Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Indrapal Singh AidhenSynthetic carbohydrate chemistry, synthesis of biologically/medicinally important compounds Richard R. Schmidt (post-doc)
Markus M. BachschmidCardiovascular and Liver Biology, Redox Regulation, Biochemistry, Proteomics Biological Chemistry19992002 Volker Ullrich (grad student)
Rengarajan BalamuruganSynthetic organic chemistry20032004 Richard R. Schmidt (post-doc)
Ernst BambergIon Channel, Na-K Pump, Channelrhodopsins1976 Peter Läuger (post-doc)
Willi Bannwarth Chemie Wolfgang Pfleiderer (grad student)
Andrej BergComputational Chemistry, Structural Biology Christine Peter (grad student)
Heinz Berke
Klaus Boldtnanocrystals, colloids, semiconductors
Winfried Boos
Thomas BöttcherChemical Biology, Natural Products, Enzyme Inhibitors
Hans-Herbert Brintzingerreactivities of organometallic compounds, e.g. as catalysts for polymerization reactions
Bernd BukauProtein folding and quality control; Molecular chaperones and proteases; Cellular stress response19831986 Winfried Boos (grad student)
Helmut CölfenNon Classical Crystallization
Michael Ehrmann1988 Winfried Boos (grad student)
Helmut Fischer
Peter Gilch1995 Ulrich E. Steiner (research assistant)
Sjoerd HarderInorganic and Organometallic Chemistry1993 Hans-Herbert Brintzinger (post-doc)
Jörg Hartig Department of Chemistry Michael Famulok (grad student)
Piet Herdewijn19841985 Wolfgang Pfleiderer (post-doc)
Ferdinand Huchoneurochemistry19711971 Horst Sund (post-doc)
Abu Taleb KhanNatural products chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry19921994 Richard R. Schmidt (post-doc)
Rolf Knippers
Peter Michael Kroneck
Torsten Krude Fakultät für Biologie Rolf Knippers (grad student)
Grzegorz Kubik Chemistry20122016 Daniel Summerer (grad student)
Amit KumarSynthesis of modified sugars, glycosyltransferase inhibitors, Oligosaccharides and Chiral catalysts, applications of metal catalysis in the synthesis of natural products, Medicinal useful Pharmacophores20102012 Richard R. Schmidt (post-doc)
José M. Lassaletta19931995 Richard R. Schmidt (post-doc)
Peter Läuger
Frédéric Leroux19941997 Helmut Fischer (grad student)
Gerrit A. Luinstrapolymer research19932000 Hans-Herbert Brintzinger (post-doc)
Martin E. MaierRational design and synthesis of modified analogs of natural products19811985 Richard R. Schmidt (grad student)
Andreas Marx Department of Chemistry Michael Famulok (post-doc)
Gerhard MüllerMain Group Organometallics Hubert Schmidbaur (grad student)
Frank Neese1997 Peter Michael Kroneck (grad student)
Rüdiger Paschotta1994 Jürgen Mlynek (grad student)
Christian Marcus Pedersenorganic synthesis, carbohydrate chemistry Chemistry20072008 Richard R. Schmidt (post-doc)
Christine Peter
Wolfgang PfleidererOrganic chemistry
Michaela Prothiwa Thomas Böttcher (grad student)
Ritwika Ray20172017 Stefan Mecking (post-doc)
Clemens RichertOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Sina Rütschlin Thomas Böttcher (grad student)
Rémy D. SauvéKCa3.1 channels19771979 Ernst Bamberg (post-doc)
Erik Schaffer19982001 Jürgen Mlynek (grad student)
Frank SchaperPolymerization catalysis Hans-Herbert Brintzinger (grad student)
Günter Schatz
Moritz J. Schmidt Chemistry20122015 Daniel Summerer (grad student)
Richard R. SchmidtOrganic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry
Abbas ShafieeMedicinal Chemistry and Natural products Chemistry19861986 Richard R. Schmidt (research scientist)
Ullrich Steiner1993 Jacob Klein (grad student), Günter Schatz (grad student)
Ulrich E. Steiner
Daniel SummererChemical Biology Chemistry Andreas Marx (grad student)
Horst SundBiochemistry
Dávid Szamosvári Thomas Böttcher (grad student)
Volker UllrichBiological Chemistry
Yashwant D. VankarSynthetic carbohydrate chemistry19901991 Richard R. Schmidt (research scientist)
Dominik Wöll2006 Ulrich E. Steiner (grad student)
Qizheng Yao Chemistry19921997 Wolfgang Pfleiderer (grad student)