Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Valerie Sheares AshbyPolymer Design & Synthesis, Polymer Composites, Biomaterial Synthesis 19941995 Reimund Stadler (post-doc)
Tobias Baumgartphysical chemistry of amphiphile membranes2001 Wolfgang Knoll (grad student)
Pol BeseniusSupramolecular Chemistry, Polymer and Materials Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Hans-Joachim CantowMacromolecular Chemistry1950 Günter Victor Schulz (grad student)
Yann Garcia Philipp Gütlich (post-doc)
Philipp GütlichInorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Andreas HerrmannOrganic Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2000 Klaus Müllen (grad student)
Leopold Hornerasymmetric catalysis
Dietrich Jerchel
Ludovic JullienChemistry / Biophysics1991 Helmut Ringsdorf (post-doc)
Horst Kunzstereoselective reactions and the synthesis and development of methods in alkaloid, peptide, carbohydrate and glycopeptide chemistry1969 Leopold Horner (grad student)
Nicolai Lehnertbiological role of nitric oxide, homogeneous catalysts for the generation of the sustainable energy carrier hydrogen, porphyrin-based materials for non-linear optics1999 Felix Tuczek (grad student)
Axel H. E. MüllerMacromolecular chemistry1977 Günter Victor Schulz (grad student)
Till OpatzOrganic Chemistry Horst Kunz (grad student)
Helmut Ringsdorfpolymers, supramolecular systems, nanomedicine
Hans-Werner Schmidt Chemistry1984 Helmut Ringsdorf (grad student)
Manfred Schmidt
Klaus Schmidt-RohrPhysical Chemistry of Polymers & Nanocomposites, Analysis of Complex Organic Matter, Solid-state NMR Methods1991 Hans W. Spiess (grad student)
Günter Victor Schulz
Felix TuczekInorganic Chemistry1989 Philipp Gütlich (grad student)
Herbert WaldmannChemical Biology19761985 Horst Kunz (grad student)
Marcus Weckorganic and polymer chemistry, materials science19931994 Helmut Ringsdorf (research assistant)
Hans Weidmann1956 Dietrich Jerchel (grad student)
Rudolf Zentel Chemistry1982 Helmut Ringsdorf (grad student)