Yonsei University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Duhee Bangtotal synthesis of proteins to apply advanced physical methods to understand the chemical basis of protein function
Doo Wan Boo
Sung-Youn ChangMedicinal Chemistry Chemistry19982003 Kyu-Sung Jeong (grad student)
Jinwoo Cheon
Sora Choi Moonhyun Oh (grad student)
Debasish Halder Injae Shin (research scientist)
Jae Hyo Han2D nanostructures Chemistry20102017 Jinwoo Cheon (grad student)
Min Jeong Him Injae Shin (research scientist)
Jiyoung Hyun Injae Shin (grad student)
Kyu-Sung Jeong
Narae Kang Injae Shin (grad student)
Jiwon Kim
Hyungsub Kim Injae Shin (grad student)
Tai Gyu Lee Pratim Biswas (grad student)
Jae-Hyun Lee Cheistry Jinwoo Cheon (grad student)
Joon Leesingle molecule biophysics of soluble and membrane proteins. Chemistry20092011 Doo Wan Boo (grad student)
Hee Jung Lee Moonhyun Oh (grad student)
Chang Hee Lee Injae Shin (grad student)
Hui Li Injae Shin (grad student)
Moonhyun OhMetal-organic framework, Coordination Polymer, Nano materials, organometallic chemistry
Sunghyun Park Injae Shin (grad student)
Cheol Wan Park Injae Shin (grad student)
Sookil Park Injae Shin (grad student)
Wooyoung ShimNanomaterials
Seo Wonil Injae Shin (grad student)