Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Amy C. AraiPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Kaushik BalakrishnanOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Ling Zang (grad student)
Asiana BandaSciences Education, General Chemistry, Middle School Education Curriculum and Instruction2014 Frackson Mumba (grad student)
Jennifer L. BedellBiochemistry2001 John W. Shriver (grad student)
Quinn A. Best Chemistry2013 Matthew E. McCarroll (grad student)
Michael S. BonkowskiAnimal Physiology Biology, Genetics Pharmacology Pharmacology2008 Amy C. Arai (grad student), Andrzej Bartke (grad student)
Kathleen E. ChaffeePhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Boyd M. Goodson (grad student)
Julio A. CopelloPharmaceutical Chemistry
Peter M. D. HardwickeBiochemistry
Bakul DavePhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Yuping DingZoology Biology, Biochemistry, Toxicology, Environmental Health Zoology2012 Michael J. Lydy (grad student)
Navneet DograBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry2014 Punit Kohli (grad student)
Zhihua DuBiochemistry
Stephanie M. EastwoodAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2014 Gary R. Kinsel (grad student)
Carl L. FaingoldPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Hua-Jun FengNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Pharmacology2001 Carl L. Faingold (grad student)
W.K. G. FernandoAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2009 Gary R. Kinsel (grad student)
Richard H. FifarekGeology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry
Barnabas K. GikonyoOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Cell Biology Chemistry2007 Lori A. Vermeulen (grad student)
Boyd M. GoodsonPhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Aixia Han Ling Zang (grad student)
Amanda D. HarwoodZoology Biology, Ecology Biology Zoology2012 Michael J. Lydy (grad student)
Yuqing HouOrganic Chemistry
Duy HuaOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19761979 Cal Y. Meyers (grad student)
Jodi HuggenvikBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Philip JensikMolecular Biology Molecular Cellular and Systemic Physiology2009 Jodi Huggenvik (grad student)
Weston R. JuddOrganic Chemistry Ling Zang (grad student)
Gilbert KalondeTechnology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Pedagogy Education Curriculum and Instruction2014 Frackson Mumba (grad student)
Irene W. Kimaruchiral recognition studies; development of chiral ionic liquids for chromatographic separation of chiral compounds using GC.20012006 Matthew E. McCarroll (grad student)
Gary R. KinselAnalytical Chemistry
Kristopher M. Kirmess Chemistry and Biochemistry20102015 Gary R. Kinsel (grad student)
Vera M. KolbAstrobiology, Eco-pharmacology, Green chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry19741976 Cal Y. Meyers (grad student)
John A. KoropchakAnalytical Chemistry
Xiaoxia LiPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2007 Boyd M. Goodson (grad student)
ligui li Ling Zang (grad student)
Xuelian LiGeneral Chemistry Chemistry2011 Punit Kohli (grad student)
Michael J. LydyEnvironmental Sciences, Agricultural Chemistry
Lars-Erik MagnussonAnalytical Chemistry2002 John A. Koropchak (grad student)
Marcin MajdaBioanalytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry1980 James A. Cox (grad student)
Simeon MbeweSciences Education, Middle School Education, Teacher Training Education Curriculum and Instruction2012 Frackson Mumba (grad student)
Bradford S. McCraryChemistry2000 John W. Shriver (grad student)
Aaron W. McLeanOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Cal Y. Meyers (grad student)
Cal Y. Meyers
Sean D. MoranInfrared Spectroscopy, Biophysics
Frackson MumbaSciences Education, General Chemistry, Middle School Education
Jacob T. NeumannGeneral Biophysics Pharmacology2011 Julio A. Copello (grad student)
Panayiotis (Peter) NikolaouPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Boyd M. Goodson (grad student)
Janusz PawliszynAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry1982 Stephen I. Scheiner (grad student)
Lijuan PengAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2010 Gary R. Kinsel (grad student)
Tu-Ai T. PhanPharmaceutical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2007 Lori A. Vermeulen (grad student)
Hima K. PotturiOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Yuqing Hou (grad student)
Manish RaisinghaniPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology2003 Carl L. Faingold (grad student)
Pradeep Ramiah RajasekaranMaterials, Electrochemistry, Devices Chemistry20062013 Punit Kohli (grad student)
Mukti S. RaoMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry2002 Bakul Dave (grad student)
Indrajit SahaPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Boyd M. Goodson (grad student)
Abani R. SamalGeology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry Environmental Resources and Policy2007 Richard H. Fifarek (grad student)
Vijaya K. SamineniNeuroscience Biology Pharmacology2013 Carl L. Faingold (grad student)
Noppadon Sathitsuksanoh(Bio) Catalysis19992003 Shashi B. Lalvani (grad student)
Narsimha SattenapallyOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2012 Colleen Scott (grad student)
Steve Scheiner
Lance J. SchulerZoology Biology, Toxicology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2006 Michael J. Lydy (grad student)
Colleen ScottOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Mohamed Z. Segu MohideenAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Gary R. Kinsel (grad student)
John W. ShriverBiochemistry
Joyce C. SolheimBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology1992 John M. Martinko (grad student)
Sebastian P. SzyjkaCurriculum and Instruction Education, Sciences Education, Teacher Training Education, Elementary Education Curriculum and Instruction2009 Frackson Mumba (grad student)
Andrew J. TrimbleEnvironmental Sciences, Agricultural Chemistry Zoology2009 Michael J. Lydy (grad student)
Srinivasan TupalPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology Pharmacology2009 Carl L. Faingold (grad student)
Lori A. VermeulenOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Cell Biology
Dale H. VittEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Laura L. WalkupPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2013 Boyd M. Goodson (grad student)
Lin Wang Chemistry2013 Matthew E. McCarroll (grad student)
Lichang WangPhysical Chemistry
Nicholas WhitingPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Boyd M. Goodson (grad student)
Ven N. WongAnalytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2011 Gary R. Kinsel (grad student)
Songwen XieOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2005 Cal Y. Meyers (grad student)
Yafei Xu2004 Matthew E. McCarroll (grad student)
Jierui YuMOFs, Catalysis, Bio-inspired materials, Characterizations, Photophysics Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry20152020 Pravas Deria (grad student)
Bingxin Yuanradical reaction; oxidation reaction College of Chemistry and Biochemistry20112016 Kyle N. Plunkett (grad student)
Jennifer M. Yukna Chemistry20012007 Shaowei Chen (grad student)
Ling ZangOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Zengxing Zhang Ling Zang (grad student)