Universite Laval (Canada)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christian RoyPolymer Chemistry, Wood Technology Agriculture
Jean-Marc LabauneAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry2003 Aida Bairam (grad student)
Louis BeginEnvironmental Sciences, Geochemistry, Environmental Engineering2002 Josee Fortin (grad student)
Isabelle MartineauMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2004 Alain Belanger (grad student)
Ghodsi Mohammadi-ZiaraniOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2000 Robert Chênevert (grad student)
Sebastien DubusPolymer Chemistry2002 Jacques Leonard (grad student)
Michel GuertinBiochemistry
Stephen J. DavidsFood Science and Technology Agriculture2000 Ginette Turcotte (grad student)
Bernard RiedlPolymer Chemistry, Wood Technology Agriculture Département des sciences du bois et de la forêt19841990 Robert Émery Prud'Homme (grad student)
Anne GangloffBiochemistry, Animal Physiology Biology2002 Sheng-Xiang Lin (grad student)
Peter H. McBreenPhysical Chemistry
Eric BironOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2003 Normand Voyer (grad student)
Gabriel CourchesneOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2003 Robert Chênevert (grad student)
Serge LaplanteFood Science and Technology Agriculture2004 Paul Paquin (grad student)
Muriel SubiradeBiochemistry
Christian PellerinPolymer Chemistry2002 Michel Pezolet (grad student)
Robert ChênevertOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Jean-Michel RobbePhysical Chemistry
Yi-Wei HuangMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology Biology2002 Sheng-Xiang Lin (grad student)
Anna M. RitceyPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Yves FradetBiochemistry, Oncology
Sebastien GravilOrganic Chemistry2004 Robert Chênevert (grad student)
Ginette TurcotteMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture, Plant Physiology
Normand VoyerOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry1986 Robert Chênevert (grad student)
Frederic SavardMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology2000 Michel Guertin (grad student)
Lilyane BeaulieuPhysical Chemistry2004 Michel Pezolet (grad student)
Leon-Etienne ParentBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture
Ho-Jin ChangAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry2004 Sheng-Xiang Lin (grad student)
Donald PoirierPharmaceutical Chemistry
Suzanne GlassonPolymer Chemistry
Aida BairamAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry
Serge LabergeMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture, Plant Physiology
Maxime RangerInorganic Chemistry2000 Mario Leclerc (grad student)
Christian RichardBiochemistry2004 Michel Guertin (grad student)
Laurence CovassinPharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Rene Charest-Gaudreault (grad student)
P. F. RingtoumdaAdult and Continuing Education, Agricultural Education2000 Jacques Lapointe (grad student)
Gerard CharletPhysical Chemistry
Thanh-Tung Nguyen-DangPhysical Chemistry
Marie-Jeanne BoutroyAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry
Louis-Philippe VézinaMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture, Plant Physiology
Rene Charest-GaudreaultPharmaceutical Chemistry
Serge BeauprePolymer Chemistry2004 Mario Leclerc (grad student)
Marie-France LaporteFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry2001 Muriel Subirade (grad student)
Zhiming ZhengBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2001 Leon-Etienne Parent (grad student)
Youssouf SanogoCurriculum and Instruction Education, Adult and Continuing Education2001 Jacques Lapointe (grad student)
Hicham Oudghiri HassaniPhysical Chemistry2003 Peter H. McBreen (grad student)
Paul PaquinFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry, Agricultural Chemistry
Michel PezoletPolymer Chemistry
Liviu C. CiobanuPharmaceutical Chemistry2003 Donald Poirier (grad student)
Benoît Drolet
Helene GaussierGeneral Biophysics, Cell Biology2002 Muriel Subirade (grad student)
Serge ChampetierBiochemistry, Oncology2000 Yves Fradet (grad student)
Asseu P. AkochyMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2004 Jacques Lapointe (grad student)
Martin CastonguayPhysical Chemistry2003 Peter H. McBreen (grad student)
Shieng-Xiang LinBiochemistry
Jacques LeonardPolymer Chemistry
Conrad CloutierBiochemistry
Josee BrissonPolymer Chemistry
Ioan-Iosif RaduPharmaceutical Chemistry2004 Donald Poirier (grad student)
Lucie BeaulieuBiochemistry2004 Muriel Subirade (grad student)
Rosa MirandaChemical Engineering2000 Christian Roy (grad student)
Michele RoyEntomology Biology, Agronomy Agriculture2002 Conrad Cloutier (grad student)
Ozra PouraghajaniPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2003 Anna M. Ritcey (grad student)
Louis LegendreOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry
Josee FortinEnvironmental Sciences, Geochemistry, Environmental Engineering
Jacques LapointeMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2001 Claude Labrie (grad student)
Patricia Gestoso SoutoPolymer Chemistry2001 Josee Brisson (grad student)
Sophie RinguettePhysical Chemistry2004 Gerard Charlet (grad student)
France BrunelleBiochemistry2003 Dominique Michaud (grad student)
Jingui HuangChemical Engineering2002 Christian Roy (grad student)
Caroline AlbertAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Alain Belanger (grad student)
Stephanie SenkowPhysical Chemistry2004 Anna M. Ritcey (grad student)
Yves GrattonOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry
Carlos Amen-ChenPolymer Chemistry, Wood Technology Agriculture2001 Bernard Riedl (grad student)
Sheng-Xiang LinAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry
Haijun CaiPolymer Chemistry2002 Josee Brisson (grad student)
El H. BoufousMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Christian Vadeboncoeur (grad student)
Dana M. PanteaChemical Engineering2003 Christian Roy (grad student)
Olivier BarbierAnimal Physiology Biology2000 Alain Belanger (grad student)
Rene MaltaisPharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Donald Poirier (grad student)
Zhi-Ping MeiOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry2002 Yves Gratton (grad student)
Guangbo HePolymer Chemistry2003 Bernard Riedl (grad student)
Alain BelangerMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Stephanie AquinPlastics Technology, Environmental Engineering2001 Louis-Philippe Vézina (grad student)
Armelle CochuBiochemistry2004 Christian Vadeboncoeur (grad student)
Marc BelisleForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Zoology Biology2000 Josee Fortin (grad student)
David TurgeonAnimal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Alain Belanger (grad student)
Connie LovejoyOceanography Biology2002 Louis Legendre (grad student)
Cheng XingWood Technology Agriculture, Chemical Engineering2003 Bernard Riedl (grad student)
Christian VadeboncoeurBiochemistry
Hyeun-Jong BaeMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture, Plant Physiology2002 Louis-Philippe Vézina (grad student)
André Pichette Département des sciences du bois et de la forêt19992003 Bernard Riedl (grad student)
Dominique MichaudBiochemistry
Jean-François Morin20002004 Mario Leclerc (grad student)
Patrick Vigneault20092011 Benoît Drolet (grad student)
Guillaume GoubertSurface Science, Spectroscopy, Nanoscience, Catalysis Chemistry20092014 Peter H. McBreen (grad student)
Simon Rondeau-GagnéConjugated Polymers, Stretchable Electronics, Nanomaterials Chemistry20102014 Jean-François Morin (grad student)