Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Xinhe Bao
Jun ChenReaction Dynamics20102016 Dong Hui Zhang (grad student)
Dunfeng GaoElectrocatalysis20092015 Xinhe Bao (grad student), Guoxiong Wang (grad student)
Ke-Li Han
Bin Li20042010 Ke-Li Han (grad student)
Ruibin Li
Han Liaonanomedicine, drug delivery Scientific Research Center for Translational Medicine Division of Biotechnology2017 Guangwei Sun (grad student), Mingqian Tan (grad student)
Qianfeng Liuclean energy Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy Erdong Wang (grad student)
Yao Lu Rong Fan (post-doc)
Guangwei Sun
Mingqian Tan
Guoxiong Wang Qin Xin (grad student)
Duo-Sheng Wang20062011 Yong-Gui Zhou (grad student)
Qin Xin
Hongbo Zhang20062012 Xinhe Bao (grad student)
Jianfeng ZHAOUltrafast Scanning Electron Microscopy, ultrafast absorption spectroscopy
Yong-Gui Zhou