Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sandeep K. Agarwal Michael B. Brenner (post-doc)
Joseph K. AnglesonMechanisms of regulated secretion from endocrine cells. 19901995 Theodore G. Wensel (grad student)
Benjamin R. ArenkielNeurobiology, Genetics, Development
John A. Assadattention, motivation John HR Maunsell (post-doc)
M. Zouhair AtassiProtein Chemistry
Jeffrey B. BachantCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry1998 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)
Sameer Bajikar Neuroscience Kevin Janes (grad student)
David B. BatesBacterial DNA replication
Jue ChenVirology Biology Florante A. Quiocho (post-doc)
Jianwei Chen Pharmacology and Chemical Biology2012 Jin Wang (post-doc)
Wah ChiuElectron Cryo-Microscopy of Biological Nanomachines
Thomas A. Cooper
Michael Corsello2017 Damian Winston Young (post-doc)
David K. CortezBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2002 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)
Sharon DentBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology C. David Allis (post-doc)
Dominic M. Desideriobrain tumors, specifically pituitary adenomas
Stephen J. Elledgeresponse to DNA damage and regulation of the cell cycle
Fude Feng Pharmacology and Chemical Biology20122015 Jin Wang (post-doc)
Marco D. GilesOrganic, Materials and Biochemistry Pharmacology and Chemical Biology20122015 Jin Wang (post-doc)
Roger GuilleminNeuroendocrinology
H. Courtney HodgesChromatin and systems biology; BAF (SWI/SNF) and PBAF complexes
Guang HuStem Cell Biology19982003 Theodore G. Wensel (grad student)
Xiqian Jiang Pharmacology and Chemical Biology2012 Jin Wang (grad student)
Mohan C. Joshi20082015 David B. Bates (post-doc)
Auinash KalsotraMolecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology, Pharmacology Department of Pathology and Immunology20052010 Thomas A. Cooper (post-doc)
Robert Ronald Kane Chemistry19861989 Robert D Walkup (grad student)
Cynthia Kim Benjamin R. Arenkiel (grad student)
Deanna M. KoeppCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2002 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)
Wei Li Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology Xiaole Liu (post-doc)
James A. McCloskey
Donald P. McDonnellPharmacology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Molecular and Cell Biology1987 Bert W. O'Malley (grad student)
Michael Metzker
Vera Y. Moiseenkova-BellMolecular mechanisms and structural basis of pain sensation.20032008 Theodore G. Wensel (post-doc)
Mahdi Moosa Pharmacology and Chemical Biology2017 Allan C. Ferreon (post-doc)
Mina C NakhlaOrganic synthesis, Total synthesis, Chemical methodology
Mina C NakhlaOrganic synthesis, Total synthesis, Chemical methodology Chemistry and Biochemistry20142018 John Louis Wood (grad student)
Freddy T. Nguyen Genetics20002002 Michael Metzker (research assistant)
Bert W. O'MalleyHormone Action and Gene Expression: Coactivators and Corepressors
Achuth PadmanabhanCancer Biology, Protein degradation, Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressors, Assay Development Molecular and Cellular Biology2016 JoAnne Stewart Richards (post-doc)
Steen E. Pedersen
George PerryAlzheimer's disease, oxidative stress, cytoskeleton19791982 William (Bill) R. Brinkley (post-doc)
Pedro A. Piedra
Felipe-Andrés Piedra Pedro A. Piedra (post-doc)
Florante A. QuiochoBIochemistry, X-ray crystallography
Donald A. Rappoportmetabolism
JoAnne Stewart Richardsovarian development, ovulation and luteinization
Soung-Hun Roh Wah Chiu (grad student)
Rodney Samaco Huda Y. Zoghbi (grad student)
Andrew V. SchallyEndocrinology19571962 Roger Guillemin (collaborator)
Jennifer SeleverNeurodevelopment
Vitali Stanevich Ming Zhou (post-doc)
Loredana Stoicalearning and memory2008 Mauro Costa-Mattioli (grad student)
F. Gordon A. Stonetransition metal organometallic compounds
Karen Marie VasquezDNA damage and repair, genomic instability, gene targeting, DNA structure, cancer therapeutics Current Research19901996 Theodore G. Wensel (grad student)
Salih J. Wakilfatty acid metabolism and the metabolic syndrome
Jin WangChemical Biology
Theodore G. Wenselretina, TRP channels, RGS proteins, GPCR (dopamine, mGluR),fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, lanthanide luminscence, cryo-EM
Damian Winston YoungOrganic Chemistry
Zendra Elizabeth ZehnerMolecular Biology, Biochemistry1979 Salih J. Wakil (grad student)
Chengwei Zhang Pharmacology and Chemical Biology20142017 Jin Wang (post-doc)
Victor (Wei) Zhang20042008 Florante A. Quiocho (post-doc)
Mingkun Zhao Pharmacology and Chemical Biology2012 Jin Wang (grad student)
Ming Zhoumembrane transport proteins, membrane embedded enzymes
Zheng ZhouMolecular genetic studies of clearance of apoptotic cells in C. elegans1994 Stephen J. Elledge (grad student)
Lee Zou20002003 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)