Howard University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Lovelace Adeniseun Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Eric AfoakwahCell Biology, Parasitology Biology, Immunology Biology2012 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Emmanuel S. AkinboyeBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Oncology Chemistry2012 Oladapo Bakare (grad student)
Winston A. AndersonMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Wondwossen D. ArashoOrganic Chemistry2004 Paul F. Hudrlik (grad student)
Amha AsseffaMolecular Biology, Oncology, Biochemistry1987 Theodore Adolphus Bremner (grad student)
Gervas E. AsseyInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Oladapo Bakare (grad student)
Kouassi AyikoeGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Raymond J. Butcher (grad student)
Folahan O. AyorindeOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry1980 James William Wheeler (grad student)
Sabrina L. BaileyInorganic Chemistry2001 Peter Hambright (grad student)
Oladapo BakareInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Kannan V. BalanMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2000 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Solomon A. BerheOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Oladapo Bakare (grad student)
Chandra BhanGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Dharmaraj Raghavan (grad student)
Yakini S. BrandyPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Oncology Chemistry2012 Oladapo Bakare (grad student)
Constantine Buegre William M. Jackson (grad student)
Nicole M. BuieInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2007 Galina G. Talanova (grad student)
Yemi S. BullenOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2002 Steven K. Pollack (grad student)
Raymond J. ButcherInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
W Malcolm ByrnesBiochemistry
Robert G. CanadaBiophysics
Nan Cao Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Magnus M. CheBiochemistry2004 Richard H. Pointer (grad student)
Xiaoting Chen Tongxin Wang (research scientist)
Alvin C. CollinsBiochemistry2007 W Malcolm Byrnes (grad student)
Donshaya Courts Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Donghua DaiOrganic Chemistry2005 Paul F. Hudrlik (grad student)
Pogisego DinakeAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Galina G. Talanova (grad student)
Quanxiao Dong Tongxin Wang (grad student)
Haley Dunson Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
David E. EjehAnalytical Chemistry2000 Charles M. Husten (grad student)
Eisa B. ElhiloOrganic Chemistry2000 Folahan O. Ayorinde (grad student)
Nyesa Asha EnakayaOrganic, Bioorganic Chemistry20172023 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Oluwaseun Falola Chemistry20112015 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Floyd A. FaytonPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2010 John A. W. Harkless (grad student)
Elias B. FeresenbetPolymer Chemistry2001 Dharmaraj Raghavan (grad student)
David Joshua FergusonChemical Biology
Ashebir Fiseha Chemistry Steven K. Pollack (grad student)
Melissa C. FletcherAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2009 Charles M. Hosten (grad student)
Joseph M. FortunakOrganic Chemistry
Felix FriedbergBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Zidong Fu Chemistry Steven K. Pollack (grad student)
Solomon T. GebruCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2006 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Ainsley A. GibsonPhysical Chemistry2007 John A. W. Harkless (grad student)
Yodit Goshu Gagandeep Kaur (grad student)
Peyton Green Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Y GultnehInorganic Chemistry
Yilma GultnehInorganic Chemistry
Shimelis T. HailuOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2012 Paul F. Hudrlik (grad student)
Joshua B HalpernChemical physics, OER
Peter HambrightInorganic Chemistry
Huifei Han Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Barbara F. HarlandNutrition, General Chemistry, Food Science and Technology Agriculture, Medicine and Surgery
Walter Lincoln Hawkins Chemistry1934 Albert Harold Blatt (grad student)
Caswell HlongwaneOrganic Chemistry2002 Folahan O. Ayorinde (grad student)
Charles M. HostenAnalytical Chemistry
Yuhui Huang Chemistry19881993 Joshua B Halpern (grad student)
Paul F. HudrlikOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Charles M. HustenAnalytical Chemistry
Thomas Rush III William M. Jackson (grad student)
William M. Jacksonphotochemistry, lasers chemistry, astrochemistry.
Calvin A. JamesOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2001 Steven K. Pollack (grad student)
Yassin A. JeilaniOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2004 Paul F. Hudrlik (grad student)
Nicole JohnOrganic Chemistry2006 Oladapo Bakare (grad student)
Nikki S. JohnsonOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2011 Folahan O. Ayorinde (grad student)
Keneshia Onekia JohnsonOrganometallic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, MOCVD Chemistry20082013 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Melody Mersadez Jones2002 Steven K. Pollack (grad student)
Percy Lavon JulianPhysostigmine, Steroids
Abu Kamara Chemistry20122017 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Govind Jethabhai KapadiaMedicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
Tigist Kassa Chemistry20072012 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Tigist Kassa Chemistry20072012 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Gagandeep KaurBiomaterials, Drug Delivery, Stem cells, Regenerative medicine
Mozna H. KhraiweshGeneral Biology, Parasitology Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biology2011 Oladapo Bakare (grad student)
Amol Anant Kulkarni Pharmaceutical Sciences20142015 Walter H. Moos (research scientist)
Yanda Lei Tongxin Wang (grad student)
Xingxun Liu Tongxin Wang (grad student)
Hang Liu Tongxin Wang (post-doc)
Chanda L. MaciasCell Biology, Oncology2001 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Jason Shastri MatthewsOrganic, Organometallic, Electronic Materials, Biomaterials
Felicia A. McClaryGeneral Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2013 Folahan O. Ayorinde (grad student)
Rhonda P. McCoyOrganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Charles M. Hosten (grad student)
Andre M. Morgan2002 Steven K. Pollack (grad student)
Claudia MouambaOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Operations Research Chemistry2010 Oladapo Bakare (grad student)
Marc N'DoumiPhysical Chemistry, General Chemistry, Geophysics Chemistry2012 Joshua B Halpern (grad student)
George A. NdetaMolecular Biology2001 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Jesse M. NicholsonOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Choice NwachukuCell Biology, Oncology, Molecular Biology2003 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Adebowale E. OgunjirinNeuroscience Biology Pharmaceutical Sciences2011 Joseph M. Fortunak (grad student)
Ayomikun Olarinoye Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Olamide Onakoya Chemistry20012006 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Jonathan I. OnuegbuAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2009 Charles M. Hosten (grad student)
Tantiboro Ouattara Chemistry20022006 Jason Shastri Matthews (grad student)
Daniel A. OyugiCell Biology, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Oncology Biology2012 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Katina H. PatrickPhysical Chemistry2002 Joshua B Halpern (grad student)
Albert Paul
Kowsilla P. PillayInorganic Chemistry2000 Y Gultneh (grad student)
Richard H. PointerBiochemistry
Steven K. PollackPolymer Science, Computational Chemsitry, Materials Science, 3D Printing
Zhuanhong QiaoAnalytical Chemistry2003 Y Gultneh (grad student)
Dharmaraj RaghavanGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Ebony D. RoperAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Galina G. Talanova (grad student)
Kamal A. SaeedOrganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2000 Folahan O. Ayorinde (grad student)
Nahid Sayeh William M. Jackson (grad student)
Reum ScottBio-inspired crystal growth and assembly Chemistry20102013 Joshua B Halpern (grad student)
Ramsey L. SmithPhysical Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry2007 Joshua B Halpern (grad student), Vernon R. Morris (grad student)
Danielle Smith Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
William SoutherlandOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
John StubbsMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Galina G. TalanovaInorganic Chemistry
Prima R. TatumOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Paul F. Hudrlik (grad student)
Yohannes T. TesemaInorganic Chemistry2002 Y Gultneh (grad student)
Sydney Tompkins Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Nancy Trang Tongxin Wang (research assistant)
Kassim TraoreMolecular Biology, Oncology, Biochemistry2002 Amha Asseffa (grad student)
Uche C. UdeochuAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry2007 Charles M. Hosten (grad student)
Maraizu UkaegbuAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry Chemistry2014 Charles M. Hosten (grad student)
John A. W. HarklessPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Xiang simon wang
James O. WangaCell Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2002 Winston A. Anderson (grad student)
Guangping WeiPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2002 Steven K. Pollack (grad student)
James William Wheelerpheromones
Jie Xiacomputer aided drug design Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences20122014 Xiang simon wang (grad student)
Desta L. YebassaPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2004 Dharmaraj Raghavan (grad student)
Teshome B. YisgeduInorganic Chemistry2001 Y Gultneh (grad student)