Rockefeller University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alan Engel David Cowburn (grad student)
William C. AgostaOrganic Chemistry
Edward H. Ahrens, Jr.cholesterol research
C. David Allischromatin signaling via histone modifications - acetylation, methylation and phosphorylation
Bradley A. ArrickBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Oncology1983 Carl F. Nathan (grad student)
Joseph Ashcroft David Cowburn (post-doc)
Oswald T. Averybacteriology and immunology, pneumococcus
Hwa J. BaekMolecular Biology2004 Robert Roeder (grad student)
David BaltimoreVirology, Oncogenes, Immunology, Gene Regulation19611964 Richard Franklin (grad student)
George BaranyChemical Biology; Organic Chemistry1977 R. Bruce Merrifield (grad student)
Max Bergmannamino-acid chemistry
Justin BlauNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry Michael W. Young (post-doc)
Günter BlobelIntracellular Protein Traffic19701972 George E. Palade (post-doc), David D. Sabatini (collaborator)
Sean F. Bradynatural products
Dietmar G. Braun Richard M. Krause (post-doc)
Nicolas E. Buchlerbiophysics, systems biology, evolution20062009 Frederick Cross (post-doc)
J. David CastleCell Biology, Membrane Trafficking, Cholesterol Regulation1974 George E. Palade (grad student)
Brian T. ChaitBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Emmanuelle Marie CharpentierInfection Biology19961997 Elaine Tuomanen (post-doc)
Champak Chatterjee Chemistry20052010 Thomas W. Muir (post-doc)
Jean Anne ChmielewskiChemical Biology1988 Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
Yuh Min ChookNuclear Transport19962001 Günter Blobel (post-doc)
Nam-Hai ChuaMolecular Biology
Philip A. ColePharmacology, Biochemistry
Elena Conti19971999 John Kuriyan (post-doc)
Stephen Cooperregulation of eukaryotic cell growth and division1963 Norton D. Zinder (grad student)
David Cowburn
Lyman C. Craig Walter A. Jacobs (research scientist)
Seth A. Darst
Emmanuel Datanchemical biology, transcription, epigenetics, cancer, structural biology, virology, virus-host interaction Lab of Chromatin Biology20112011 Simon Elsaesser (research assistant)
E. Ron de Kloetbiology of stress19731975 Bruce S. McEwen (post-doc)
Titia de Lange
Richard DiMarchiendocrinology, specifically diabetes19791981 R. Bruce Merrifield (post-doc)
Declan A. Doyle Roderick MacKinnon (post-doc)
Charles Michael DrainBiochemistry, nanotechnology, supramolecular photonics19881991 David C. Mauzerall (post-doc)
Dominic Donald Dziewiatkowskiconnective tissues
Gerald Maurice Edelmanimmune system, philosophy of mind19571960 Henry G. Kunkel (grad student)
Simon Elsaesser Lab of Chromatin Biology2012 C. David Allis (grad student)
Paul T. EnglundBiochemistry and molecular biology of parasitic protozoa1966 Lyman C. Craig (grad student)
Bruce Wayne Ericksonsolid-phase peptide synthesis, protein design and engineering, and genetic sequence comparison1973 R. Bruce Merrifield (post-doc)
Ertan EryilmazNMR, kinases David Cowburn (post-doc)
Frank FennerMicrobiology and virology19491949 René Dubos (post-doc)
Frank H. FieldBiomedical mass spectroscopy
Alan Fischman David Cowburn (grad student)
Maurice S. Fox
Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-Conrat1937 Max Bergmann (post-doc)
Xin-Yuan FuMolecular biology and Signaling mechanisms19881991 James E. Darnell (post-doc)
David Fushman David Cowburn (post-doc)
Isabella GekelNeurotransmission20012001 Paul Greengard (research assistant)
Larry GeraceNuclear Pore, Nuclear Lamina Günter Blobel (grad student)
M. Reza GhadiriOrganic, Bioorganic, and Materials Chemistry1989 Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
Ranajeet GhoseNMR, kinases19992002 David Cowburn (post-doc)
Izabela Giriat StankiewiczBiochemistry2003 Tom Muir (grad student)
John Glushka David Cowburn (post-doc)
Jack GoldsteinNucleic Acid Biochemistry
Paul Greengardneurological and psychiatric disorders, neuro- and psychoactive drugs
John Delafield GregoryConnective Tissue Biochemistry. Isolation of proteoglycans from cartilage; their physical and organic chemistry; cartilage structure.1949 Lyman C. Craig (post-doc)
Samson Richard Gross
Guido GuidottiStructure and Function of Membrane Proteins1962 Lyman C. Craig (grad student)
Vincent HascallBiochemistry, Molecular Biology1969 Dominic Donald Dziewiatkowski (grad student), John Delafield Gregory (grad student)
Nicholas T. HertzChemical Biology, Neuroscience2013 Marc Tessier-Lavigne (post-doc)
Donald M. Hilvertchemical biology Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
Manju M. HingoraniGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry Michael E. O'Donnell (post-doc)
Richard K. Hite Roderick MacKinnon (post-doc)
Robert Stanley HodgesProtein Folding and Stability19711974 R. Bruce Merrifield (post-doc)
Alan Lloyd HodgkinBiophysics19371938 Herbert S. Gasser (post-doc)
André HoelzNuclear pore complexes20072009 John Kuriyan (grad student), Thomas P. Sakmar (post-doc), Günter Blobel (research scientist)
Alexander Hoffmannsignaling, transcription, computational network; stress and immune responses, apoptosis, proliferation Robert Roeder (grad student)
Klaus Hofmann19381939 Max Bergmann (post-doc)
Mande HolfordBiochemistry2003 Tom Muir (grad student)
Rollin Hotchkiss Oswald T. Avery (post-doc)
Linda C. Hsieh-Wilsonmolecular basis of fundamental brain processes2000 Paul Greengard (post-doc)
Morgan A. HuseStructural Biology of Cellular Signal Transduction and DNA Replication2001 John Kuriyan (grad student)
David JeruzalmiDNA replication, DNA repair, structural biology, x-ray crystallography2002 John Kuriyan (post-doc)
Xin Jinneuroscience2010 Cori Bargmann (grad student)
Aaron Johnson Michael O’Donnell (grad student)
Emil Thomas KaiserBioorganic Chemistry
Jeffery W. KellyChemical Biology, protein folding1989 Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
Stephen B. H. Kenttotal synthesis of proteins to apply advanced physical methods to understand the chemical basis of protein function19751978 R. Bruce Merrifield (post-doc)
Jack F. Kirsch Cell Biology1961 George E. Palade (grad student)
Roy Kishonysystem-level architecture of genetic networks2003 Stanislas Leibler (post-doc)
Michael W. Klymkowskymembrane-bound bacteriophage, electric fish & synaptic receptors, intermediate filaments, adhesion, gene regulation, germ layer specification and interactions Lee Rubin (post-doc)
Maria Magda Konarska
Xiang-Peng KongBiochemistry, Molecular Biology John Kuriyan (post-doc)
Teresa Kubiak David Cowburn (post-doc)
Henry G. KunkelImmunology
Robert A. Lambvirology Purnell W. Choppin (post-doc)
Alan M. Lambowitzintron splicing1975 David J. L. Luck (post-doc)
Peter T. Lansbury, Jr. Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
David S. LawrenceChemical Biology19821985 Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
Joshua Lederbergbacterial genetics
Seok-Yong LeeBiophysical Chemistry: Proteins, Nucleic Acids, NMR Spectroscopy Roderick MacKinnon (post-doc)
Stanislas Leiblercollective behavior of biomolecules, cells and organisms
Peter W Lewis2013 C. David Allis (post-doc)
Tomas Robert LindahlDNA Repair, Genomic Stability, Mutagenesis, Gerald Maurice Edelman (post-doc)
Jonathan S. Lindseysynthetic chemistry and photochemistry1983 David C. Mauzerall (grad student)
Fritz Albert LipmannBiochemistry19311931 Phoebus Aaron Theodor Levene (post-doc)
Yan Liu20002001 David C. Mauzerall (post-doc)
David Harris Live David Cowburn (post-doc)
Harvey F. LodishCell biology, hematology, endocrinology19621966 Norton D. Zinder (grad student)
Ken LohMolecular genetics and physiology
Lewis G. Longsworthmobilities of ions and molecules in liquid media, analysis of mixtures of proteins by electrophoresis
David J. L. Luckmitochondrial DNA1962 George E. Palade (grad student)
Gholson James Lyonbiochemistry, genetics, amino-terminal acetylation, Ogden Syndrome19992003 Thomas W. Muir (grad student), Richard Novick (grad student)
Roderick MacKinnonIon channels
Colin MacLeod Oswald T. Avery (research scientist)
Garland R. MarshallBiochemistry, Biophysics, Medicinal Chemistry19621966 R. Bruce Merrifield (grad student)
Albert Matlin
Michael Noah MautnerAstrochemical and prebiotic ion chemistry1975 Frank H. Field (grad student)
David C. MauzerallPhotobiology
R. Bruce MerrifieldBiochemistry
Shahriar Mobasherybioorganic chemistry, organic synthesis, protein chemistry, enzymology and computational sciences19861988 Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
Peter Model
Stanford MooreBiochemistry, analytical biochemistry1939 Max Bergmann (post-doc)
Tom MuirBiochemistry
Thomas W. Muirphysiochemical basis of protein function
Yasutomi Nishizukaprotein kinase C1962 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Paul Nursecell cycle and cell morphogenesis controls operative in eukaryotic cells
Michael E. O'DonnellDNA Replication
Jennifer J. Ottesenpeptide and protein chemistry2005 Thomas W. Muir (post-doc)
Michael OverduinBiochemistry, Molecular Biology David Cowburn (grad student)
George E. PaladeEM studies of ntracellular organization
Alejandro PaladiniBiochemistry Lyman C. Craig (post-doc)
David PellmanCell Cycle1986 Hidesaburo Hanafusa (grad student)
Jean-Philippe V. Pellois20022006 Thomas W. Muir (post-doc)
Alexander R. PicoIon channels, structural biology, network biology, bioinformatics, pathways19982003 John Kuriyan (research assistant), Roderick MacKinnon (grad student)
Matthew R. PrattChemical Biology20042009 Thomas W. Muir (post-doc)
Murray RabinowitzBiochemistry, physiology1958 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Boojala V. B. ReddyBiochemistry, Bioinformatics Biology
Edward ReichPolynucleotide chemistry1962 Edward Tatum (post-doc)
Jose Luis ReyesPlant Molecular Biology, microRNAs, RNA Biology20022004 Maria Magda Konarska (grad student), Nam-Hai Chua (post-doc)
Robert RoederMolecular Biology
David W. RussellGene editing, stem cell therapy Norton D. Zinder (grad student)
Alexander J. Ruthenburgchromatin, biochemistry, chemical biology, structure20062010 C. David Allis (post-doc)
Thomas P. Sakmar
Zoltan Sarnyaistress and mental health, psychopharmacology19951999 Bruce S. McEwen (research scientist)
Leonard A. Sauer1966 Philip Siekevitz (grad student)
Thomas Schleichmagnetic resonance based techniques for the detection and management of human disease1966 Jack Goldstein (grad student)
Thomas U. Schwartzcellular transport processes20002004 Günter Blobel (post-doc)
Andrew Schwendeman Biology K. V. Lakshmi (research assistant)
Neel H. Shah Thomas W. Muir (grad student)
Aaron ShatkinMolecular Biology Edward Tatum (grad student)
Alexander ShekhtmanBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry David Cowburn (grad student)
John C. ShermanMolecular encapsulation, self-assembling structures, de novo design of proteins organized by organic macrocycles19881989 Emil Thomas Kaiser (post-doc)
Frank Sicheriprotein kinase regulation19951997 John Kuriyan (post-doc)
Philip SiekevitzMolecular biology of PSDs19541974 George E. Palade (collaborator), George E. Palade (research scientist)
Kai Simons19651967 Alexander Gordon Bearn (post-doc)
Carolyn W. SlaymanGenetics of Ion Transport1963 Edward Tatum (grad student)
Emil L. SmithBiochemistry19401942 Max Bergmann (research scientist)
Amos B. Smith, IIINatural product synthesis1972 William C. Agosta (grad student)
Leonard B. SpectorBio-organic chemistry, enzymology
Mark Arnold Stahmannplant disease resistance, polypeptides, polyamino acids, and proteins, mustard gases, and insecticides19411944 Max Bergmann (post-doc)
George R. Starksignal transducers and activators of transcription1963 Stanford Moore (post-doc), William H. Stein (post-doc)
William H. SteinBiochemistry, analytical biochemistry
Scott M. Sternson Jeffrey M. Friedman (post-doc)
Ji Sun2014 Roderick MacKinnon (post-doc)
Igor Tammvirology
Jason C. Tanny C. David Allis (post-doc)
He TianGPCR, photoreceptor, signal transduction
Thomas TuschlRNAi
Francis ValiyaveetilIon conduction and gating in K+ channels20002005 Thomas W. Muir (post-doc)
Christopher T. WalshEnzymes19651970 Leonard B. Spector (grad student)
Robert E. WebsterMolecular biology
Jazz L. Weisman2017 Gaby Maimon (grad student)
Zena Werbrole of the cellular microenvironment and intercellular communication in breast development and cancer1971 Zanvil A. Cohn (grad student)
Benjamin White Almroth Wright (grad student)
Jerry Lee WorkmanMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Robert Roeder (post-doc)
Elsa C. Y. Yanprotein folding at membrane surfaces and signal transduction across biomembranes through G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)20002004 Thomas P. Sakmar (post-doc)
David Chih Hsin YangBiochemistry19731975 Gerald Maurice Edelman (post-doc)
Ee-Lynn Yap20122014 Paul Greengard (research assistant)
Hans Georg ZachautRNA structure and interactions, protein biosynthesis, Repetitive DNA, Chromatin, Immunoglobulin genes19571958 Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Paul C. ZamecnikProtein biosynthesis and anti-sense DNA19411942 Max Bergmann (post-doc)
Michelle T. ZedlitzBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2003 Tom Muir (grad student)
Jie Zheng David Cowburn (research scientist)
Ming Zhoumembrane transport proteins, membrane embedded enzymes19992004 Roderick MacKinnon (post-doc)
Robert M. Ziffsimulation and study of flow of fluid through porous rock, gelation, the spread of epidemics, and chemical reactions1976 George Eugene Uhlenbeck (grad student)
Norton D. Zindermolecular biology