Oregon Health and Science University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Andrew C. Adeygenomics
Virginia L. BrooksBaroreflex, sympathetic nervous system, cardiovascular control, pregnancy, hypertension1990 Michael C. Andresen (collaborator)
Jia DaiMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology2005 Gebre Woldegiorgis (grad student)
Mark W. DoyleNTS, solitary tract nucleus, vagal afferents, autonomic19942001 Michael C. Andresen (grad student)
David H. Ellison
Jack H. Fellman
Lloyd D. FrickerNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry1987 Edward Herbert (post-doc)
Jingpeng GeStructural biology, Neuroscience20162021 J. Eric Gouaux (post-doc)
William H. Glazeenvironmental chemistry
J. Eric Gouauxmolecular mechanisms for the function of receptors and transporters at chemical synapses
Arnab GuptaCopper ATPases
Carrie Haskell-Luevanopeptide hormone endocrine systems in the brain, and their involvement in feeding behavior, exercise, diabetes, and obesity Vollum Institute Roger D. Cone (post-doc)
Ryan E. HibbsLigand-gated ion channel structural biology J. Eric Gouaux (post-doc)
Jeffrey Y. HuangPoly-ADP ribosylation, PARPs, cancer, neuroscience2012 Michael S. Cohen (post-doc)
Matt JonesGABA(A) receptor biophysics; mechanisms of inibitory synaptic transmission Vollum Institute Gary L. Westbrook (post-doc)
Jeffrey Karpenintracellular second messengers
Devaki A. Kelkar Amitabha Chattopadhyay (grad student)
Tetiana Korzun BME2021 Daniel L. Marks (grad student)
Kenneth A. KrohnNuclear Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Tally M. Largent-MilnesPain, opioids, systems pharmacology, neuroscience20112014 Sue Aicher (post-doc), Michael C. Andresen (post-doc)
Chia-Hsueh Lee J. Eric Gouaux (grad student)
Braden T. LobingierNeuronal membrane traffic
Malcolm J. Lowobesity, diabetes, hypothalamus Vollum Institute Richard H. Goodman (post-doc)
Shen LuBiochemistry2005 Pierre Moenne-Loccoz (grad student)
Steven E. MansoorStructural biology, ion channel structure/function, GPCR structure/function Vollum Institute J. Eric Gouaux (post-doc)
James Matthew Meinig
David Mendelowitznucleus ambiguus, cardiac19921992 Michael C. Andresen (post-doc)
Alexey J. MerzCell biology, Membrane biology, Membrane fusion, Golgi, Vacuole2000 Maggie So (grad student)
Pierre Moenne-LoccozBiochemistry
Richard Press David A. Goldthwait (grad student)
Pradipsinh K. RathodMalaria Pharmacology, Functional Genomics1982 Jack H. Fellman (grad student)
Lina A. ReissAuditory system, cochlear implants
Gouriprasanna RoyChemical Biology, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry20082011 Thomas S. Scanlan (post-doc)
Marcelo Rubinstein Vollum Institute Malcolm J. Low (post-doc)
Thomas S. Scanlanmolecular basis of the tissue-selectivity of hormones
John H. Schildnodose, vagal afferents, autonomic, baroreceptors20001997 Michael C. Andresen (post-doc), Michael C. Andresen (collaborator)
Joshua Schindler Otolaryngology19921993 Donald P Bottaro (research assistant)
Amala Raman Soumyanath
Charles S. Springer Jr.in vivo NMR
Arohan R. SubramanyaRenal Physiology, Cell Biology, Cell Signaling Medicine20032006 David H. Ellison (post-doc)
Holger Taschenberger Vollum Institute Henrique von Gersdorff (post-doc)
Francis ValiyaveetilIon conduction and gating in K+ channels
Troy A. WahlGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2013 David K. Grandy (grad student)
Edward Staunton West
Gebre WoldegiorgisMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Randall WoltjerBiochemical Pathology of Neurodegenerative Diseases such as Alzheimer's disease; Biochemical Characteristics of Normal Aging