Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mark Borris Aldonzacancer biology, resistance evolution, drug resistance, metastasis, systems pharmacology, chemical biology
Sukbok Chang Chemistry19851987 Sunggak Kim (grad student)
Seung Hwan Cho Chemistry20062011 Sukbok Chang (grad student)
Jeong-Mo Choi Chemistry EEWS20102011 Yoon Sup Lee (research assistant), William A. Goddard, III (research assistant)
Dongnyung Choi
Tae-Lim Choi Department of Chemistry1999 Hee-Yoon Lee (research assistant), Sunggak Kim (research assistant)
Hwa Seob ChoiPorous Polymers, MOFs, COFs, Gas separation, Exciton transfer, Bio-mimicking Graduated school of Energy, Environment, Sustainability and Water20102017 Jeung K. Kang (grad student)
Sung-Yool Choi Electrical Engineering Eokkyun Lee (grad student)
Insung S. Choibiomineralization, micro-pattern formation, and conrolled attachment of biomolecules
Won-jin ChungOrganic chemistry, Synthetic methodology, Catalysis Sunggak Kim (research assistant)
Ali Coskunporous polymer, Co2 capture, supramolecular chemistry, H2 storage
Jeffrey S. Derrick20142016 Mi Hee Lim (grad student)
Jianxin Geng Hee-Tae Jung (post-doc)
Hyun Dong Ha Chemical Engineering20122014 Tae Seok Seo (grad student)
Jiyeon Han
Sunkyu HanOrganic Chemistry
Sungwoo HongOrganic and Medicinal Chemistry
Seongpil HwangElectrochemistry and Nanotechnology Department of Chemistry19992005 Juhyoun Kwak (grad student)
Hyotcherl IheeTime-resolved XRD1994 Ryong Ryoo (research assistant)
Sang Hoon JooMaterials Chemistry, Catalysis, Electrocatalysis, Fuel Cells Chemistry2004 Ryong Ryoo (grad student)
Seewon Joung Department of Chemistry20092014 Hee-Yoon Lee (grad student)
Hee-Tae Jung
Byunghyuk Jung Chemistry Sung Ho Kang (grad student)
Taek Kang Chemistry20082013 Hee-Yoon Lee (grad student), Sukbok Chang (post-doc)
Evan Kang20102014 Eunseong Kim (grad student)
Sung Ho KangTotal Synthesis
Jung-Min Kee1998 Hee-Yoon Lee (research assistant)
Sang Kyu KimChemical dynamics
Sehun KimSurface Science
Hyungjun KimTheoretical Chemistry, Multiscale Material Design20022005 Eokkyun Lee (research assistant)
Joonghan KimSpin-Orbit Coupling, DFTB/MD20102010 Yoon Sup Lee (post-doc), Hyotcherl Ihee (grad student)
Jeongho KimTime-resolved spectroscopy, Time-resolved X-ray diffraction20092012 Hyotcherl Ihee (research scientist)
Yong Hae Kim
Mingeun Kim
Min KimOrganic Chemistry, Transition Metal Catalyst, Metal-Organic Frameworks Department of Chemistry20042010 Sukbok Chang (grad student)
Jeung G. Kim catalysis and organic and inorganic synthesis Chemistry2015 Sukbok Chang (research scientist)
Bongsoo Kim
Jeung Gon KimOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry20142015 Sukbok Chang (research scientist)
Gunhee Kim
Eunseong Kim
Hyunwoo KimOrganometallics, Organic Chemistry, Electrocatalysis Chemistry20132018 Sukbok Chang (grad student)
Yoosik Kim
Jinho Kim Chemistry20072012 Sukbok Chang (grad student)
Hyungjun KimQuantum chemistry Chemistry20082014 Yoon Sup Lee (grad student)
Chan Hyuk Kim
Sunggak KimOrganic chemistry, Synthetic methodology, Catalysis
Kijeong Kwac20082013 Eitan Geva (post-doc)
Juhyoun Kwak
Yunho LeeInorganic chemistry
Hee-Seung Lee Chemistry Sung Ho Kang (grad student)
Yunmi Lee Chemistry Sung Ho Kang (grad student)
Seungwoo LeeSoft Photonics and Bioinspired Optics Bumki Min (post-doc)
Eokkyun LeeComputational chemistry
Woojin LeeEnvironmental Geochemistry and Engineering
Hyuck Jin Lee
Hee-Yoon LeeOrganic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis
Phil Ho Lee Chemistry19841989 Sunggak Kim (grad student)
Sarah Yunmi Lee Chemistry Sukbok Chang (research assistant)
Jinwoo Lee
Yoon Sup LeeRelativistic effects in quantum chemistry
Rheo LimEnvironmental Geochemistry and Engineering Woojin Lee (grad student)
Mi Hee LimBioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology
Manoj Vasisht ManeComputational Chemistry2016 Mu-Hyun Baik (post-doc)
Jung Wan MokCalcium Channel, Optogenetics2012 Kwang Wook Choi (grad student)
Eunju Nam
Andrew A. Ngorganic methodology, C-H functionalization Chemistry20152015 Sukbok Chang (research assistant)
Myung Cheol NohSurface Science
Jiyong ParkComputational chemistry, Biophysics Chemistry2017 Mu-Hyun Baik (research scientist)
Jeong Y. Parksurface science, catalysis, scanning probe microscopy, surface chemistry
Ji Young ParkRelativistic Chemistry, Organometallics Chemistry Yoon Sup Lee (grad student)
Sehoon Parkorganosilicon chemistry, mechanistic studies Chemistry Sukbok Chang (research scientist)
Junyong Park Materials Science and Engineering20092015 Seokwoo Jeon (grad student)
Taikyue ReeTheoretical chemistry
Ryong Ryoonanoporous carbon and nanoporous zeolite materials
Do Hyun Ryu Chemistry Sung Ho Kang (grad student)
Saravanan SCatalysis, Asymmetric synthesis, Bioactive compounds, Porous materials, Energy and storage Graduate School of EEWS20142017 Cafer T. Yavuz (post-doc)
Srinivasan Sampath Graduate School of EEWS20122014 Ali Coskun (post-doc)
KWANYONG SEOPhotovoltaics, Nanomaterials, Microstructures, Flexible Energy Devices20022009 Bongsoo Kim (grad student)
Tae Seok Seo
JaeWook Shin
Jeong-Hun Sohn Chemistry19942001 Hee-Yoon Lee (grad student)
Changsik Song19952001 Sunggak Kim (research assistant)
Jong-Min Suh
Yelim Yi
Eun Jeong Yoo20042009 Sukbok Chang (grad student)
Tae-Young Yoon
Gyeongwon YunInorganic & Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Science, Nanotechnology