National Institutes of Health

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Martin Louis AdamoMolecular Biology, Physiology Biology NIDDK19861992 Derek LeRoith (research scientist)
Peter L. AdamsStructural biology of protein and RNA as it relates to understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in viral replication
Robert S. Adelsteinmyosin1961 Christian B. Anfinsen (post-doc)
Joseph P. Albanesi
Jorge E. AllendeEnzymes, mechanisms and structures.19671968 Marshall Nirenberg (post-doc)
Susan G. AmaraNeurotransmitter transporters
Vernon Emmett AndersonOrganic chemistry
Garth Richard AndersonBiochemistry, Molecular Biology National Cancer Institute1975 Stuart A Aaronson (post-doc)
Daniel H. AppellaOrganic Chemistry
Clay M. ArmstrongIon channels19611964 Kenneth S. Cole (post-doc)
G. Gilbert Ashwellcarbohydrate receptors
Gerald D. Aurbachparathyroid diseases, bone metabolism William Jacoby (research scientist)
Tania A. Bakermacromolecular machines Kiyoshi Mizuuchi (post-doc)
Samuel H. Barondes Molecular Biology Molecular Biology1964 Gordon Mayer Tomkins (post-doc), Marshall Nirenberg (post-doc)
Edwin D. Beckernuclear magnetic resonance
Chase L. Beisel2010 Gisela Storz (post-doc)
Francisco BezanillaStructure-Function in Voltage Dependent Ionic Channels and Transport proteins Kenneth S. Cole (post-doc)
Simon Blackenzymes
Wayne BowenSigma receptors, pharmacology19801983 Candace Pert (post-doc)
Michelle BradleyBiochemistry, Metabolism, Aging and Development20152015 Jeffrey E Green (research assistant)
Roscoe O. Bradyhereditary metabolic disorders1954 Seymour S. Kety (research scientist)
Bernard Beryl BrodieNeurochemistry
Bernard R BrooksComputational Biophysics
Michael Stuart Brown19691971 Earl R. Stadtman (post-doc)
Michael Raymond BubbBiochemistry, Immunology NHLBI1992 Edward David Korn (post-doc)
Giulio L. Cantonimethylation
S. Roy CaplanKinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Molecular Machines and Oscillatory Processes
Arvid CarlssonMonoamine neurotransmission and pharmacology1955 Bernard Beryl Brodie (post-doc)
Dennis A. Carsondrug-development 19721974 Henry Metzger (post-doc)
Irwin M. Chaikenprotein recognition, protein machine that controls HIV-1 cell entry into host cells19691970 Christian B. Anfinsen (post-doc)
Elliot Charneyoptical spectroscopy and the dynamics of biological macromolecules
Kenny Chenprotein folding, glycobiology20142015 Jeffrey E Green (research assistant)
James J. Choumolecular mechanism of membrane channels, receptors, and transporters19992002 Ad Bax (post-doc)
Roberta F. Colmanenzyme active sites19621964 Herbert Tabor (post-doc), Simon Black (post-doc)
Michael Thomas Crow
Pedro Cuatrecasasdrug and hormone receptors, drug discovery19661967 Christian B. Anfinsen (post-doc)
John W. Dalyamphibian-derived alkaloids19581960 Julius Axelrod (collaborator), Bernhard Witkop (post-doc)
Thomas E. DeverGene Regulation and Development
William A. EatonKinetics, dynamics, and mechanisms of protein folding Elliot Charney (post-doc)
Jan Ellenberg Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (grad student)
Lynn W. Enquistvirology, circuit tracers, pathogenesis Robert A. Weisberg (post-doc)
Solomon David ErulkarNeurophysiology Phillip G. Nelson (research scientist)
John N. Fain19611965 Robert O. Scow (post-doc)
Gary Felsenfeldchromatin structure and gene expression in eukaryotes
Gerald R. FinkYeast genetics19651967 Bruce Nathan Ames (post-doc)
Paula Flicker
Lucy Rachel ForrestComputational biology on membrane transporter proteins
Ian D. Forsythesynaptic transmission, voltage-gated potassium channels, intrinsic plasticity, auditory processing19851988 Gary L. Westbrook (post-doc), Phillip G. Nelson (post-doc)
James Ralph Foutstoxicology and environmental health Bernard Beryl Brodie (post-doc)
Arthur E. FrankelOncology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology1977 Peter John Fischinger (post-doc)
Theodore Friedmanngene therapy, Lesch Nyhan disease19651968 J. Edwin Seegmiller (post-doc)
Harry V. Gelboincytochrome P450 metabolism of carcinogens and drugs19581961 Giulio L. Cantoni (post-doc)
Martin F. Gellert
John A. Gerltstructure/function relationships for enzyme-catalyzed reactions19741975 Christian B. Anfinsen (post-doc)
Alfred G. Gilman19691971 Marshall Nirenberg (post-doc)
Victor Ginsburgstructural biology19561958 Herman M. Kalckar (post-doc)
Ann GinsburgProtein Chemistry19561958 Bernard L. Horecker (research assistant), Victor Ginsburg (collaborator)
Vadim N. Gladyshevredox biology and trace elements as applied to cancer, aging and male reproduction19961998 Thressa Campbell Stadtman (post-doc), Dolph Lee Hatfield (post-doc)
Joseph L. GoldsteinGenetics19681970 Marshall Nirenberg (post-doc)
Michael M. Gottesmanresistance of cancer cells to anticancer drugs Martin F. Gellert (post-doc)
Daryl K. GrannerHormonal regulation of gene expression19641968 Gordon Mayer Tomkins (post-doc)
Paul Greengardneurological and psychiatric disorders, neuro- and psychoactive drugs1957 Sidney Udenfriend (post-doc)
Edgar HaberImmunochemistry19591962 Christian B. Anfinsen (post-doc)
Daniel Harries V. Adrian Parsegian (post-doc)
Dolph Lee HatfieldMolecular Biology of Selenium National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Marshall Nirenberg (post-doc)
Matthew R. HemmMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Small Proteins2008 Gisela Storz (post-doc)
Leon A. Heppelnucleic acids, periplasmic enzymes, active transport1949 Bernard L. Horecker (post-doc)
Alan G. HinnebuschCellular Regulation and Metabolism
Errett C. HobbsDifferentiation, morphogenesis and multicellularity in the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus subtilis20062011 Gisela Storz (post-doc)
Bernard L. Horeckercytochrome c
Evan Charles HorningChemistry of Natural Products
Jerard Hurwitzeukaryotic DNA replication19541956 Bernard L. Horecker (post-doc)
Harvey A. Itanohemoglobin
Christopher P. JaroniecBiophysical Chemistry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Protein Structure, Folding and Misfolding2006 Ad Bax (post-doc)
Lynn W. Jelinskispider silk19771978 Dennis A. Torchia (post-doc)
Tijana JovanovicNMR Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins, Enzymes, Hydrogen Bonding Geometry, and Dynamics Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (grad student)
Seymour KaufmanNeurochemistry
Lewis E. KayDevelopment and Application of NMR Methods for The Study of Protein Structure and Dynamics19881992 Ad Bax (post-doc)
Do Jin KimStructural biology Se Won Suh (grad student)
Ronald A. KohanskiBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Edward David KornCell Biology, Biochemistry, Cytoskeleton, Molecular Motors National Heart Institute1954 Christian B. Anfinsen (research scientist)
Rosalind Hauk KornfeldGlycobiology19631965 Victor Ginsburg (post-doc)
Stuart A. Kornfeldprotein trafficking in mammalian cells, biogenesis of lysosomes19631964 Victor Ginsburg (post-doc)
Edward KravitzTransmitter biochemistry1960 Earl R. Stadtman (post-doc), P. Roy Vagelos (post-doc)
Bonggi LeePhysiology Biology, Cell Biology Developmental Endocrinology Jack Adam Yanovski (post-doc)
Robert J. LefkowitzG protein-coupled receptors19681970 Ira Pastan (post-doc), Jesse Roth (post-doc)
Dawei Linbioinformatics
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz1990 Richard Klausner (post-doc)
Adrian I LitaChemistry, Spectroscopy, Neuro-Oncology
Uriel Z. LittauerPrognostic Markers for Neuroblastoma Tumors Marshall Nirenberg (post-doc)
Marvin W. Makinenstructural basis of enzyme action through a detailed correlation of the electronic structure, stereochemistry, and molecular structure of enzyme-substrate complexes William A. Eaton (post-doc)
Brian W. MatthewsX-ray crystallography, protein folding19671969 David R. Davies (post-doc)
Frederick R. Maxfield Ira Pastan (post-doc)
Everette L. May
Jordan L. Meierchemical biology
William C. Merrickeukaryotic translation initiation factors, initiation pathway French Anderson (post-doc)
Henry Metzger
Carl A. MichalSolid-State NMR1999 Robert Tycko (post-doc)
George E. Milesbiochemistry; pathology
Kiyoshi MizuuchiGenetic Mechanisms
Amy E. MoritzBiochemistry David R. Sibley (post-doc)
H. Douglas MorrisMagnetic Resonance Imaging; NMR Spectroscopy; Pre-clinical Imaging; Medical Imaging
Ferid Muradnitric oxide19671970 Martha Vaughan (post-doc)
Sonia M. NajjarPharmacology, Biochemistry Simeon I. Taylor (post-doc)
Amy H. NewmanG-protein coupled receptors
Linda K. Nicholson1994 Dennis A. Torchia (post-doc)
Marshall NirenbergBiochemistry19571959 Dewitt Stetten (post-doc)
F. Wayne OuttenMetal Ions in Biology20012005 Gisela Storz (post-doc)
V. Adrian ParsegianComputed and Measured Forces Among Membranes, Nanoparticles, and Macromolecules
Ira PastanMolecular Biology19591961 Earl R. Stadtman (post-doc)
Jennifer Patterson-Westbiochemistry; structural biology; RNA-binding proteins2014 Deborah M. Hinton (post-doc)
Horia I. Petrache V. Adrian Parsegian (post-doc)
Andrew PlestedLigand gated ion channels Mark L. Mayer (post-doc)
Rudolf Podgornik V. Adrian Parsegian (post-doc)
Bijeta Prasai National Heart, Blood, and Lung Institute20122017 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Stanley Ben PrusinerPrion diseases19691972 Earl R. Stadtman (post-doc)
Christian R.H. Raetzlipid biochemistry19741976 Herbert Tabor (post-doc)
Kenner C. Ricemedicinal chemistry, drugs of abuse Everette L. May (post-doc)
Norman Salzman
Antonio Scarpa
Robert T. Schimkeprotein turnover and gene amplification19601966 Herbert Tabor (research scientist)
Martin J. SchnermannOrganic Chemsitry, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products
Pamela L. SchwartzbergImmunology, Biochemistry NCI19951999 Harold Elliot Varmus (post-doc)
Robert O. Scow
Michael Selapeptide and protein chemistry and immunology19561957 Christian B. Anfinsen (post-doc)
Prabuddha Senguptacell surface receptors Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (post-doc)
Yechiel ShaiMembrane Research and Biophysics1988 Irwin M. Chaiken (post-doc)
Aaron ShatkinMolecular Biology Norman Salzman (post-doc)
Parkhurst A. ShorePharmacology, monoamines1961 Bernard Beryl Brodie (research scientist)
David F. Silbert19641966 Bruce Nathan Ames (post-doc)
Maxine F. SingerRNA synthesis, the role of enzymes in DNA and RNA synthesis and metabolism, genetic recombination in defective viruses, and the structure of the DNA-protein complex called chromatin1956 Leon A. Heppel (post-doc)
Karl Sollnerelectrochemistry and colloid physics
Allen M. Spiegelendocrinology, diabetis Gerald D. Aurbach (research scientist)
Earl R. StadtmanProtein chemistry, aging
Thressa Campbell Stadtmanselenium biochemistry
Chris B. Stanley V. Adrian Parsegian (post-doc)
Arnold Steingene regulation19751980 Robert T. Simpson (post-doc)
Dewitt Stettenmetabolic studies with isotope labeling
Audrey Stevens Niyogi19581960 Leon A. Heppel (post-doc)
Helmut H. Strey V. Adrian Parsegian (post-doc)
Michael F. SummersNuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Retrovirus Assembly and Structure19841987 Ad Bax (post-doc)
Charles (Chuck) Crawford Sweeleysphingolipids, biomedical mass spectrometry1960 Evan Charles Horning (post-doc)
Attila L. SzaboTheoretical Biophysical Chemistry
Herbert Tabor
Joseph TalafousProtein structure, drug design, and cheminformatics NCGC19901994 Gilles Klopman (grad student)
John Tallmanpharmacology, damage & disease Roscoe O. Brady (post-doc)
Gordon Mayer Tomkinsembryonal carcinoma stem cells
Katherine L. TruexQuantum Physics, Optics Physics, Biophysics Laboratory of Chemical Physics20112016 William A. Eaton (post-doc)
Sidney Udenfriend Bernard Beryl Brodie (research scientist)
Taylor B. UpdegroveRNA; DNA; biophysics20112016 Gisela Storz (post-doc)
P. Roy Vagelosfatty acid biosynthesis and metabolism1956 Earl R. Stadtman (post-doc)
Martha VaughanMedical Physiology and Metabolism Christian B. Anfinsen (research scientist)
Carl VoegtlinPharmacology
Steven S. VogelCaMKII, Dysferlin, FRET microscopy19891996 Joshua Zimmerberg (post-doc)
Regitze R. Voldnuclear magnetic resonance19651971 Edwin D. Becker (research scientist)
Andrea Regier VothMolecular mechanism of DNA transposition
Karen M. Wassarmansmall RNAs Gisela Storz (post-doc)
Rod Wasylishen1974 Edwin D. Becker (post-doc)
Qize WeiBiochemistry, Cell Biology19972004 Robert S. Adelstein (post-doc)
Robert A. Weisbergbacteriophage lambda
Sue WicknerMolecular Chaperones Martin F. Gellert (post-doc)
Reed B. Wicknerinfectious proteins (prions) of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Herbert Tabor (post-doc)
Bernhard WitkopProtein chemistry
Alan P. Wolffe Donald D. Brown (post-doc)
Henry Lee Woodcock IIIComputational Chemistry20032009 Bernard R Brooks (post-doc)
Ralph W. G. WyckoffCrystallography
James B. Wyngaarden
Bin Xu Kenneth A. Jacobson (grad student)
Wei YangCrystallography
Joshua ZimmerbergThe fundamental membrane mechanisms of enveloped viral infection, parasitic diseases, neurotransmitter release, apoptosis, and cell-cell fusion. Tissue mechanisms of pathogenesis and regeneration by stem cell fusion.