Université Libre de Bruxelles

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
George Bargermedical chemistry19011903 Abraham Léo Errera (research assistant)
Igal Berenstein oscillatory chemical reactions, spatial pattern formation, dynamical systems and neurobiology
Bruce J. BerneTheoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Biophysics, Computational Biology, Statistical Mechanics19651966 Ilya Prigogine (post-doc)
Ronald L. BirkeAnalytical and Physical Chemistry19651966 Lucien Gierst (post-doc)
Claudine Buess-Herman
Alessio Cataldo Engineering of Molecular NanoSystems2019 Hennie Valkenier (grad student)
Anca Dascalu Engineering of Molecular NanoSystems20202021 Hennie Valkenier (post-doc)
Lucia de Brouckère1927 Jean Timmermans (grad student)
Thomas DoneuxElectrochemistry Claudine Buess-Herman (grad student)
Pol E. DuwezMaterials science1933 Emile Henriot (grad student)
Gwilherm Evano
Yves Henri GeertsChemistry, polymers
Lucien Gierstelectrochemical double layer1958 Lucia de Brouckère (grad student)
Paul Goldfinger
Lau Halgreen Engineering of Molecular NanoSystems2019 Hennie Valkenier (grad student)
Many HematiOrganic chemistry Chimie organique20192020 Gwilherm Evano (grad student)
Jean L.C. Jeenerexperimental and theoretical contributions to spin thermodynamics in solids and his invention of two dimensional fourier NMR spectroscopy19531958 Ilya Prigogine (grad student)
Michel Mandelpolyelectrolytes, thermodynamics1955 Lucia de Brouckère (grad student)
Luis Martínez-Crespo Engineering of Molecular NanoSystems20192020 Hennie Valkenier (post-doc)
Krystyna Maslowska-Jarzynasupramolecular chemistry, anion transport, organic synthesis20212021 Hennie Valkenier (research scientist)
Alexandre Pinkus
Nathan Renier Engineering of Molecular NanoSystems2018 Hennie Valkenier (grad student)
Romain Gustaaf Ruyssen19271928 Alexandre Pinkus (grad student)
Anurag Singh Engineering of Molecular NanoSystems2019 Hennie Valkenier (grad student)
Jan SteckiStatistical mechanics, Liquids and liquid solutions, Interfaces, bilayers, membranes and their computer simulation19591960 Ilya Prigogine (post-doc)
Howard S. Taylortheoretical chemistry19591961 Ilya Prigogine (post-doc)
Cédric Theunissen20122016 Gwilherm Evano (grad student)
Defrance ThibautPharmacologie
Maxwell Marzban Thiemens
Jean Timmermansphysical chemistry
Nestor Joseph TrappeniersEPR, NMR1952 Jean Timmermans (grad student), Ilya Prigogine (grad student)
Hennie Valkeniersupramolecular chemistry
Thérèse WilsonChemiluminescence and Bioluminescence1952 Paul Goldfinger (grad student)
Sara zahimorganic chemistry