Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Doron Aurbach Chemistry Shmaryahu Hoz (grad student)
Sajal Kumar DasSynthetic organic chemistry20092011 Alfred Hassner (post-doc)
Mudit DixitComputational Chemistry, Multi-scale simulations, Ab-initio molecular Dynamics, Couple cluster, Density functional theory, Electronic structure Chemistry Chemistry20142016 Dan Thomas Major (post-doc), Doron Aurbach (collaborator)
Cyril DombStatistical mechanics
Bilha Fischer19921993 Kenneth A. Jacobson (post-doc)
Aharon Gedankennanomaterials, synthesis
Elisha Haasself-assembly of protein structures, the second genetic code, and the dynamics and mechanisms of function proteins and nucleic acids
Alfred Hassnerheterocyclic chemistry
Shmaryahu Hoz Chemistry Zvi Rappoport (grad student)
Sandeepan Maity20142016 Shmaryahu Hoz (post-doc)
Dan Thomas Major2003 Bilha Fischer (grad student)
Surendra Kumar MarthaPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science, Energy Storage Materials, Electrochemistry and Spectroscopy20072010 Doron Aurbach (post-doc)
Irishi N. NamboothiriOrganic synthesis and Physical Organic Chemistry19951996 Alfred Hassner (post-doc)
Tirupathi Rao PenkiElectrochemical energy storage devices, batteries, supercapacitor and CDI Doron Aurbach (grad student)
Vilas Polenergy storage, carbon, materials synthesis Chemistry Chemistry20052006 Arie Zaban (post-doc), Aharon Gedanken (grad student)
Namakkal G. RameshSynthetic organic chemistry19941995 Alfred Hassner (post-doc)
Menny Shalom20092012 Arie Zaban (grad student)
Milon Sprechermechanisms of organic reactions
Chaim Sukenik
Abraham Ulmanself-assembled monolayers1971 Milon Sprecher (research assistant)
Sarasij Kumar UpadhyayPhysical organic chemistry, organocatalysis20092010 Shmaryahu Hoz (post-doc)
Naresh VangapallyEnergy Storage Chemsitry Doron Aurbach (post-doc)
Hyun Deog Yooenergy storage, electrochemistry Chemistry20112013 Doron Aurbach (post-doc)
Arie Zaban Chamistry Doron Aurbach (grad student)