Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Wolfgang SchmicklerElectrochemistry
Max von Delius
Dieter M Kolb
Björn Kirchhoff Hannes Jónsson (grad student)
Peter BäuerleThiophene chemistry
Rainer Kimmich
Siegfried StapfNMR Physics Rainer Kimmich (grad student)
Marc KoperCatalysis and Surface Chemistry19951997 Wolfgang Schmickler (post-doc)
Sergei S. SheikoPolymer Materials, Surface and Interfacial Properties, Stimuli Responsive Macromolecules, Molecular Fluidics, and Atomic Force Microscopy2000 Martin Möller (post-doc)
Angel Cuesta Department of Electrochemistry19982000 Dieter M Kolb (post-doc)
Frank WürthnerDyes and organic semiconductors; Supramolecular chemistry; Photochemistry; (Bio-)molecular recognition; Self-assembly & supramolecular polymerization, gelation and organic nanostructure formation; Materials for organic electronics, photonics, photovoltaic2001 Peter Bäuerle (post-doc)
Djawed NaurooziOrganic chemistry; Organometallic chemistry;20142016 Peter Bäuerle (post-doc)