The University of Manchester (United Kingdom)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
James Amphlett Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science20132017 Clint A. Sharrad (grad student)
David Philip AugustSupramolecular, Molecular Topology, Coordination Chemistry
Perdita Elizabeth BarranMass Spectrometry, Gas phase ion chemistry, instrument development, biophysics, biotechnology, parkinsons disease detection
William Byers BrownTheoretical chemistry
Luisa Ciano
Giacomo E. M. CrisenzaOrganic Synthesis and Catalysis
Longyang DianOrganic Synthesis20182019 David A. Leigh (post-doc)
Conrad A. P. GoodwinInorganic Chemistry
Gregory P. Horne School of Chemistry Simon Martin Pimblott (grad student)
Loïc LemiègreOrganic Chemistry20042005 Jonathan Clayden (post-doc)
Xuqing LIUFibre Chemistry
Clint A. Sharrad
Shariar Md Abu SohelOrganic chemistry Michael F. Greaney (post-doc)
David C. Watts Klaus D. Jandt (research scientist)
Adam W. Woodward School of Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry20222023 Louise Natrajan (post-doc), Alice M Bowen (post-doc), Nicholas F. Chilton (post-doc)