California Institute for Biomedical Research

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christopher Ackerman2015 Travis S. Young (research assistant)
Zaid AmsoPeptide Drug Discovery Biology20182020 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
Elizabeth Chao20142015 Weijun Shen (research scientist)
Hui GuoInfectious disease, Drug discovery, High-throughput screening Biology2014 Feng Wang (post-doc)
Anil K. GuptaMedicinal Chemistry and Organic Chemistry20152016 Arnab K. Chatterjee (post-doc)
Eric Hampton2015 Travis S. Young (research scientist)
Puneet KumarOrganic and Medicinal Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry20132014 Peter G. Schultz (post-doc), Arnab K. Chatterjee (post-doc)
Eduardo Laborda2016 Travis S. Young (post-doc)
Sang Jun Lee20122015 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
Sung Chang Lee2016 Travis S. Young (research scientist)
Candy Lee2015 Weijun Shen (research scientist)
Jennifer Ma2016 Travis S. Young (post-doc)
Madhu Mahankali2014 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
Magdalena Mazagova2013 Travis S. Young (post-doc)
Avinash Muppidi20142016 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
Elsa Pflimlin2016 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
sirkku polari20132015 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
Holly Pugh2015 Travis S. Young (research assistant)
Nitya Ramadoss20132015 Travis S. Young (post-doc)
David T. Rodgers2013 Travis S. Young (post-doc)
Andrew Schulman20132015 Travis S. Young (research scientist)
Hyosuk Seophage display20192020 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
Weijun Shendrug discovery, peptide engineering, cell biology, high throughput screening,
Matthew S. TremblayDrug discovery
Sophie Viaud2015 Travis S. Young (post-doc)
Meredith Weglarz2015 Travis S. Young (research scientist)
Travis S. YoungImmuno-oncology
Linlin Zhong2015 Weijun Shen (post-doc)
zhihong Zhou2016 Weijun Shen (research scientist)
huafei Zou20142014 Weijun Shen (post-doc), Weijun Shen (research scientist)