Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ayyappanpillai AjayaghoshOrganic Materials, Fluorescent Molecules, Self-assembly, Supramolecular Chemistry, pi-conjugated molecules, molecular probes, Organogels chemistry19941996 Martin Demuth (post-doc)
Marc BeauregardBiophysics1989 Alfred R. Holzwarth (post-doc)
George E. Cutsail IIIbioinorganic spectroscopy
Serena D. DeBeerx-ray spectroscopic methods as applied to biological and model chemical systems
Martin Demuth
Achintya Kumar DuttaQuantum and Theoretical Chemistry20152017 Frank Neese (post-doc)
Huayi FangInorganic Chemistry/Organometallic Chemistry Chemistry20152016 Frank Neese (post-doc)
Alfred R. Holzwarthspectroscopic and theoretical studies of energy transfer, electron transfer (ET), and the mechanisms of high light photoprotection (non-photochemical quenching) in higher plants and algal systems
Joanna K. Kowalska20132017 Serena D. DeBeer (post-doc)
Adam Maciej Kubasquantum chemistry, reaction mechanisms, catalysis, electron transfer, hydrogenases, iron-sulfur clusters20142016 Frank Neese (post-doc)
Petar H. Lambrev Alfred R. Holzwarth (post-doc)
Yingzhong Ma Alfred R. Holzwarth (post-doc)
Rajat Maji2019 Frank Neese (post-doc)
Frank Neese
Zoran M Pavlovicchemistry, electrochemistry, catalysis, pharmacy, technology
Christopher J Pollock Serena D. DeBeer (grad student)
Chinmoy RanjanCatalysis, Theory, Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry
Olaf Rüdigerhydrogen, electrochemistry, hydrogenases, electrocatalysis, spectroscopy
Igor Schapiro Frank Neese (post-doc)
Chavdar Slavov2009 Alfred R. Holzwarth (grad student)
Jennifer Strunk