University of Huddersfield

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Andrew BennetBioorganic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, physical organic chemistry Michael L. Sinnott (grad student)
Lee Brown Chemistry20142017 Nathan Patmore (grad student)
Jason E. CampOrganic Synthesis
Daniel J Cheney Chemical Sciences2017 Christopher J Wedge (grad student)
David CookeComputational Solid State Chemistry
Karl Hemming
Gareth J LillyLiquid Crystals, detergents School of Chemistry and Physical Sciences19921995 Keith Radley (grad student)
Wesley J. Moran
Nathan Patmore
Keith Radley
Arantxa Rodriguez Chemistry2007 Wesley J. Moran (post-doc)
Michael L. SinnottOrganic chemistry
Kevin B. Vincent Chemistry20152017 Nathan Patmore (post-doc)
Christopher J WedgeElectron Paramagnetic Resonance, Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, Spin chemistry, Photochemistry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Luke A. Wilkinson Chemistry20122015 Nathan Patmore (grad student)