclear complexes for cooperative redox chemistry20052007 Daniel G. Nocera (post-doc)
Christopher J. Bettingerpolymers, biomaterials Materials Science & Engineering20032008 Robert S. Langer (grad student)
Michael Berliner Bever Metallurgy1944 Carl F. Floe (grad student)
Mayukh BhadraChemistry Chemistry2021 Elizabeth M. Nolan (post-doc)
Binita Bhattacharjee Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering William H. Green (grad student), Paul I. Barton (grad student)
Chandrabali BhattacharyaNatural products, Bleomycin, Glycochemistry and Glycobiology Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research20172022 Daniel G. Anderson (post-doc), Robert S. Langer (post-doc)
Santanu BhattacharyaChemical Biology, Supramolecular Chemistry, Membranes, Nanosciences19891991 H. Gobind Khorana (post-doc)
Rajesh Bhosale20102011 Timothy M. Swager (post-doc)
Klaus BiemannMass Spectometry George H. Büchi (post-doc)
Agata Bikovtseva Chemistry2017 Matthew D. Shoulders (research assistant)
Kelvin L. Billingsleymedicinal chemistry Chemistry2008 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
Ronald L. BirkeAnalytical and Physical Chemistry1965 David Kelmer Roe (grad student)
Michael E BirnbaumT cell recognition
Mark R. BiscoeOrganic, organometallics20052008 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
James "Jim" K. BishopOcean carbon cycle dynamics, Biogeochemistry, Oceanography Biology1977 John Marmion Edmond (grad student)
D L. BitzerComputer Science, Biochemistry Electrical Engineering jack ruina (grad student)
George L. BlackburnNutrition Medicine Nutrition and Food Science1973 Jean-Pierre Flatt (grad student)
Arthur Alphonzo BlanchardInorganic chemistry1900 Arthur A. Noyes (research assistant)
Daniel Blankschteincolloid and interface science
D. Wayne Blaylock Chemical Engineering William H. Green (grad student)
Benjamin BlencowemRNA splicing19921998 Phillip Allen Sharp (post-doc)
Eric D. BlochInorganic and Solid State Chemistry20142016 Christopher Colin Cummins (post-doc)
David M. BlowX-ray crystallography19571959 Alexander Rich (post-doc)
Andrew B. Bocarslyelectrochemistry, fuel cells1980 Mark S. Wrighton (grad student)
Paul Louis Bockcomputational modeling1973 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
Michael BockstallerPolymers20002004 Edwin L. Thomas (post-doc)
Geoffrey Bodenhausen19791980 Robert G. Griffin (research scientist), Leo J. Neuringer (research scientist)
Matthew BogyoBiochemistry, Cell Biology19931997 Hidde L. Ploegh (grad student)
Steven T. Boles Materials Science and Engineering20052010 Carl V. Thompson (grad student)
J. Martin BollingerMechanisms of Metalloenzymes and Metallocofactor Assembly1993 JoAnne Stubbe (grad student)
Daniel N. Bolonmolecular evolution20022005 Robert T. Sauer (post-doc)
Peter John Bonitatibus JrNanoparticle diagnostic imaging agents, Catalysis, Metals in medicine Chemistry19992001 Richard Royce Schrock (post-doc)
Squire J. BookerMechanisms of Cofactor Action in Enzymatic Reactions1994 JoAnne Stubbe (grad student)
Yot Boontongkong2002 Michael F. Rubner (grad student), Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Ajay Kumar BoseBeta-lactam chemistry,19471950 John Clark Sheehan (grad student)
Trever Bostelaar Chemistry2018 Daniel L. M. Suess (grad student)
David BotsteinGenomics Maurice S. Fox (research assistant)
James Bour20182020 Mircea Dincă (post-doc)
Alexander J Bourque20122017 Gregory C. Rutledge (grad student)
H. Kent Bowenmanufacturing, phase equilibria, defect chemistry Materials Science19661970 William David Kingery (grad student)
Kerry W. Bowers
James U. BowieProtein Structure, Bioenergy1989 Robert T. Sauer (grad student)
Bruce Bowler1986 Stephen James Lippard (grad student)
Sarah EJ Bowman Catherine L. Drennan (post-doc)
Jeremy W. Boycegeochemistry, planetary science SESE20002006 Kip V. Hodges (grad student)
Richard H. Boydpolymers1955 George Scatchard (grad student)
Laurie A. Boyer
Edward A. Boyle1976 John Marmion Edmond (grad student)
Lorenzo Braco19871988 Alexander M. Klibanov (post-doc)
John F. BradyFluid mechanics and transport processes; Complex and multiphase fluids
Jennifer Braff
Mark S. BraimanGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry19831986 H. Gobind Khorana (post-doc)
Robert L. Brainardnanotechnology1985 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
Katrien Brak20042005 John M. Essigmann (research assistant)
Bruce Branchaud Chemistry19811983 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Neil R. Brandamolecular switches, photochromism and electrochromism, molecular recognition and supramolecular chemistry1994 Julius Rebek, Jr. (grad student)
Karl G. Brandt1964 John Clark Sheehan (grad student)
Robert Lyman BratzlerMedical and Biological Engineering Health Sciences and Technology1975 Clark K. Colton (grad student), Kenneth A. Smith (grad student), Robert S. Lees (grad student)
Manfred BraunSynthetic organic chemistry1975 George H. Büchi (post-doc)
Jean-Luc Brédas Robert J. Silbey (post-doc)
Daniel T BreganteHetereogeneous Catalysis, Electrocatalysis, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Kinetics and Mechanisms, Spectroscopy, Energy, Environment Chemistry2020 Yogesh Surendranath (post-doc)
Caroline Breitenbergerorganellar biogenesis in green plants1986 Uttam L. RajBhandary (post-doc)
Howard Brennerphysico-chemical hydrodynamics
Daeg Scott BrennerNuclear Chemistry1965 Glen E. Gordon (grad student)
Gary W. BretonPhysical organic chemistry Chemistry19871992 Frederick Davis Greene (grad student)
Gregory BrewerAlzheimer disease, aging, cell biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, synaptogenesis, neuron cell culture, cell adhesion, neuronal networks Salvador E. Luria (research assistant)
William P Bricker Biological Engineering20152019 Mark Bathe (post-doc)
Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb Chemistry20122017 Catherine L. Drennan (post-doc)
Christopher Aaron Bristow20092012 Manolis Kellis (post-doc)
Joan Blanchette BroderickBioinorganic Chemistry; Mechanisms of Metalloenzyme-mediated Reactions; Mechanisms of Biological Radical Reactions; Bioremediation19921993 JoAnne Stubbe (post-doc)
Richard D. BroeneOrganic Chemistry, organometallic-mediated organic synthesis, lanthanide chemistry, and new synthetic methodologies1993 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Hindy E. BronsteinPolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons19992001 Timothy M. Swager (post-doc)
Richard Brook DMSE William David Kingery (grad student)
Edward BrookPaleoclimate Science, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry1994 Mark Kurz (grad student)
Joseph Scott Browndrug discovery, sequence-defined oligomers, peptides, molecular engineering, chemical biology Chemistry2019 Brad L. Pentelute (post-doc)
Christopher M. Brown Chemistry2019 Jeremiah A. Johnson (post-doc)
Frank L. BrownPhysical Chemistry,Theory and Computation, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Biology-Inspired Chemistry & Physics Robert J. Silbey (grad student)
Katherine Brown20022008 Kimberly S. Hamad (grad student)
Gene M. Brownisolation, biosynthesis, and function of vitamins, coenzymes, and related substances
Bruce J. BrownawellBiogeochemistry of organic pollutants in seawater and groundwater1986 Philip M. Gschwend (grad student)
Eleanor C. Brownechemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere now and in the past and predicting future changes CEE Jesse H. Kroll (post-doc)
Carl Hess Brubaker, Jr1952 Ralph Chillingworth Young (grad student)
Marcel P. Bruchezbio-nanotechnology19911995 Robert G. Griffin (research assistant)
Nicholas C. Brunochemistry, organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry20102015 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
Fikile R. BrushettMicrofluidics, Flow Batteries, Fuel Cells, Tissue Engineering
Jessica Bryant2017 Edward F. DeLong (grad student)
John M. Buchananprotein and enzyme chemistry
Robert Martin Buchananbioinorganic chemistry, catalysis, small molecule synthesis and metal complexes Chemistry19811982 Mark S. Wrighton (post-doc)
George H. Büchiorganic chemistry Gerald Norman Wogan (collaborator)
Stephen L. Buchwaldorganometallic chemistry
Richard P. Buckelectrochemistry1954 David Newton Hume (grad student)
Justin Buck2012 Edward F. DeLong (grad student)
Bernd BukauProtein folding and quality control; Molecular chaperones and proteases; Cellular stress response19861989 Graham C. Walker (post-doc)
Vladimir Bulović Organic and Nanostructured Electronics
Carl Lee BumgardnerOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry1956 Arthur C. Cope (grad student)
Zachary J. Buras Alberti Chemical Engineering William H. Green (grad student)
Jonathan J. BurbaumChemistry; Enzymology Biology19881991 Paul Schimmel (post-doc)
Christopher B. Burgegenomics, RNA splicing, and microRNA regulation in vertebrates and invertebrates19971999 Phillip Allen Sharp (post-doc)
Edward M. Burgess1962 George H. Büchi (grad student)
Seth D. Burgess2014 Samuel Anthony Bowring (grad student)
Thomas Bürgi19951997 Sylvia T. Ceyer (post-doc)
John M. Burkecatalytic RNA molecules1983 Uttam L. RajBhandary (grad student)
Alma L. BurlingameMass spectrometry1962 Klaus Biemann (grad student)
James M. Burlitchnovel materials in green energy applications1965 Dietmar Seyferth (grad student)
Bruce Kendall Burnett Chemistry1982 H. Gobind Khorana (grad student)
Charles W. Burnhamstructural mineralogy1961 Martin Julian Buerger (grad student)
Judith N. BurstynBioinorganic Chemistry, Allostery in Gas Sensing Metalloproteins, Metallosensor design1990 Stephen James Lippard (post-doc)
Jeffery A. ByersOrganometallic Chemistry Chemistry20072011 Timothy F. Jamison (post-doc)
Francisco Caballero Biological Engineering20122016 Angela N. Koehler (grad student)
John W. Cahnthermodynamics
Jianghuai Cai Chemical Engineering William H. Green (post-doc)
Cathy Cai20172017 Yoel Ohayon (research scientist)
Lindsey O. Calabretta2022 Ronald T. Raines (grad student)
Robert Laurence CampbellX-ray crystallography, molecular modelling1988 Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Robert Steven CantorBiophysics of cell membranes, amphiphilic aggregates in solution1979 John S. Waugh (grad student)
Jianshu Caoquantum dynamics of molecular systems
Jeffrey CarbeckGeneral Biophysics, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry Chemical Engineering Gregory C. Rutledge (grad student)
Thomas Carell19931995 Julius Rebek, Jr. (post-doc)
Robert L. Cargillorganic chemistry19551960 John Clark Sheehan (grad student)
Emily V. CarinoElectrochemistry Chemical Engineering20132016 Fikile R. Brushett (post-doc)
Emily Carinoelectrochemistry, energy storage Chemical Engineering20132015 Fikile R. Brushett (post-doc)
Paul R. CarlierStereoselective synthesis, medicinal chemistry Chemistry19831988 K. Barry Sharpless (grad student)
Tricia B. Carmichael flexible and stretchable electronics and molecular electronic devices19961997 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Tom CarneyEnergy Storage Chemical Engineering20152018 Fikile R. Brushett (grad student)
Anthony Carrasquillo CEE Jesse H. Kroll (grad student)
Kyler J. CarrollInorganic Chemistry Chemical Engineering20132017 Fikile R. Brushett (post-doc)
Mary Anne CarrollAtmospheric Chemistry: Instrument Development and Application to Field Measurements of Ozone and Reactive Nitrogen Species1983 Ronald G. Prinn (grad student)
Hans-Heinrich Carstensen Chemical Engineering William H. Green (post-doc)
Marvin H. Carutherschemical synthesis of DNA1973 H. Gobind Khorana (research scientist)
James Caruthers1977 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Charles P. Caseyorganometallic chemistry1967 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
Ivan Castillo1996 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
Darren T. Castro
Kenneth G. CaultonCatalysis, transition metal hydride chemistry F. Albert Cotton (post-doc)
Robert J. Cavasolid state chemistry1978 Bernhardt J. Wuensch (grad student)
Luigi A. Cazzaniga1991 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
Fevzi Cebeci2010 Paula T. Hammond (post-doc)
Thomas R. CechRNA (ribozyme) catalysis1978 Mary Lou Pardue (post-doc)
Gerbrand Cederbatteries, materials genome
Kristin Aslaug Ceder-Persson Materials Science and Engineering20012008 Gerbrand Ceder (post-doc)
Andrea Centrone Francesco Stellacci (post-doc)
Sylvia T. Ceyerdynamics of the interactions of molecules with surfaces of materials
Junghyun Chae2004 Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
Arup K. Chakrabortycell-cell recognition in immunology, T cell biology, polymers and membranes statistical mechanics
Ruma Chakravorty
Animesh ChakravortyCoordination chemistry, Inorganic chemistry19611962 F. Albert Cotton (post-doc)
Matthew Burke Chambers20072013 Daniel G. Nocera (grad student)
Julian M. W. ChanFunctional Organic Materials20052010 Timothy M. Swager (grad student)
Maria ChanModeling, Batteries, Photovloltaics, Catalysis, Thermal Transport20042009 Gerbrand Ceder (grad student)
Yinthai Chan2006 Moungi G. Bawendi (grad student)
Siu-Wai ChanMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Energy Course III Materials19801985 Robert W. Balluffi (grad student)
David Chandlerstatistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, liquids, complexity, biophysics1966 Irwin Oppenheim (research assistant)
Paul ChangPoly(ADP-ribose) and PARP function
Christopher J. ChangChemical Biology and Organic Chemistry; Bioinorganic and Inorganic Chemistry2004 Daniel G. Nocera (grad student), Stephen James Lippard (post-doc)
Michelle C. ChangDesigning new biosynthetic pathways for in vivo cellular production of biofuels and pharmaceuticals2004 Daniel G. Nocera (grad student), JoAnne Stubbe (grad student)
Tim Chang Chemistry2013 Mohammad Movassaghi (post-doc)
Howard Y. Chang Biology19961998 David Baltimore (grad student)
Wendi ChangOrganic optoelectronics, Nano-structured materials, Optics EECS20112016 Vladimir Bulović (grad student)
Nenian CharlesComputational Materials Science Mechanical Engineering2017 Yang Shao-Horn (post-doc)
Yasmin Chau Biology20162019 Jing-Ke Weng (grad student)
Keith M. Cheah2023 Ronald T. Raines (grad student)
Christopher M. Cheatum20012003 Andrei Tokmakoff (post-doc)
Iain M. Cheesemankinetochore composition, structure, organization, regulation
Prashen ChelikaniTaste biology, Chemosensation Biology H. Gobind Khorana (post-doc)
Xin Chen Chemistry Chemistry20082014 Robert J. Silbey (post-doc), Jianshu Cao (post-doc)
Yifeng Chen Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Yit-Tsong Chen19891991 Robert W. Field (post-doc)
Charles Huang ChenPeptide therapeutics and membrane biology Synthetic Biology20192022 Timothy K. Lu (post-doc)
Tianyang Chenmetal-organic frameworks, electrochemical energy storage Chemistry2017 Mircea Dincă (grad student)
Jianzhu Chen
Kenny Chenprotein homeostasis, glycobiology Chemistry20152020 Matthew D. Shoulders (grad student)
Percival Yang-Ting ChenProtein Crystallography20132019 Catherine L. Drennan (grad student)
Yuan-Chung Cheng20002006 Robert J. Silbey (grad student)
Jemmie Cheng20142017 Li-Huei Tsai (post-doc)
Chen-Yu Chengdrug discovery, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry
Pao-Luo P. Cheng1988 Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
David M. ChenowethOrganic and Bioorganic Chemistry20092010 Timothy M. Swager (post-doc)
Natalia Chernyak Chemistry20112012 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Khek-Khiang Gary Chia2011 Michael F. Rubner (grad student), Robert E. Cohen (grad student)
André Chieffidevelopment of new technologies for sustainable cleaning products (e.g.: enzymes, polymers, bleach, encapsulation and active delivery systems). Department of Chemistry19982000 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Joseph Walter Chihade19961999 Paul Schimmel (post-doc)
Jia Min ChinCoordination Polymers, Colloids2010 Richard Royce Schrock (grad student)
Bain Chin2000 T. Alan Hatton (grad student), Stephen L. Buchwald (grad student)
John Chipmanphysical chemistry of iron- and steelmaking
Paul J. Chirikapplication of organometallic molecules to chemical synthesis Chemistry20002001 Christopher Colin Cummins (post-doc)
Minhaeng Cho19941996 Robert J. Silbey (post-doc)
Cheon-Gyu Cho Chemistry19931995 Peter T. Lansbury (post-doc)
Eun Jin Cho20092011 Stephen L. Buchwald (post-doc)
Insung S. Choibiomineralization, micro-pattern formation, and conrolled attachment of biomolecules20002001 Robert S. Langer (post-doc)
Wonjae Choismall scale fluid mechanics, wetting/non-wetting characteristics of nano-engineered surfaces, microfluidics, and hemodynamics Mechanical Engineering2009 Gareth H. McKinley (grad student)
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