National Taiwan University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Eduardo C Atayde Jr.Metal-Organic Frameworks, Biomass Conversion, Catalysis, Electrochromic Materials Chemical Engineering2018 Kevin C.-W. Wu (grad student)
Subhasree Banerjee20142016 Yit-Tsong Chen (post-doc)
Akkattu T Bijuaryne chemistry, NHC organocatalysis20072008 Tien-Yau Luh (post-doc)
Jeng-Da ChaiDensity Functional Theory
Yen-Hui Chan Biomedical Engineering2011 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Yi-Tsu Chan
Mu-Chieh ChangInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20072009 Jwu-Ting Chen (grad student)
Chi-Yang Chaopolymers2003 Christopher K. Ober (grad student)
Ren-Shiang ChenCav, BK channels19941996 Chung-Chin Kuo (grad student), Chen-Tung Yen (research assistant)
Peng-Hsun Chen Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Pin-Lung Chen Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Aochiu Chen Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Jwu-Ting Chen
Percival Yang-Ting ChenProtein Crystallography20102013 Yuan-Chung Cheng (research assistant)
Yit-Tsong Chen
Yi-Hsin Chenpolymer, biomaterials, chitosan, tissue engineering, formulation, medical devices, solid dosage forms Biomedical Engineering20042012 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Rung-Shu Chen Biomedical Engineering2009 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Yao-Yeng Chen Chemical Engineering1991 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Jong-Wu Chen Chemical Engineering1999 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Leo-Wang Chenpolymer, chemical engineering
Jenny Ling-Yu Chen Biomedical Engineering2018 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Ke-Cheng Chen Biomedical Engineering2017 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Ruey-Ming Chen Chemistry19931998 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Richard P. ChengBiochemistry
Nai-Chen Cheng Biomedical Engineering2012 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Chen-Yu Chengdrug discovery, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry
Yu-Shia Cheng
Wen-Long Cheng Chemistry19891993 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Yen-Jue ChengPolymer chemistry Chemistry19992004 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Ji-Wang Chern Leroy B. Townsend (grad student)
Kuo-Lun Chien Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Lih-Chu ChiouDrug, Pain, Migraine, Tourette, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, Obesity
Ching-Sheng Cho Chemical Engineering1998 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Chia-Chun Chouquantum dynamics Physics20032004 Bih-Yaw Jin (research assistant), Ching-Teh Li (grad student)
Ya-Shuan Chou Biomedical Engineering2015 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Danny Hung-Chieh ChouChemical biology Chemistry20032006 Ken-Tsung Wong (research assistant)
Yen-Ho ChuBiomolecular Recognition, Combinatorial Organic Synthesis, Ionic Liquids for Chemical and Biochemical Applications Biochemical Sciences1984 Kung-Tsung Wang (research assistant)
John ChuChemical Biology
Shih-I ChuPhysical Chemistry, Atomic Physics, Optics Physics
Chern ChuangPhysical chemistry, Chemical physics20052011 Bih-Yaw Jin (grad student)
Ruey-an Doong Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering19871992 Shian-Chee Wu (grad student)
Samuel HeriantoLiposomes, artificial cells, lipid-protein interactions, plasma-activated water, food safety
Sheng-Yang Ho Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Yu-Hin Ho Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Kuo-Chuan Ho
Chieh-Ming Hsieh
Yu-Tsai Hsieh Chemistry19921997 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
I-Yun Lisa Hsieh
Hong-yen Hsu
Nai-Shu Hsu Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Liang-Yan Hsutheoretical chemistry, chemical physics Chemistry20052008 Bih-Yaw Jin (grad student)
Cheng-Chih Hsu Department of Chemistry Pi-Tai Chou (grad student)
Darren J. HsuBiophysical Chemistry Chemistry20122015 Yuan-Chung Cheng (research assistant)
Chien-Hsun Huang Biomedical Engineering2010 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Chih-Huang Hung Biomedical University2005 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Wei-Hsiu Hung Department of Chemistry19821984 Chuen-Ying Liu (grad student)
Bih-Yaw JinTheoretical chemistry
Hsin-Yu KoComputational Chemistry, Condensed-Phase Materials, High-Performance Computing Chemistry20072012 Bih-Yaw Jin (research assistant)
Chung-Wei KungElectrochemistry Department of Chemical Engineering20112015 Kuo-Chuan Ho (grad student)
Yao-Hsing Kuo1996 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Chi-Hong Kuo Chemistry19881995 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Cheng-Ruei Lee
Albert Lee Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
I-Chi Lee Biomedical Engineering2007 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Pei-Ching Lee1996 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Ching-Kuo Lee Chemistry19901994 Yu-Shia Cheng (grad student)
Chin-Fa Lee Chemistry19972002 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Hung-Wen Li
Ching-Teh Li
Sheng-Tien Li2017 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Yi-Pei LiComputational Chemistry, Machine Learning
Chao-Ting Lin Tsung-Shing Wang (grad student)
Che-Jen Lin Chemistry20122016 Jye-Shane Yang (grad student)
Yong-Chong Lin Biomedical Engineering2014 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Sung-Jan Lin Biomedical Engineering2005 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Jyh-Rong Lin Chemical Engineering1998 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Tung-Chieh Lin Chemistry1997 Yu-Shia Cheng (grad student)
Chun-Yen Lin Biomedical Engineering2018 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Jing-Ping LiouMedicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Translational Medicine, Drug Design, Drug Development College of Pharmacy19942000 Chen-Yu Cheng (grad student)
Chuen-Ying Liu
Tsan-Wen Lu Department of Chemistry20082010 Sheng-Hsien Chiu (grad student)
Jui-Nan Lu Biomedical Engineering2011 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Tien-Yau LuhOrganic and polymer chemistry
Babasaheb M. MatsagarChemistry
Tetsuo NozoeTropanones and non-benzenoid aromatics, autographs of famous chemists
Jen-Hao OuQuantum Chemistry Department of Chemistry20152020 Bih-Yaw Jin (research assistant)
Cheng-Liang Peng Biomedical Engineering2009 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Soumyakanta Prusty20182019 Yi-Tsu Chan (post-doc)
Ming-Jium Shieh
Wen Su Chemistry1994 Yu-Shia Cheng (grad student)
Min-Yeh TsaiProtein-DNA interaction, protein-protein interaction, protein folding Chemistry20052011 Sheng Hsien Lin (grad student)
Ching-Wen Tsai Biomedical Engineering2017 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Hsiao-Cheng Tsai Biomedical Engineering2015 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Ming-Hsien Tsai Biomedical Engineering2017 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Kung-Tsung Wang
Boyao Wangpeptide chemistry, neurochemisrty, synaptosome
Yu-Hsiu Wang Chemistry20042007 Pi-Tai Chou (research assistant)
Yen-Zen Wang1994 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Ding-Chang Wang Chemical Engineering1997 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Zheng-Huan Wang Chemical Engineering1996 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Julie Tzu-Wen Wang Biomedical Engineering20022004 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Mau-Cherng Wang Chemistry19891993 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Muhammad Waqas
Ming-Feng Wei Biomedical Engineering2014 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Ken-Tsung Wong Chemistry19891993 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Kevin C.-W. Wu
Wen-Rong Xu Chemical Engineering1992 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Guo-Jiu Xu Chemistry1993 Yu-Shia Cheng (grad student)
Jye-Shane YangOrganic Photochemistry and Materials Chemistry
Ding-Shyue (Jerry) YangPhysical chemistry, chemical dynamics Chemistry19971999 Bih-Yaw Jin (grad student)
Tsung-Lin Yang Biomedical Engineering2008 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Bin-Zw Yang1997 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Shung-Jim Yang Chemistry1997 Yu-Shia Cheng (grad student)
Shu-Jyuan Yang Biomedical Engineering2010 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Ming-Chia Yang Biomedical Engineering2010 Ming-Jium Shieh (grad student)
Yi-Cheun Yeh
Suh-Ming Yeh Chemistry19931998 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)
Nai-hsing Yeh Life Science20132015 Chien-Yuan Pan (grad student)
Hsien-Wei Yeh20102012 Pi-Hui Liang (grad student)
Meng-Hua Yen Biomedical Engineering2010 Tai-Horng Young (grad student)
Tai-Horng Young Chemical Engineering1991 Leo-Wang Chen (grad student)
Tsyr-Yan Yusolid-state NMR to biological science and materials science Chemistry19992000 Lian-Pin Hwang (grad student)
Tien-Min Yuan Chemistry19901994 Tien-Yau Luh (grad student)