National Cancer Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Grégoire Altan-BonnetSystems Immunology
Ettore Appella
Omer ArasRadiology and Nuclear Medicine
Joseph J. BarchiChemical Biology
Pedro J Batista
Federico BernalCancer Chemical Biology
John Albert Beutlernatural products, cancer2004 Stuart F.J. LeGrice (collaborator)
Minou Binatranscriptional control elements in human chromosomes19751977 Maxine F. Singer (post-doc)
Adrian Blackman Laboratory of Drug Discovery Research & Development19941994 John Albert Beutler (research scientist)
Donald P Bottarocancer biology, cancer genetics, cell and molecular biology Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology Urologic Oncology Branch20031999 Stuart A Aaronson (collaborator), W Marston Linehan (collaborator)
Quinton Brail
George Bosworth Brownamino acids, nucleic acids, pharmacology, carcinogens, tumors
Dalen Chan20192022 Pedro J Batista (post-doc)
Namki Cho Molecular Targets Program20142016 John Albert Beutler (post-doc)
Sarah Choyke Urologic Oncology Branch20052006 Gagani Athauda (research assistant), Donald P Bottaro (research assistant), Benedetta Peruzzi (research assistant)
Maira Alves ConstantinoBiophysics
Valeria CulottaCell Biology of Metals1990 Dean H. Hamer (post-doc)
Marcos da Cunha Molecular Targets Laboratory20132014 John Albert Beutler (grad student)
Yamini Dalalgene regulation
Riccardo Dalla-FaveraOncology, Pathology, Biochemistry Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology19781982 Robert Charles Gallo (post-doc)
Sarath Parakumge Dayani
Krishna Devkota Molecular Targets Laboratory20102013 John Albert Beutler (post-doc)
Paul G Donlin-Asp
Renata Dusi Molecular Targets Program20152015 John Albert Beutler (grad student)
Amir Erez Immunology20152018 Grégoire Altan-Bonnet (post-doc)
Fatma Memnune Eruҫar Molecular Targets Program2019 John Albert Beutler (grad student)
Laila Salmen Espindola Molecular Targets Program20142015 John Albert Beutler (research scientist)
Christina M Fitzsimmonschemical biology, epitranscriptomics, metabolism Laboratory of Cell Biology2017 Pedro J Batista (post-doc)
Cecilia Florio
Arun Ganesan2018 Yamini Dalal (post-doc)
Otto A. GansowNuclear magnetic resonance
Harry V. Gelboincytochrome P450 metabolism of carcinogens and drugs
Jeffrey Gildersleeve
Atul Goel19992001 Ettore Appella (post-doc)
Michael M. Gottesmanresistance of cancer cells to anticancer drugs
Jesse Philip GreensteinProduction and Analysis of Optically Pure Amino Acid Stereoisomers
Benjamin Hoffman20062007 Donald P Bottaro (research assistant)
Christine A. Hrycynamultidrug resistance in human cancer19932000 Michael M. Gottesman (post-doc)
Amanda B. Hummontranscriptome and the proteome in cancer cells20052009 Thomas Ried (post-doc)
Deborah R Kaye20092010 Donald P Bottaro (post-doc)
Rinat Khannanov Molecular Targets Laboratory20132013 John Albert Beutler (research scientist)
Young Ho Kim Molecular Targets Laboratory20042006 John Albert Beutler (research scientist)
Ik-Soo Lee Molecular Targets Laboratory20072007 John Albert Beutler (research scientist)
Molly M. Lee
Stuart F.J. LeGrice
Zhitao LiOrganic Chemistry, Molecular Biology Jeffrey Gildersleeve (post-doc)
Brandon M. Liusinglet oxygen, metal-organic frameworks, synthetic organic chemistry, glycochemistry Chemical Biology Laboratory2019 Joseph J. Barchi (research assistant)
Lawrence A. Loebmutations and human cancer19621964 Harry V. Gelboin (research assistant)
Judith Lunger
Siddhardha Maligireddy Laboratory of Cell Biology2021 Pedro J Batista (research assistant)
Mariana Mandler2019 Pedro J Batista (research scientist)
Joseph C. ManimalaSupramolecular Chemistry Jeffrey Gildersleeve (post-doc)
Charles R. Maxwell
Alton Meisterglutathione1947 Jesse Philip Greenstein (research scientist)
H. Tai Nguyen Laboratory of Cell Biology2021 Pedro J Batista (research assistant)
Barry O'Keefe Laboratory of Drug Discovery Research & Development19941996 John Albert Beutler (post-doc)
Oyindasola Omolara Oyelaran Jeffrey Gildersleeve (post-doc)
Alon Oyler-Yaniv Immunology20142017 Grégoire Altan-Bonnet (post-doc)
Esra Eroglu Ozkan Molecular Targets Laboratory20172018 John Albert Beutler (research scientist)
Mary Pitman2015 Yamini Dalal (grad student)
Ranjala Ratnayake Molecular Targets Laboratory20072009 John Albert Beutler (post-doc)
Joseph Reilly Urologic Oncology Branch20092011 Fabiola Cecchi (research assistant)
Thomas Riedgenomic instability and associated gene expression changes during cancer development
Phillip Sanchez Jun O. Liu (grad student)
Allix M. Sanders2015 Joel P. Schneider (post-doc)
Alexandra Schmiechen20172019 Pedro J Batista (research assistant)
Joel P. SchneiderBiomaterial Science
Sarath P. Senadeera Molecular Targets Program2019 John Albert Beutler (post-doc)
Charles Sherr George J. Todaro (post-doc)
Junfeng ShiPeptide chemistry2015 Joel P. Schneider (post-doc)
Haley M Simpson20092010 Donald P Bottaro (research assistant)
Maxine F. SingerRNA synthesis, the role of enzymes in DNA and RNA synthesis and metabolism, genetic recombination in defective viruses, and the structure of the DNA-protein complex called chromatin
MacKinzie Smith
Eric R. SternerHeparin Jeffrey Gildersleeve (post-doc)
Sriram SubramaniamThree-Dimensional Electron Microscopy at Molecular Resolution
Dennis J. ThieleMolecular Biology, Biochemistry19841987 Dean H. Hamer (post-doc)
Mark Tischler Laboratory of Drug Discovery Research & Development19901991 John Albert Beutler (post-doc)
George J. Todaro
Taylor B. UpdegroveRNA; DNA; biophysics
Dongdong Wang Molecular Targets Program2016 John Albert Beutler (post-doc)
Sue WicknerMolecular Chaperones
Li XiaGlycobiology Jeffrey Gildersleeve (post-doc)
Zendra Elizabeth ZehnerMolecular Biology, Biochemistry19791982 Bruce Macdonald Paterson (post-doc)