Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mustafa Adamu Schoole of Science2021 Fei Jiao (grad student)
Yuanrong Bao Schoole of Science2021 Fei Jiao (grad student)
Zhijian Chen
Sai Chen
Zheyuan DingQuantum Dots, Graphene, in-situ XAFS, Single Atom Catalysis, Methane Catalytic Activation
Shuaishuai DingOrganic spintronics
Anjie Dong
Yunfei DuHypervalent Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry20042007 Kang Zhao (grad student)
Xuexin Duan
Na Fan Schoole of Science2022 Fei Jiao (grad student)
Akhmat FauziHydrogen fuel cell, electrocatalyst, CO2RR, polymer, nanomaterial School of Chemical Engineering and Technology20212025 Sheng Zhang (research scientist)
Donglong Fuzeolites, heterogeneous catalysis, advanced characterization, thin-films
Yixuan Gao
Wenyuan Gong Schoole of Science2022 Fei Jiao (grad student)
Jinlong Gong
Shutao Guo20062010 Anjie Dong (grad student)
Lili HouChemistry20142018 Paolo Samorì (post-doc)
Jianhui HuangMolecular design, medicinal chemistry Jay S. Siegel (collaborator)
Fei Jiaoorganic thermoelectrics, supercapacitors, field-effect transistors School of Science2018 Wenping Hu (research scientist)
Rongjin LiOrganic electronics
Ang LiChemical engineering and techenology, Chemistry, Catalysis, Materials
Bo LiChemical Theories and Computations, Computational Catalysis, Enzymes, Organic Materials, Data-Driven Chemistry
Yang Liu School of Science20202023 Fei Jiao (grad student)
Fanli Lu Shaowei Chen (research scientist)
Xiaonan MaUltrafast spectroscopy, energy and charge in semiconductors
Mark Anthony OlsonSupramolecular chemistry, Soft Matter, Pharmaceutical Material Science
Lixia Ren
Rong Shen
Jay S. SiegelStereochemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Molecular Design and Synthesis
Andrew C.-H. SueSupramolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
Peizhe SunEnvironmental Science
Cherie Shuo TanProtein channel; single-molecule; DNA
Weiwei TangPathological crystallization, polymorph, nucleation and growth
Khadim Ullah School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology2016 Rajavel Srinivasan (grad student)
Shuai WangZeolite Synthesis, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Single Atom Materials Jinlong Gong (research scientist)
Shuai Wang20102013 Sébastien Vidal (grad student)
Zhi Wang
wei wuStretchable carbon current collector
Qiao YanBio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry,Bio-molecular Chemistry and Chemical Biology School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology20092012 Kang Zhao (grad student)
Sheng Zhangheterogenous catalysis, electrochemical energy, 2D materials
Zhicheng ZhangFunctional nanomaterials; Metal-based catalysts; Nanocatalysis; Electrocatalysis School of Materials Science and Engineering20142019 Hua Zhang (post-doc)
Nan ZhangOrganic Chemistry Pharmaceutical Science20102012 Kang Zhao (research assistant)
Xiaodong Zhang
Boran Zhaopolymer science, porous media, transport in porous media, surface science Chemical Engineering20102013 Zhi Wang (grad student)
Kang ZhaoOrganic Synthetic Methods
meiting ZhaoMOF; COF; nanomateris20142019 Zhiyong Tang (grad student), Hua Zhang (post-doc)
Kai-Ge Zhou20072012 Hao-Li Zhang (grad student)