University of Georgia, Athens

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mathew AbrahamVirology, In vivo Imaging, infectious diseases, veterinary medicine Infectious Diseases20132018 Robert B. Beckstead (grad student), Biao He (grad student)
Jeffrey N. AgarAnalytical Chemistry, General Biophysics, Biochemistry Chemistry2000 Michael K. Johnson (grad student)
Isaac AgyekumMass Spectrometry of Glycosaminoglycans Chemistry20112017 I Jonathan Amster (grad student)
Peter AlbersheimPlant and Microbial Complex Carbohydrates
Norman L. Allingercomputational chemistry, molecular mechanics
I Jonathan Amstermass spectrometry
Robert D. ArnoldDrug Delivery, Nanomedicine, Liposomes, Pharmaceutics, PK/PD, Cancer Therapeutics Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences2005 Brian S. Cummings (collaborator)
Molly B. AtkinsonChemistry Education Research Department of Chemistry20122018 Norbert J. Pienta (grad student)
Lydia Babcock-AdamsChemical Oceanography, Organic Geochemistry, Marine Organic Ligands Marine Sciences20132016 Patricia M. Medeiros (grad student)
Paul Lee BabitzkeBiochemistry1991 Sidney R. Kushner (grad student)
Joseph Warren BeachPharmaceutical Chemistry
Nathaniel R. Beattie Zachary A. Wood (grad student)
Carolyn D. BerdanierNutrition, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Hakan BermekBiochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Wood Technology Agriculture2000 Karl-Erik L. Eriksson (grad student)
Geert-Jan BoonsCarbohydrate Chemistry
Andrea Bootsma Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry20152019 Steven E. Wheeler (grad student)
J. Phillip Bowen Chemistry19841986 Norman L. Allinger (post-doc)
Joel P. BowenPhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Larry D Bowers Chemistry19721975 Peter W. Carr (grad student)
George E. Boyd
Ellen Broering Department of Chemistry20122017 Todd C. Harrop (grad student)
Shawn T. BrownComputational Chemistry2001 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
John Allen Carpenter1964 Robert Lewis Saffle (grad student)
Mary E. Case Norman Henry Giles (grad student)
Harry CharbonneauBiochemistry1981 Milton Joseph Cormier (grad student)
Weixin ChengBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Ecology Biology1989 David C. Coleman (grad student)
Geoffrey Coleman
Milton Joseph CormierBioluminescence
Thomas Daniel CrawfordTheoretical chemistry19921996 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Gregory S. Custer Zachary A. Wood (research assistant)
Neil D. DanielsonOrganic Chemistry1978 Lockhart Burgess Rogers (grad student)
Alan G. DarvillBiochemistry
Shanta DharNanomedicine, Bio-inorganic materials
Gregory L. Dilworth Harry D. Peck (post-doc)
Ivana DjelineoBiochemistry2001 Alan G. Darvill (grad student)
Richard A. DluhyPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Michael A. DuncanMolecular Spectroscopy
Leon Sebring Dure IIIplant molecular biology
Douglas L. ElmorePhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2001 Richard A. Dluhy (grad student)
Joseph P. Emerson Chemistry19992003 Donald M. Kurtz (grad student)
Adviye ErgulVascular Biology
Karl-Erik L. ErikssonBiochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Wood Technology Agriculture
Francesco Evangelistamultireference coupled cluster theory2009 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Donald L. Evansmolecular immunology, signal transduction, and mechanisms of cellular innate immunity
Helen E. EvertsNutrition, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2000 Carolyn D. Berdanier (grad student)
Vivian Ezeh Department of Chemistry20082013 Todd C. Harrop (grad student)
Keith M. FaucherAnalytical Chemistry, General Biophysics2000 Richard A. Dluhy (grad student)
Eric M. Ferreira
John Charles FetzerAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry19771980 Lockhart Burgess Rogers (grad student)
Christian Freeman Chemistry20182019 Shainaz Landge (research assistant)
Evelyn E. GaiserGeneral Biology, Ecology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Hydrology1997 Barbara E. Taylor (grad student)
M Carmen GalanOligosaccharides synthesis, glycobiology Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Geert-Jan Boons (grad student)
John Morrison GalbraithComputational Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry Chemistry19931997 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Eric Gale Department of Chemistry20082012 Todd C. Harrop (grad student)
Raymond N. GallaherAgronomy Agriculture, Statistics Agronomy1973 Henry Frank Perkins (grad student)
Jitendra J. Gangwal20112011 Shanta Dhar (post-doc)
Paige A. GayEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering
Russell W. Goetze Zachary A. Wood (research assistant)
Phillip G. Gross
Jodi A. Hadden Complex Carbohydrate Research Center20072014 Robert J. Woods (grad student)
Ionel Haiduc19711972 R. Bruce King (post-doc)
Dorothy Hammond
Laura Hanold Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Eileen J. Kennedy (grad student)
Drew Harding Chemistry20152019 Steven E. Wheeler (grad student)
Biao HeVirology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
David M. Herculesinstrumental analytical techniques
Eugene LeRoy HericPhysical chemistry
Richard Keith HillOrganic Chemistry
James F. Hintonmetal cation NMR spectroscopy1964 Francis J. Johnston (grad student)
Christopher F. HoehamerInorganic Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2000 Karl E. L. Eriksson (grad student)
David S. Hollmanquantum chemistry, computational chemistry, computational science Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Shelley B. Hooks
Peter Sandor HoranyiStructural Biology and Biophysics of Membrane Proteins Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19992005 Bi-Cheng Wang (grad student)
Jillian H. Hurstcell signaling, biochemistry, molecular pharmacology2009 Shelley B. Hooks (grad student)
Heather Jaegertheoretical chemistry2010 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Joseph Jwu-shan JenFood Science
Michael K. JohnsonInorganic Chemistry, Biological Chemistry
Francis J. JohnstonIsotope exchange kinetics
Balawant Shankar JoshiOrganic chemistry, natural products chemistry
Renuka Kadirvelraj Zachary A. Wood (research scientist)
Pramesh N. KapoorOrganic chemistry19681971 R. Bruce King (post-doc)
Yan-Ting KeOrganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry2019 Eric M. Ferreira (grad student)
Eileen J. Kennedyconstrained peptides, kinases, kinase signaling, protein-protein interactions
Nicholas D. Keul Zachary A. Wood (grad student)
R. Bruce Kingorganometallic chemistry, computational chemistry, and mathematical chemistry
Daniel Allen KingMass Spectrometry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19982002 Ron Orlando (grad student)
John A. KoropchakAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry19771980 Geoffrey Coleman (grad student)
Sidney R. Kushnerpost-transcriptional control of gene expression
Kristopher M Kusnerik Geology Steven Holland (grad student)
Karl E. L. ErikssonInorganic Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences
Tyre Calvin LanierFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry1977 John Allen Carpenter (grad student)
John H. Lawinsect biochemistry, protein structure and function, lipid metabolism, animal pigmentation, pathogenic fungal infections, orchid biology, and metal ion metabolism
Dowon Lee Eugene P. Odum (post-doc)
Chad L. LeveretteAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, General Biophysics2000 Richard A. Dluhy (grad student)
Donald Edward LinnInorganic1983 R. Bruce King (grad student)
David Harris Live
Lars G. Ljungdahl
Richard L. Lord Chemistry20042004 Henry F. Schaefer, III (research assistant)
Heather L. LumppioMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry2000 Anne O. Summers (grad student)
Dominik LungerichSynthetic Organic Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Nanoscience20102011 Paul von Ragué Schleyer (grad student)
D. Brandon Magerscomputational chemistry20092014 Wesley David Allen (grad student)
Sharath Chandra Mallojjala Chemistry20152019 Steven E. Wheeler (grad student)
Sean Marrache20102014 Shanta Dhar (grad student)
Christopher R. McCurdyOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry1998 Joseph Warren Beach (grad student)
Michael K. McIntoshNutrition, Biochemistry, Pathology1987 Carolyn D. Berdanier (grad student)
William C. Merrickeukaryotic translation initiation factors, initiation pathway1971 Leon Sebring Dure III (grad student)
Stephen R. Miller CCQC20152018 Steven E. Wheeler (grad student)
Kelley W. MoremenBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
James Culvin MorrisMolecular and biochemical parasitology Cellular Biology Kojo Mensa-Wilmot (grad student)
Vasu Nair
Alison S. NairnBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2001 Kelley W. Moremen (grad student)
Eugene P. Odum
Ron Olando
Ron Orlando
Rakesh K. PathakNanomedicine, Bio-inorganic chemistry, Drug delivery, Cisplatin based prodrugs20122015 Shanta Dhar (post-doc)
Ashis K. PatraBioinorganic chemistry, inorganic chemical biology Department of Chemistry20082011 Todd C. Harrop (post-doc)
Harry D. PeckBiochemistry od anaerobic bacteria, sulfate reducting and methanogenic bacteria
William B. Peeples Zachary A. Wood (research assistant)
S. William PelletierNatural Products Chemistry
Norbert J. PientaPhysical Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Sciences Education
Samuel J. Polizzi Zachary A. Wood (grad student)
James H. PrestegardApplying nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the study of biologically important macromolecular assemblies
James Clarence Price
John David Puett
Stephen W. RagsdaleBiochemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry Biochemistry19791983 Lars G. Ljungdahl (grad student)
James R. Y. Rawson
Jonathan C. Rienstra-KiracofeComputational Chemistry2000 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Lockhart Burgess Rogersanalytical chemistry
Debjani RoyOrganic and General Chemistry Center for Computational Chemistry20032009 Paul von Ragué Schleyer (grad student)
Robert Lewis Saffle
Brian Sanders Department of Chemistry20102015 Todd C. Harrop (grad student)
Brandon SatinskyMarine Microbial Ecology
Henry F. Schaefer, IIIComputational Chemistry Paul von Ragué Schleyer (collaborator)
Walter K. SchmidtYeast protease
Nicholas C. Sennett Zachary A. Wood (grad student)
C. David Sherrillquantum chemistry19921996 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Robert L. ShewfeltFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry
Atul Janardan ShuklaPharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry1985 James Clarence Price (grad student)
Bryan L. SkeltonPharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Joseph Warren Beach (grad student)
Alexander Yu. Sokolov Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry20092014 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Bryan Soto Chemistry Steven E. Wheeler (grad student), Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Vasundara Srinivasan2000 Bi-Cheng Wang (grad student)
Ramsey Steiner Department of Chemistry20122018 Todd C. Harrop (grad student)
Anne O. SummersMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Kawaljit S. TandonFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry2000 Robert L. Shewfelt (grad student)
Pamela S. Thompson
Phan Truong Department of Chemistry20112018 Todd C. Harrop (grad student)
Gregory S. Tschumperphysical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, hydrogen bonding, van der Waals forces1999 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Brett M. TylerMolecular Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Biochemistry Molecular and Population Genetics19821984 Norman Henry Giles (post-doc)
Herman van Halbeek
Jonathon Vandezandecomputational chemistry, polymer chemistry Chemistry20132017 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Michael W. W.
Virginia WalbotBotany Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics19721975 Leon Sebring Dure III (post-doc)
Nick R. Walkerrotational spectroscopy2003 Michael A. Duncan (post-doc)
Richard M. WalshCryo-EM Zachary A. Wood (research assistant)
Melody Walter Department of Chemistry20112016 Todd C. Harrop (grad student)
Yuxiao Wang Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Eileen J. Kennedy (grad student)
Bi-Cheng WangStructural Biology (X-ray Crystallography)
Liangjiang WangBioinformatics Biology19941999 Susan R Wessler (grad student)
Steven S. WesolowskiComputational Chemistry2000 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Steven E. Wheelercomputational organic chemistry
Myron N. Williamsmicrobiology, biochemistry, plant biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19911996 Peter Albersheim (post-doc)
Joy J. WinzerlingBiochemistry, Entomology Biology John H. Law (grad student)
Zachary A. WoodStructural Enzymology
Henry Lee Woodcock IIIComputational Chemistry2003 Henry F. Schaefer, III (grad student)
Robert J. Woods
Judy I. WuComputational quantum chemistry2011 Paul von Ragué Schleyer (grad student)
Kwan-Nan Yeh1970 Eugene LeRoy Heric (grad student)
Emin YilmazFood Science and Technology Agriculture2000 Robert L. Shewfelt (grad student)
Yanghui ZhangOrganometallic reactions, carbohydrate chemistry20022007 Geert-Jan Boons (grad student)