University of Oxford

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Edward Penley Abrahaminvestigated the therapeutic potential of penicillin1938 Howard Walter Florey (research scientist), Robert Robinson (grad student)
Osman Achmatowicz Robert Robinson (grad student), William Henry Perkin (grad student)
Joseph J.H. Ackermanmagnetic resonance spectroscopic and imaging techniques to study physiologic events Department of Biochemistry George Karoly Radda (post-doc)
Sandra Adele Mark Howarth (post-doc)
W. Ross AdeyBiophysics, neurobiology, EEG19501951 Wilfrid E. Le Gros Clark (post-doc)
Marc J. AdlerOrganic Synthesis, Physical Organic Chemistry20082011 Andrew D. Hamilton (post-doc)
Josip Ahel Deparment of Biochemistry20142018 Francis A. Barr (grad student)
John Wyndham Albery Ronald P. Bell (grad student)
Simon AldridgeMain Group and Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry1996 Anthony J. Downs (grad student)
Michael P. AllenMolecular Simulation Physical Chemistry1979 Robert Thomas (grad student)
Joshua Almond-ThynneOrganic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Organometallics20172018 Paul E. Brennan (post-doc)
Nicolas Altemose
Simon L. Altmanngroup theory, quaternions, and solid state
Harry Anderson
Edward Anderson1997 Harry Anderson (research assistant)
Frank A.L. Anetstereochemistry and NMR spectroscopy1952 Robert Robinson (grad student)
Daniel C. AnthonyNeuroinflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Imaging19942004 Victor Hugh Perry (post-doc)
Malcolm Percival Applebey Frederick Soddy (research assistant)
Ruchuta Ardkhean Chemistry2015 Robert S. Paton (grad student)
Fraser Armstrong H. Allen O. Hill (post-doc)
David Ascough Chemistry2016 Robert S. Paton (grad student)
Philip Ash Kylie Vincent (post-doc)
Mark AsheRNA, translation control, synthetic biology19911997 Nicholas Proudfoot (grad student)
Hilary Ashe19921997 Nicholas Proudfoot (grad student)
Michael N. R. Ashfold1978 John Philip Simons (grad student), Gus Hancock (research scientist)
Peter W. Atkinselectron spin resonance, theoretical chemistry
J. Paul Attfieldsolid state chemistry, high pressure19831987 Anthony Cheetham (grad student)
André U. AugustinOrganic Chemistry Department of Organic Chemistry20142015 Christopher J. Schofield (grad student)
Clive R Bagshaw Biochemistry19771979 George Karoly Radda (post-doc)
Hagan Bailey
Herbert B. Baker1884 Harold Baily Dixon (grad student)
Edward N. Baker Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (post-doc)
Lindsay A. BakerGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Jack E. BaldwinSynthetic chemistry and reaction mechanisms, natural products
Robert Lesh BaldwinEnergetics of protein folding1954 Alexander George Ogston (grad student)
Christopher J. BallentineGeochemistry
Biswadip BanerjiSynthetic Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology Christopher J. Schofield (post-doc)
Craig E. Banks Richard G. Compton (grad student)
Michael Barber Chemistry19591962 John Wilfrid Linnett (grad student)
Luiz Claudio Almeida BarbosaOrganic Synthesis Chemistry20082009 Timothy J. Donohoe (post-doc)
Thomas Vipond Barker
Peter B BarkerNMR Chemistry19821986 Ray Freeman (grad student)
John A. Barltrop1944 Frederick E. King (grad student)
Francis A. Barr
T. Hugh K. BarronTheoretical Chemistry1955 Cyril Domb (grad student)
Richard Barrowhigh resolution spectroscopy of diatomic molecules Edmund John Bowen (grad student)
Walter Bartleyadaptation to stress in mammals
Amit BasakBiochemistry1987 Jack E. Baldwin (grad student)
James Keane BashkinChemistry, polyamides, antivirals, gene chemistry, bioorganic, organic, biochemistry, biophysics19771982 Malcolm L.H. Green (grad student)
James A. Bassham Hans Adolf Krebs (research scientist)
Giovanni Bassolino20112015 Philipp Kukura (grad student)
Peter D. BattleInorganic chemistry
Jean BaumGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry19961998 Christopher M. Dobson (post-doc)
Simon BaumbergBacterial physiology Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student)
Ad BaxNuclear Magnetic Resonance and its Application in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology1981 Ray Freeman (research assistant)
Hagan P. BayleyChemical Biology
Ryan David BaylissMaterials Chemistry Department of Materials2016 Peter Bruce (post-doc)
Ian R. Beattie
Roger John Sidney Beerorganic chemistry1945 Frederick E. King (grad student)
Paul D. Beersupramolecular chemistry
Charles Thomas BeerCancer Research1948 Robert Robinson (grad student)
Ronald P. Bellproton transfer reactions1927 Harold Brewer Hartley (research assistant)
Lawrence J. Berlinerbiophysical chemistry and the studies of free radicals in living systems by in vivo EPR1968 David Chilton Phillips (post-doc)
Gonçalo BernardesChemical biology2008 Benjamin G. Davis (grad student)
Arthur John Birchorganic synthesis, biochemical processes, organometallic chemistry1940 Robert Robinson (grad student)
Fraser W. Birss1956 Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student), Charles Alfred Coulson (post-doc)
Edward O Bishopnuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy Rex Edward Richards (grad student)
Colin Blake
Annabelle BlangeroEye Movements, Visual Attention, Visual Neglect Experimental Psychology2015 Christopher Summerfield (post-doc)
Brebis Bleaneyparamagnetic resonance1939 Francis (Franz Eugen) Simon (grad student)
Baruch S. BlumbergMedical Anthropology19551957 Alexander George Ogston (grad student)
Igor Boczarow
Geoffrey Bodenhausen1977 Ray Freeman (grad student)
Graham Bodwell1992 Steve G. Davies (grad student)
Juliane Borchertsolar energy, perovskites, semiconductors, Physics20152020 Michael B Johnston (grad student)
Richard Bornat
A. Nath BosePhysical chemistry Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student)
Martyn Boutelle Physiology Marianne Fillenz (research assistant)
Alice M BowenElectron Paramagnetic Resonance, Pulsed Dipolar Spectroscopy20082013 Christiane R. Timmel (grad student)
Edmund John BowenPhotochemistry Harold Brewer Hartley (grad student)
Chris R. Bowenpiezoelectrics, anodisation1993 Brian Derby (grad student)
John F. Bowerheterocyclic chemistry, transition metal catalysis, total synthesis Chemistry20082010 Timothy J. Donohoe (post-doc)
David Bowkett Nuffield Department of Medicine, Target Discovery Institute20122016 Paul E. Brennan (grad student)
Russell J. Boyd1973 Charles Alfred Coulson (post-doc)
Robert Boylephysics and chemistry16531659 Sir William Petty (research assistant), John Wallis (research assistant)
Chris Braddock Chemistry John M. Brown (grad student)
Paul E. BrennanBio-Organic and Synthetic Chemistry
Sydney BrennerC. Elegans19521954 Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student)
Mike Brenner Mark Howarth (post-doc)
Alex Brethomé Chemistry2016 Robert S. Paton (grad student)
Edward BrewerSpectroscopy, reaction dynamics Chemistry20192023 Stuart R Mackenzie (grad student)
Angew G. Briggs
Lindsay H. Briggs1932 Robert Robinson (grad student)
Andrew BriggsNanomaterials
Kevin Brindle1982 Iain D. Campbell (grad student)
David A. Britz2005 Andrei N. Khlobystov (grad student)
Benjamin Collins Brodie
Mark Brouard
James Alan Calvert Brown
Tom Brown
Garry Leslie Brown1967 David Allan Spence (grad student)
John M. Brownenantioselective synthesis
Peter Bruce Chemistry19821985 John B. Goodenough (post-doc)
Maria Bruna20122012 Radek Erban (post-doc)
Karl Brune Mark Howarth (grad student)
Jean-Charles Buffet Dermot O'Hare (research scientist)
Edith BülbringSmooth muscle19331946 Joshua Harold Burn (research scientist)
Can Buldun Mark Howarth (grad student)
Ibrahim BulutPhotoluminescence, Porphyrin ladders2015 Harry Anderson (post-doc)
Thanthapatra BunchuaySupramolecular Chemistry20142018 Paul D. Beer (grad student)
Irene Burghardt19871988 John M. Brown (research assistant)
Joshua Harold BurnAutonomic nervous system, pharmacology
Louis Burnelle19561957 Charles Alfred Coulson (post-doc)
Michael Burt20142019 Mark Brouard (post-doc)
Jonathan W. BurtonOrganic chemistry
Matthew F. Bushstructures of biological assemblies20082011 Carol Robinson (post-doc)
Richard J. BushbyLiquid Crystals, Phospholipids, Pi Multiradicals19651968 Ewart Ray Herbert Jones (grad student), Gordon Harlow Whitham (grad student)
Jorge Carreira Gonçalves Caladothermodynamics of simple liquid mixtures. Solid state thermodynamics Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory19641969 Lionel Alfred Kirby Staveley (grad student)
Edward Francis Caldin Ronald P. Bell (grad student)
Paul T CallaghanNMR Microscopy, Diffusion, Rheo-NMR Nicholas James Stone (grad student)
R. Duncan CampbellImmunochemistry
Archie CampbellSuperconductivity David Dew-Hughes (grad student)
Iain D. Campbell Rex Edward Richards (grad student)
David R. Carbery organic chemistry Timothy J. Donohoe (post-doc)
C. Harry CarlisleX-ray crystallography1943 Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (grad student)
C. Barry Carterinterface chemistry1975 Peter B. Hirsch (grad student)
Jeremy P Carver19661968 Rex Edward Richards (post-doc)
Jose Castellanos Christopher J. Schofield (post-doc)
William T. Cave1948 Harold Warris Thompson (grad student)
Rupert Arthur Victor Cecil1949 Alexander George Ogston (grad student)
F. Mark ChadwickInorganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry20132016 Dermot O'Hare (grad student), Andrew S. Weller (post-doc)
Ernst Boris Chain
Satyendra Nath ChakravartiOrganic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, forensic chemistry1929 William Henry Perkin (grad student)
Charusita Chakravarty1990 David C. Clary (grad student)
C. Roger ChalkleyBiochemistry1964 Mark C. Whiting (grad student)
Asish Kumar ChandraQuantum chemistry19631964 Charles Alfred Coulson (post-doc)
Yi-Pin ChangChemical Biology, Peptide Chemistry, Combinatorial Chemistry, Biomolecular Recognition Chemistry Oxford Glycobiology Institute20082011 Benjamin G. Davis (post-doc), Terry D. Butters (collaborator)
Gary Gan-Zuei ChangInorganic Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry Chemistry Kylie Vincent (grad student), Edman Tsang (post-doc)
David Leonard ChapmanPhysical chemistry
Frederick D. Chattaway18891891 Augustus George Vernon Harcourt (grad student)
Abhijeet K ChaudhariPorous Materials Department of Engineering Science Jin-Chong Tan (grad student)
Anthony CheethamMaterials19661969 Brian Fender (grad student)
Wan Chen20102012 Radek Erban (post-doc)
Chi-Tien Chen Chemistry Malcolm L.H. Green (grad student)
Anran Cheng Earth Sciences Christopher J. Ballentine (grad student)
Bill ChiCancer Biology
William Y ChiCancer Biology Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine20172021 Adrian L Harris (grad student)
Mark S. ChildTheoretical Chemistry
Jason William Chin Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry John D. Sutherland (research assistant)
Venkaiah ChintalapudiNatural products chemistry20142018 Edward Anderson (post-doc)
Michał Chmielewski Chemistry Department20062007 Paul D. Beer (post-doc)
Rasheduzzaman Chowdhury Christopher J. Schofield (post-doc)
Stuart Matthew Clarke Robert Thomas (grad student)
David C. Clarytheoretical chemistry
Nigel J. ClaydenNMR1981 Robert Joseph Paton Williams (grad student)
Roderick Keener Claytonphotosynthesis19561958 Donald Devereux Woods (post-doc)
Sarah E ClearyOrganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry
George R. Clemosynthesis1925 William Henry Perkin (grad student), Frederick D. Chattaway (research assistant)
Matthew Cliffe20112015 Andrew Goodwin (grad student)
Ian Clifton Christopher J. Schofield (post-doc)
Victor Climent20012002 Richard G. Compton (post-doc)
Geoff ClokeInorganic chemistry Malcolm L.H. Green (grad student), Jennifer C. Green (collaborator)
Arjen Cnossen
Geoffrey Edward Coatesorganometallic chemistry1942 Leslie Ernest Sutton (research assistant)
Samuel Coles Susan Perkin (grad student)
Rosana Collepardo-GuevaraChromatin structure, biomolecular modelling and simulation, coarse-grained models, multi-scale modelling Chemistry David E. Manolopoulos (grad student)
Ornella Cominetti Mathematical Institute2012 Radek Erban (grad student)
Richard G. Compton
Graeme Conn Tom Brown (grad student)
Jonathan NL ConnorKinetic studies Mark S. Child (grad student)
John Conroychemistry1868 Augustus George Vernon Harcourt (grad student)
Edwin C. ConstableSupramolecular Chemistry, Topology, Ruthenium, Terpyridine, Kenneth R. Seddon (grad student)
Stuart J. ConwayChemical biology, organic chemistry
Thorben Cordes20102011 Achillefs Kapanidis (post-doc)
John W. CornforthOrganic chemistry, stereochemistry1941 Robert Robinson (grad student)
Athel Cornish-BowdenEnzyme kinetics, metabolic regulation19651967 Jeremy R. Knowles (grad student)
Wilian A. Cortopassi Chemistry20132017 Robert S. Paton (grad student)
Simon Cotter20102012 Radek Erban (post-doc)
Neville Joseph Alan CoughlanMass spectrometry, laser spectroscopy, ion mobility Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Physical and Theoretical Chemistry20172018 Brianna Heazlewood (post-doc), Timothy P. Softley (post-doc)
Charles Alfred Coulsonmolecular physical chemistry
Peter V. Coveney Chemistry19821985 Mark S. Child (grad student)
Oakley Cox Nuffield Department of Medicine, Target Discovery Institute20122016 Paul E. Brennan (grad student)
Liam R. Cox Chemistry19941997 Steven Victor Ley (grad student)
Robert H. Crabtreeorganometallics, inorganic19661970 Malcolm L.H. Green (research assistant)
Timothy D. CraggsSingle-Molecule FRET
John Creedy James Alan Calvert Brown (grad student)
Alexander J. CresswellOrganic synthesis, catalysis, C-H bond functionalisation Chemistry20092012 Steve G. Davies (grad student)
Ethan Cunningham Stuart R Mackenzie (grad student)
Edmund J. CussenInorganic chemistry1995 Peter D. Battle (grad student)
Stanley DagleyMicrobial biochemistry1946 Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student)
Frederick Sydney Daintonreaction kinetics1937 Harold Warris Thompson (research assistant)
Keith DalzielBiochemistry John "Percy" Richard Percival O'Brien (grad student)
Clement John DanbyPhysical chemistry1939 Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student)
Nike DattaniPotentiology, Feynman integrals, Diatomics, Spectroscopy, Ultra-cold chemistry, open quantum systems, quantum computing20112012 David E. Manolopoulos (grad student)
George DavidsonInorganic chemistry Leonard A. Woodward (grad student)
Norman Davidsonchemistry, ion channels19371939 Leslie Ernest Sutton (research assistant)
Robert E. Daviesmuscle metabolism, Origins of Life Hans Adolf Krebs (research scientist)
Steve G. Daviessynthetic methodology, catalysis, mechanistic investigations, total synthesis and collaborative projects in medicinal chemistry19751977 Gordon Harlow Whitham (grad student), Malcolm L.H. Green (post-doc)
David R. Daviesstructural biology, crystallography, innate immune system1952 Herbert Marcus Powell (grad student)
Trevor j. Davies
Stephen G. Davies
Benjamin G. DavisOrganic Chemistry, Carbohydrates Chemistry19931997 George W. J. Fleet (grad student)
Anthony Peter Davissupramolecular chemistry, organic synthesis Chemistry Chemistry19791981 Gordon Harlow Whitham (grad student), Jack E. Baldwin (post-doc)
Peter Daymixed valence compounds, solid state chemisrty, neutron diffraction Chemisrty19611965 Robert Joseph Paton Williams (grad student)
John Philip Day Luigi M. Venanzi (grad student)
Antoine de GOMBERTOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20172021 Michael C Willis (grad student)
Xabier Martínez de Irujo-Labalde20202023 Michael A. Hayward (post-doc)
Willem J.S. de VilliersBiochemistry, Nutrition1995 Siamon Gordon (grad student)
Alastair Campbell Ross Dean1951 Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student)
Bidyendu Mohan DebTheoretical Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics1969 Charles Alfred Coulson (grad student)
Nabanita Deb2016 Timothy P. Softley (grad student), Brianna Heazlewood (post-doc)
Louis T. J. DelbaereX-ray crystallography1974 C. Keith Prout (post-doc), Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (post-doc)
Frank von Delft
Jie-Ren Kenny Dengorganic chemistry, chemical biology, supramolecular chemistry, materials chemistry Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry20232023 Harry Anderson (grad student), Hagan P. Bayley (post-doc)
Michael L. DeschampsNMR, battery, supercapacitor, materials, energy, glass Biochemistry Iain D. Campbell (post-doc)
David Dew-Hughessuperconductivity
Michael J. S. DewarTheoretical chemistry1945 Frederick E. King (grad student), Robert Robinson (post-doc)
Peter DewsBehavioral pharmacology19461947 Joshua Harold Burn (research assistant)
Alberto Romao DiasOrganometallic Chemistry19661969 Malcolm L.H. Green (grad student)
Peter George Dickenssolid state chemistry Chemistry19541957 John Wilfrid Linnett (grad student)
Jonathan Robin DilworthBiomedical, catalytic and materials applications of coordination chemistry
Aaron R. Dinnertheoretical studies of cellular behavior19992001 W. Graham Richards (post-doc)
Harold Baily Dixon1875 Augustus George Vernon Harcourt (grad student)
Darren J. Dixon Chemistry Chemistry19972000 Steve G. Davies (grad student), Steven Victor Ley (grad student)
Ulrich Dobramysl20132015 Radek Erban (post-doc)
Christopher M. Dobsonstructures and properties of biological molecules1976 Robert Joseph Paton Williams (grad student)
Linda H. DoerrerGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry19961999 Malcolm L.H. Green (post-doc)
Wolfgang Dohle Pharmacology Barry V. L. Potter (research scientist)
Timothy J. Donohoeasymmetric synthesis and the application of stereoselective oxidation and reduction reactions to natural product synthesis19891992 Steve G. Davies (grad student)
Anthony J. DownsInorganic and organometallic chemistry Harry J. Emeléus (grad student)
Declan A. Doyle
Marcus W DroverInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Energy, Sustainability Chemistry Andrew S. Weller (grad student)
Fernanda DuarteComputational Chemistry chemistry Robert S. Paton (post-doc)
Alex Duarte20142016 Philipp Kukura (post-doc)
Katrin Dulitz20102014 Timothy P. Softley (grad student)
Andrew Duncan20132014 Radek Erban (post-doc)
Jack David DunitzX-ray crystallography19511953 Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (post-doc), Leslie E. Orgel (post-doc)
David A Dunmur1965 A. David Buckingham (grad student)
Jairton DupontOrganometallic Chemistry, synthesis and asymmetric catalysis19881990 Steve G. Davies (post-doc)
Christopher B. DurrChemistry Charlotte K. Williams (post-doc)
Raymond Allen DwekGlycobiology1966 Rex Edward Richards (grad student)
John (Jack) T Edwardorganic chemistry, carbohydrates1949 Robert Robinson (grad student)
Alison J Edwardschemical crystallography, neutron diffraction, molecular dynamics in crystals Inorganic Chemistry Chemical Crystallography Laboratory Dyson Perrins Laboratory19911994 Christopher M. Dobson (post-doc), C. Keith Prout (post-doc), Jack E. Baldwin (post-doc)
Rienk EelkemaSelf Assembling Systems Harry Anderson (post-doc)
Russell G. EgdellInorganic Chemistry1983 Tony Orchard (grad student), John B. Goodenough (post-doc)
Christian Eggeling Stefan W. Hell (post-doc)
David Eisenbergprotein interactions1964 Charles Alfred Coulson (grad student)
Jonathan M. Elkins Chemistry19982002 Jack E. Baldwin (grad student)
Tommas J. EllenderNeuromodulation, development, hippocampus, basal ganglia2012 Paul Bolam (post-doc), Colin Akerman (post-doc)
Sean J. ElliottRedox biochemistry20002002 Fraser Armstrong (grad student)
Enrico EmerFluorine chemistry, organocatalysis Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Véronique Gouverneur (post-doc), John M. Brown (post-doc), Angela J. Russell (post-doc), Stephen G. Davies (post-doc)
Paul C. EngelEnzymology1968 Keith Dalziel (grad student)
Christian van Engers Susan Perkin (grad student)
Keary Mark Engleorganic synthesis, organometallics, catalysis20112013 Véronique Gouverneur (grad student), John M. Brown (grad student)
Michel Ephritikhine Malcolm L.H. Green (post-doc)
Radek Erbanpattern formation in development, calcium dynamics in neural tissue, cell-based and continuum descriptions of cell and tissue movement, analysis of complex metabolic and gene-control networks, and mathematical models of tumor angiogenesis
Holger ErdtmanOrganic chemistry19291931 Robert Robinson (grad student)
James C. ErreyBiochemistry, enzymology, membrane protein, GPCR, carbohydrates Chemistry20082008 Benjamin G. Davis (post-doc)
Ismail Esmicrofluidics, drug delivery, gene delivery, lipid nanoparticles, microneedles, biopolymers
Tim K. Essermass spectrometry, cryo-EM, structural biology, physical chemistry Department of Chemistry2019 Stephan Rauschenbach (post-doc)
Jonathan W. Essex W. Graham Richards (grad student)
John S. O. EvansSolid state chemistry1992 Dermot O'Hare (grad student)
Emrys EvansSpectroscopy, Spin Physics, Optoelectronics, Spintronics20122016 Christiane R. Timmel (grad student)
Robert EvansNMR Physical and Theoretical Chemistry20032007 Christiane R. Timmel (grad student)
Thomas Roger EykynPhysical Chemistry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, chemical kinetics, metabolism Chemistry Keith Alan McLauchlan (grad student)
Stephen J. EylesMass spectrometry, protein folding/dynamics Chemistry19901995 Christopher M. Dobson (grad student)
Gregory S. Ezradynamics in chemistry and physics1980 Peter W. Atkins (grad student)
Edward William Fagerecology, chemistry19531955 Charles S. Elton (grad student)
Antony John Fairbankscarbohydrate chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical biology Chemistry19901993 George W. J. Fleet (grad student)
Brian FenderSolid State Chemistry
Michael A. J. Ferguson Raymond Allen Dwek (post-doc)
Robert A. Field19891991 Jack E. Baldwin (post-doc)
Rob FieldCarbohydrate Chemistry19891991 Jack E. Baldwin (post-doc)
Helen H. Fielding PTCL19891992 Timothy P. Softley (grad student)
Louis Frederick FieserOrganic chemistry1925 William Henry Perkin (post-doc)
Giulia FioraniOrganic chemistry, green chemistry, polymer chemistry, catalysis, ionic liquids20162018 Charlotte K. Williams (research assistant)
Inga Fischer-Hjalmarspharmacy, chemistry, theoretical physics1948 Charles Alfred Coulson (research assistant)
Reginald Brettauer Fisher1933 Rudolph Albert Peters (grad student)
George W. J. Fleetcarbohydrate chemistry19681969 Jeremy R. Knowles (post-doc)
Mark Flegg20102013 Radek Erban (post-doc)
Stephen P. Fletcher
Sabine FlitschGlycosciences, Biocatalysis Protein-Ligand Interactions Jack E. Baldwin (grad student)
Howard Walter FloreyPharmacology, Pathology1925 Charles Scott Sherrington (research assistant)
Malcolm Anthony Davis FluendyChemical physics, molecular beams Ronald P. Bell (grad student)
John S. Foord
Lucy Rachel ForrestComputational biology on membrane transporter proteins1999 Mark S.P. Sansom (grad student)
Milan Mrázek FowkesPeptide chemistry, molecular imaging, biochemistry Nuffield Department of Medicine, Target Discovery Institute Nuffield Department of Medicine, Target Discovery Institute Nuffield Department of Medicine20212023 Paul E. Brennan (research assistant), Paul E. Brennan (grad student), Jonathan M. Elkins (post-doc)
Robert O. Foxmolecular biophysics19831984 Christopher M. Dobson (post-doc)
Benjamin Franz Mathematical Institute2014 Radek Erban (grad student)
Ray Freemannuclear magnetic resonance1957 Rex Edward Richards (grad student)
David GadianNMR spectroscopy and Imaging of the brain1975 Rex Edward Richards (grad student)
Philip A. GaleSupramolecular Chemistry19921995 Paul D. Beer (grad student)
Julian D. GaleComputational chemistry Chemical Crystallography19871990 Anthony Cheetham (grad student)
Pamela Garlick19751979 George Karoly Radda (grad student)
Elspeth Garman Physics Kenneth W Allen (grad student)
John A. GatehousePlant-Insect Interactions, and Recombinant Proteins1976 Jeremy R. Knowles (grad student)
Charles GauthierOrganic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, medicinal chemistry Chemistry20102011 Benjamin G. Davis (post-doc)
Przemyslaw GawelOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2015 Harry Anderson (post-doc)
Harry S GeddesMaterials Chemistry Chemistry20152019 Andrew Goodwin (grad student)
Alexander Gentleman20142019 Stuart R Mackenzie (post-doc)
R. Benny Gerbercomputational chemistry1968 Charles Alfred Coulson (grad student)
Peter G. W. GettinsStructural Biology1979 Raymond Allen Dwek (grad student)
Franco A. GianturcoTheoretical Chemical Physics1967 Charles Alfred Coulson (grad student)
Vernon Gibson Malcolm L.H. Green (grad student)
Sue Gibson Chemistry Steve G. Davies (grad student)
Ralf Wolfgang Giernothionic liquids, NMR spectroscopy19992001 John M. Brown (post-doc)
Guzmán Gil-Ramírez Chemistry Research Laboratory20102012 Harry Anderson (post-doc)
Henry Gilmanorganometallic chemistry William Henry Perkin (research assistant)
Peter H. GivenFuel Science Dalziel Ll. Hammick (grad student), Robert Robinson (grad student)
Robert M. Glaeserstructural biology, with a major emphasis on electron microscopy19631964 Charles Alfred Coulson (post-doc)
Clemens Glaubitz1998 Anthony Watts (grad student)
David S. GlueckHomogeneous catalysis, asymmetric catalysis, sustainable energy1992 Malcolm L.H. Green (post-doc)
Jose M. Goicoechea
Pedro T. GomesOrganometallic Chemistry; Homogeneous Catalysys; Catalytic Polymerization; Luminescent Organometallic Compounds19911993 Malcolm L.H. Green (post-doc)
David M. Goodall Department of Chemistry Ronald P. Bell (grad student)
John B. GoodenoughSolid State Physics, Batteries, Fuel Cells, Superconductivity, Magnetism
Margaret Goodgame1958 Muriel Louise Tomlinson (grad student)
J. Justin Gooding1994 Richard G. Compton (grad student)
Theodore G. Goodsonoptical properties and applications of novel organic macromolecular materials1998 John Ryan (post-doc)
Andrew GoodwinMaterials Chemistry
Melethil Sankaran GopinathanQuantum chemistry19731974 Charles Alfred Coulson (post-doc)
Véronique Gouverneurorganofluorine chemistry
Michael Anthony Grace
David J.W. GrantPharmaceutical Chemistry1963 Cyril Norman Hinshelwood (grad student)
Stephen Kevin GrayTheoretical Chemistry, Nanophontonics, Plasmonics19821984 Mark S. Child (post-doc)
Colin Greaves Brian Fender (grad student)
Jennifer C. Greencomputational transition metal chemistry Chemistry19651967 Peter W. Atkins (grad student)
Malcolm L.H. Greenorganometallic chemistry of the transition metals
Rebecca Greenaway Chemical Research Laboratory20092013 Edward Anderson (grad student)
David Greenwood Timothy J. Stone (grad student)
Mary Gregoriou
Clare P. GreyMaterials Chemistry, NMR19861990 Anthony Cheetham (grad student)
Nicole Grobert
Martin C. GrosselOrganic, polymers, photochemistry, Alicyclic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Molecular Electronics
Jan Willem Gunning Economics Economics19781979 James Alexander Mirrlees (grad student), James Alan Calvert Brown (grad student)
Ankur GuptaBioinorganic and Biophysical Chemistry20142015 Hagan P. Bayley (post-doc)
Scott Habershon20052010 David E. Manolopoulos (post-doc)
P. Shiv HalasyamaniMaterials, Non-Linear Optical Materials, Crystal Growth19961998 Dermot O'Hare (post-doc)
Michael John HallChemistry Chemistry Chemistry19992003 Jeremy Robertson (grad student), Harry Anderson (grad student)
Refaat Hamed Christopher J. Schofield (post-doc)
Andrew D. Hamiltonchemical biology
Walter Clark Hamilton19541955 Charles Alfred Coulson (post-doc)
Dalziel Ll. HammickOrganic chemistry
Jeongmin Thomas Han2012 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Gus Hancock
Augustus George Vernon Harcourt18581859 Benjamin Collins Brodie (grad student)
Adam Hardy Christopher J. Schofield (post-doc)
Stewart Harris Timothy J. Stone (grad student)
Geoffrey Wescott HarrisAtmospheric Chemistry Spectroscopy Development; Biosphere-Atmosphere Trace Gas Exchange; Tunable diode laser spectroscopy; Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Chemistry1975 Richard P. Wayne (grad student)
Adrian L HarrisBreast cancer, angiogenesis, hypoxia, metabolism
Karl N. HarrisonChemistry Visualisation and Education
William TA Harrisoncrystallography, microporous solids19841987 Anthony Cheetham (grad student)
Harold Brewer Hartleychemistry1901 John Conroy (grad student)
Katja Hartwich
Catherine Haslam20152019 Stuart J. Conway (grad student)
Marius Myreng Hauglandorganic synthesis Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry20162017 Edward Anderson (grad student), Edward Anderson (post-doc), Tom Brown (collaborator)
Robert Downs Haworth1925 William Henry Perkin (post-doc)
Michael A. Haywardsolid state chemistry Chemistry Matthew J. Rosseinsky (grad student)
Nilay HazariOrganometallic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry2006 Philip Mountford (grad student), Jennifer C. Green (grad student)
Brianna Heazlewood Timothy P. Softley (post-doc)
Luke C HendersonOrganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry Chemistry20082009 Michael C Willis (post-doc)
William Bryson HeuerInorganic chemistry, materials chemistry Malcolm L.H. Green (post-doc)
Jamie HicksMain Group Chemistry Department of Chemistry20162019 Simon Aldridge (post-doc)
Sydney John Hickson1885 Henry Nottidge Moseley (post-doc)
Jonathan M.G. HigginsCell division MRC Immunochemistry Unit Kenneth B.M. Reid (grad student)
William C. E. Higginsonredox chemistry1948 Ronald P. Bell (grad student)
King Kuok (Mimi) HiiCatalysis, Organometallics, Organic Synthesis, Flow Chemistry19941997 John M. Brown (post-doc)
Michael W. HillInformation Science1953 Rex Edward Richards (research assistant)
H. Allen O. Hillbioinorganic chemistry Robert Joseph Paton Williams (grad student)
Lars Hillringhaus Christopher J. Schofield (post-doc)
Jean Himms-Hagen Hugh Blaschko (grad student)
Cyril Norman Hinshelwood1920 Harold Brewer Hartley (research assistant)
Peter B. HirschMetallurgy, structure of coal, transmission electron microscopy
David Michael Hirstphysical and theoretical chemistry1964 John Wilfrid Linnett (grad student)
Ping-Luen Baron Ho Department of Chemistry Department of Materials20182024 Edman Tsang (grad student), Peter D. Nellist (grad student)
Linn W. HobbsMaterials Science Metallurgy1972 Peter B. Hirsch (grad student)
Dorothy Crowfoot HodgkinBiochemistry, structural chemistry19311932 Herbert Marcus Powell (grad student)
Paul Hodgkinson Chemistry Peter J. Hore (grad student)
David M. Hodgsonsynthesis of biologically active molecules
Thomas Höfer19931996 Philip Maini (grad student)
Jason P. Holland20042008 Jennifer C. Green (grad student)
Matthew T O HollandMedicinal chemistry
Sung You Hongorganic chemistry; carbohydrate chemistry; organic compounds with redox properties 20052009 Benjamin G. Davis (grad student)
W. Scott Hopkins20062011 Stuart R Mackenzie (post-doc)
Matthew N. Hopkinson Chemistry20072011 Véronique Gouverneur (grad student)
Peter J. Hore Keith Alan McLauchlan (grad student)
Bernard Hoskins Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (post-doc)
Bo HouElectron microscopy, semiconductor photoelectrochemistry, optoelectronics
David Ian HoultMRS, MRI1974 Rex Edward Richards (grad student)
Brian J. HowardSpectroscopy, Intermolecular forces, Clusters
Mark Howarth
Joseph A. HriljacInorganic Materials Chemistry, Crystallography, Diffraction Chemical Crystallography19871989 Anthony Cheetham (post-doc)
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