Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jonathan Baell
Stuart Batten
Ron Beckett
Alan M. BondElectrochemistry
Ronald Drayton BrownTheoretical chemistry, Microwave spectroscopy
Joanne Caine Medicinal Chemistry1999 Michael J. McLeish (grad student)
Wenlong Cheng Erkang Wang (grad student)
Nicholas F. Chilton2011 Keith Murray (research assistant), Stuart Batten (research assistant)
Chen Davidovich
Glen B. DeaconChemistry of Main Group Elements, Rare Earths, Precious Metals (including platinum anti-cancer compounds), and New Materials (semi-conductor dopants and precursors)
Gavin L. Edwardsmedicinal chemistry Glen B. Deacon (grad student), David St Clair Black (grad student)
Lori FerrinsTrypanosomiasis Chemistry20102015 Jonathan Baell (grad student)
Gilles GasserMedicinal Chemistry, PNA, Ferrocene20042007 Leone Spiccia (post-doc)
Barry Hart
Kristian Kempe Ulrich Sigmar Schubert (grad student)
Mohammad Sharif Khan Chemistry20142018 Philip John Marriott (grad student)
Paul E KrugerSupramolecular Chemistry Chemistry Keith S. Mureay (grad student)
Steven J. Langfordporphyrins, supramolecular chemistry, catenanes, NDIs
Michael Lazarou Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute Richard J Youle (post-doc)
Fengwang LiElectrochemistry, Nanofabrication, Electrocatalysis, Renewable Energy
David William Lupton
Lauren K MacreadieCoordination chemistry, MOF, supramolecular chemistry School of Chemistry David R. Turner (grad student)
Philip John MarriottAnalytical
Ian D McKelvieAnalytical chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Ron Beckett (grad student), Barry Hart (grad student)
Donald McNaughton Ronald Drayton Brown (grad student)
Laurence MeagherPhysical Chemistry
Shailesh Natvarbhai MistryGPCRs, medicinal chemistry, allosteric ligands, chemical biology tools Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences20122014 Peter Scammells (post-doc)
Keith S. Mureay
André Ohlin
Giselle Pacot Chemistry20152018 Philip John Marriott (grad student)
Helena Qin
Ian D. Rae
J Ravi
Edward H.N. Rice Ronald Drayton Brown (grad student)
Peter Scammells
Leone Spiccia
Aprilia Nur Tasfiyati Chemistry20162020 Philip John Marriott (grad student)
San Hoa ThangPolymer Synthesis
David R. Turner
Renee L. WebsterSeparation science
Bruce O. West
Lim Wei YapSoft Wearable Electronics Chemical Engineering20132017 Wenlong Cheng (grad student)