Ohio State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Adeboye AdejarePharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry1985 Duane Douglas Miller (grad student)
Engin Umut AkkayaSupramolecular Chemistry1989 Anthony W. Czarnik (grad student)
Martin G. Banwellnew synthetic strategies and methodologies as well as the application of these in the total synthesis of biologically active natural products and certain analogues Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry19791980 Leo A. Paquette (post-doc)
Kenneth Leroy BarkerNucleic acid and protein synthesis: mechanism of hormone action.1964 Thomas Murrell Ludwick (grad student)
Louis BarriaultOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry19971999 Leo A. Paquette (post-doc)
Daniel J. BattleGeneral Biophysics, Molecular Biology
Firman Edward BearSoils
Robert Bruce BeelmanFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Plant Physiology, Plant Culture Agriculture1970 Wilbur Alphonso Gould (grad student)
Jorgen Maurice Birkeland
Eric R. BloughGerontology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Aging1997 Jon Karl Linderman (grad student)
Kristin Bowman-JamesInorganic Chemistry1975 Daryle H. Busch (post-doc)
Robert Stanley Brodkey
Calvin Adam Buehlerorganic chemistry1922 William Lloyd Evans (grad student)
Jeffrey S. ButerbaughUltrafast Spectroscopy Analytical Chemistry Organic Chemistry19911998 Terry L. Gustafson (grad student), Matthew S. Platz (collaborator)
Peter R. ByronPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy1976 Robert Emil Notari (post-doc)
Kan-teh Chang1989 Daniel Lawrence Leussing (grad student)
Yie-wen Chien1972 Theodore D Sokoloski (grad student)
Bernard Victor Christensenpharmacognosy, pharmacology
Yongseog ChungOrganic chemistry Chemistry19841988 Anthony W. Czarnik (grad student)
Amanda Hofacker CoffmanOrganic Chemistry
Orkid Coskunerproteins, metals, saccharides Chemical Engineering20032005 Michael Paulaitis (post-doc)
Anthony W. Czarnik
Michael R. Detty Leo A. Paquette (grad student)
Chad Eichmanorganic synthesis, catalysis20052010 James P. Stambuli (grad student)
Nuran ErcalBiochemistry Physiology Physiology1988 Thomas M. O'Dorisio (grad student), Mary Sue O'Dorisio (grad student)
Harold Fisk
Marselio Guido Fontanacorrosion engineering
Wesley George France
Donald Stuart FrearBiochemistry1955 Robin Charles Burrell (grad student)
James R. FuchsNatural products synthesis
Manapurathu Verghese GeorgePhotochemistry, laser chemistry Melvin S. Newman (post-doc)
Yagnaseni GhoshInorganic and materials chemistry Chemistry20042009 Malcolm H. Chisholm (grad student)
Alan Gardner GoodridgeBiological Chemistry
Ira A. GouldDairy Technology
Dennis Edward Haley1922 Firman Edward Bear (grad student)
Tatsuo Higa Chemistry Arnold J. Krubsack (grad student)
Lovell David Hiner
Manju M. HingoraniGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry1996 Smita S. Patel (grad student)
Robert Giffen Holmes Agricultural Engineering1967 Robert Edwin Stewart (grad student)
Anita K. HopperMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Jay Wolbert JohnsonSoil fertility
Lee Frederick Johnson
April Joice James Culvin Morris (grad student)
Nathaniel Thomas Kentonnatural products synthesis Chemistry and Biochemistry20132018 Craig J. Forsyth (grad student)
C. William KernComputational chemistry
Taewan Kimnoncoding RNA, Cancer Department of Molecular virology immunology and medical genetics20072011 Carlo M. Croce (grad student)
Arnold J. Krubsack
Jules Benjamin LaPidusmedicinal & pharmaceutical chemistry
Chunning Jeanie Lau
Daniel Lawrence Leussing
Lu LinNonlinear Spectroscopy
Terry J. LoganSoil Science Agronomy1971 Eugene Otis McLean (grad student)
Carl J. LovelyOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry19931996 Leo A. Paquette (post-doc), Robert W. Brueggemeier (post-doc)
Thomas Murrell LudwickDairy Science
John Franklin LymanAgricultural Chemistry
William Paxman Martinsoil microbiology
Ilia Mazin
Psaras L. McGrier Chemistry20032008 Uwe H. F. Bunz (grad student)
Mark L. McLaughlinMedicinal chemistry, oncology Chemistry19851986 Leo A. Paquette (post-doc)
Eugene Otis McLeansoil science
Goverdhan Mehtachemistry1969 Paul G. Gassman (post-doc)
Dina C. Merrerorganic chemistry, academia, carbene chemistry Chemistry19992001 Matthew S. Platz (post-doc)
Duane Douglas Millerdesign and synthesis of new drug molecules
Mark T. MorganFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry Agricultural Engineering1992 Robert Giffen Holmes (grad student)
Benjamin NamanAnalytical chemistry, Natural Products identification Chemistry2015 A Douglas Kinghorn (grad student)
Kenneth P. NephewCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry1991 William Frederick Pope (grad student)
Jason J. Nichols
Matthew Noerpel Kirk G. Scheckel (post-doc)
Robert Emil Notari
John Mouk OrtBiophysics1924 Wesley George France (grad student)
Robert Blair PainterMicrobiology, radiation biology, DNA repair, DNA replication Bacteriology19521955 Chester Irvin Randles (grad student)
Lloyd McClain ParksPharmaceutical chemistry
Smita S. PatelBiochemistry
Stuart Pattonmicrochemistry of food flavor1948 Thomas Scott Sutton (grad student)
Howard Wilbur PickeringMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering, Physical Chemistry1961 Marselio Guido Fontana (grad student)
Waldemar Priebedrug design Chemistry19791980 Derek Horton (post-doc)
Andrew ProctorFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry
Mary Rakowski DuBoisInorganic Chemistry1974 Daryle H. Busch (grad student)
Chester Irvin RandlesBacteriology, Metabolism Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Jorgen Maurice Birkeland (grad student)
M. Anandha (Andy) RaoFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering1969 Robert Stanley Brodkey (grad student)
Ralph Alfred Reisfeld1957 Ira A. Gould (grad student)
Robert John Rossorganic synthesis Chemistry19811986 Leo A. Paquette (grad student)
Janani Sampath Chemical Engineering20142018 Lisa Hall (grad student)
Stephen I. ScheinerComputational chemistry19761978 C. William Kern (post-doc)
Arthur Ernest SchwartingPharmacognosy1943 Lovell David Hiner (grad student)
Aditi Senguptasoil science, soil microbiology, microbial ecology, agriculure
Sambamurthy SeshadriOrganic chemistry, Dye chemistry Melvin S. Newman (post-doc)
Seunghoon ShinOrganic Synthesis Department of Chemistry19962001 Thaliyil V. RajanBabu (grad student)
Theodore D Sokoloski
Richard Charles StehouwerSoil Science Agriculture, Geochemistry1990 Jay Wolbert Johnson (grad student)
Frank Jay Stevensonchemistry of soil organic matter1952 William Paxman Martin (grad student)
Robert Edwin Stewart
Matthew K. Summers Department of Radiation Oncology George C. Prendergast (grad student)
Thomas Scott Sutton1934 John Franklin Lyman (grad student)
Sambasiva SwaminathanSynthetic approaches to non-aromatic steroids, molecular rearrangements, chemistry of indoles and thienopyrroles, asymmetric syntheses1953 Melvin S. Newman (post-doc)
Kenneth Takeuchi Chemistry Daryle H. Busch (grad student)
Sunil Kumar Talapatra Michael P. Cava (post-doc)
Wenjie Tao Chemistry2017 Shiyu Zhang (post-doc)
Scott A. Van ArmanFluorescent Chemosensors / Organic Methods Chemistry19851990 Anthony W. Czarnik (grad student)
Peng George WangGlycoscience
Jin WangChemical Biology Chemistry20032007 Matthew S. Platz (grad student)
Steven Wathen Chemistry Anthony W. Czarnik (grad student)
Daniel Weber2D materials, solid state chemistry, nanosheets, magnetism, catalysis Physics Physics Physics Physics20172019 Chunning Jeanie Lau (collaborator), P. Chris Hammel (collaborator), Nandini Trivedi (collaborator), Joshua E. Goldberger (post-doc)
Aaron R. WeiskittelForestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Alexander Michael YacynychAnalytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry & Biosensors Chemistry19761977 Theodore Kuwana (post-doc)
Juyoung YoonOrganic materials, molecular recognition Chemistry19901994 Anthony W. Czarnik (grad student)
Harvey A ZambranoMicro and Nanofluidics, Fluid Dynamics, Supercomputing, Heat transfer, Electrokinetics Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering20112013 A T. Conlisk (post-doc), Shaurya Prakash (post-doc)
Xiao Cheng ZengComputational material science1989 David Gordon Stroud (grad student)