National Center for Nanoscience and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Aman AgrawalEnergy Materials, Soft Matter, Non-linear Spectroscopy20142014 Xingyu "Justin" Jiang (research assistant)
Defang Ding2013 Zhiyong Tang (grad student)
Yuan GaoOrganic chemistry, Nanoscience, Hydrogel, Drug delivery
Sha HeColloidal Chemistry, Luminescent Materials, Doping, Epitaxy, Intefaces20092012 Xingyu "Justin" Jiang (grad student)
Xingyu "Justin" Jiang surface chemistry, microfluidics, micro/nano-fabrication, cell biology and immunoassays
Chang (Alex) Longporous nanomaterials2015 Zhiyong Tang (grad student)
Zhiyong Tang
Jiawei Wan20112015 Zhiyong Tang (grad student)
Hao Wang
Huayi WangLiquid Biopsy
Feng XieChemistry
Zhongjie Yang2015 Zhiyong Tang (grad student)
Binhao Zhang2015 Zhiyong Tang (grad student)
Jindong Zhu
Jinsong Zhu
Yanfei Zhu2014 Zhiyong Tang (grad student)