Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Tomas Hudlickysynthetic organic chemistry
Arthur James van der EstPhotosynthesis; time resolved EPR spectroscopy; electron transfer reactions; light-induced electron spin polarization
Prashanth K. PoddutooriDesign, synthesis, spectroscopy and electrochemistry of porphyrin based Donor-Acceptor systems Arthur James van der Est (post-doc)
Stuart M. RothsteinQuantum and Theoretical Chemistry
Thad A. HarrounGeneral Biophysics, Physical Chemistry
Travis C. DuddingSynthetic Organic Chemistry and Catalysis
Paul M. Zeliskosilicon chemistry and the chemistry of silicones and silicone-modified materials Biological Sciences2010 Michael Bidochka (collaborator)
Caroline Promnitz Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology2017 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Michael Bidochka
Charles Despréssignaling pathways involved in plant immunity
Josie Reed Chemistry Tomas Hudlicky (research scientist)
Ales Machara2009 Tomas Hudlicky (post-doc)
Patricia Tongkoua Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology2016 Paul M. Zelisko (grad student)
Lukas Werner2009 Tomas Hudlicky (post-doc)
Kevin J. Finn Chemistry Tomas Hudlicky (grad student)
Theocharis C. Stamatatos
Amin Nasresfahani Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology2015 Paul M. Zelisko (grad student)
Jason R. DwyerBioanalytical chemistry, materials chemistry, biophysical chemistry19941998 Stuart M. Rothstein (research assistant)
Christopher Ryan WiebeSolid State Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics
Zakiah Mohammedsaleh Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology20112011 Paul M. Zelisko (grad student)
Leslie Nash Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology20122012 Paul M. Zelisko (grad student)
Mark B. Frampton Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology20132016 Paul M. Zelisko (grad student), Paul M. Zelisko (post-doc)
Ela Zasowski Chemistry20142014 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Avril Metcalf-Roach Chemistry20132014 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Caroline Lombardi Chemistry20142014 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Victor Ferrao Chemistry20142014 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Nathan Hann Chemistry20142014 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Jesse Lam Chemistry20152015 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Daniel Izzo Chemistry20152015 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Cassy Carpino Chemistry20152016 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Kevin Lavellée Chemistry20152016 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Rebekah Vince Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology20152016 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Jordan Shorey Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology20162016 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Kassandra Emberson Chemistry20162016 Paul M. Zelisko (research assistant)
Mukund GhavreOrganic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Natural product Synthesis Department of Chemistry20152017 Tomas Hudlicky (post-doc)
Laura Zepeda-Velazquez Chemistry and Centre for Biotechnology20162017 Paul M. Zelisko (post-doc)