Stanford University School of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Julius Adlermechanism of bacterial chemotaxis Biochemistry19591960 A. Dale Kaiser (post-doc)
David C. Amberg Department of Genetics19931996 David Botstein (post-doc)
James D. Bangsmolecular parasitology, African trypanosomes, protein trafficking Microbiology and Immunology19881993 John C. Boothroyd (post-doc)
Benjamin N BellBiochemistry, Protein Engineering, Immunology Molecular and Cellular Physiology20152021 Peter S. Kim (grad student)
Pamela J. Björkmancell surface recognition1989 Mark M. Davis (post-doc)
Paul E. BoehmerBiochemistry, Molecular Biology Biochemistry19901994 I. Robert Lehman (post-doc)
Michael J BoucherParasitology, Microbiology Biochemistry2013 Ellen Yeh (grad student)
Charles Brennermetabolism19881993 Robert S. Fuller (grad student)
David K. BreslowProteomics, Protein Folding, and Prion-Based Inheritance in Disease and Normal Biology Molecular and Cellular Physiology20112016 Maxence V Nachury (post-doc)
Tom Broker1972 I. Robert Lehman (grad student)
Peter W. CarrCeramic supports for HPLC; materials chemistry in large scale biological chromatography, ultra stable stationary phases for environmental analysis19681969 David M. Glick (post-doc)
Shiyu Chen Department of Pathology Matthew Bogyo (post-doc)
Steve Chervitz Genetics19961998 David Botstein (post-doc)
Gilbert ChuDNA repair19841986 Paul Berg (post-doc)
Stanley N. Cohenantibiotic resistance
Ryan Corces Pathology20182020 Ravindra Majeti (grad student), Thomas J. Montine (post-doc)
Michael Matthew Coxgenetic recombination and DNA repair19791982 I. Robert Lehman (post-doc)
Mark M. DavisImmunology, Molecular Biology
Peter A. EdwardsMolecular Biology, Biochemistry1975 Robert Gordon Gould (post-doc)
Paul T. EnglundBiochemistry and molecular biology of parasitic protozoa19661968 Arthur Kornberg (post-doc)
Anna I. Erickson-Scott
Yu-Hsien Hwang Fu2019 Peter S. Kim (post-doc)
Meital Gabay Oncology20132017 Dean W. Felsher (post-doc)
Alex R Gogliettino
Robert Gordon Gould
Gary M. Gray
Zach W. Hall I. Robert Lehman (post-doc)
Pehr HarburyMolecular Biology, Biostatistics Biology, Biochemistry1994 Peter S. Kim (grad student)
H. Courtney HodgesChromatin and systems biology; BAF (SWI/SNF) and PBAF complexes Pathology Gerald Crabtree (post-doc)
John JanetzkoGPCRs, biochemistry, biophysics, GRK, post-translational modifications, mass spectrometry Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology2017 Brian K. Kobilka (post-doc)
Oleg Jardetzkyhigh resolution nmr of structure, dynamics and function of proteins
Wei KanPharmacology, Biochemistry Structural Biology2014 William Weis (post-doc)
Keith Fenton KillamPharmacology
Peter S. Kimprotein folding, structure of viral envelope proteins
Michael R. KoelleG protein signaling, C. elegans, serotonin1992 David S. Hogness (grad student)
Roger D. KornbergTranscription, Gene Regulation, Structural Biology Paul Berg (research assistant)
Miri Krupkin Structural Biology2019 Elisabetta V. Puglisi (post-doc)
I. Robert LehmanDNA replication
Stuart M. Linnbiology, enzymology of DNA metabolism, DNA repair and replication in mammalian cells, mechanisms of DNA damage by reactive oxygen species, structure of iron: DNA complexes, DNA damage and repair, DNA polymerases Biochemistry1966 I. Robert Lehman (grad student)
Uriel Z. LittauerPrognostic Markers for Neuroblastoma Tumors Paul Berg (post-doc)
Xin LiuEnzymology, chemical biology, ribozyme, RNA Genetics2016 Jin Billy Li (post-doc)
Tao LiuMetabolic Medicine; Neuroscience20112012 Thomas C. Sudhof (post-doc)
Charles F. LouisBiochemistry19681970 Eric M. Shooter (post-doc)
Kathleen S. MatthewsStructure and function of genetic regulatory proteins19701972 Oleg Jardetzky (post-doc)
Sankar MitraBiochemistry1966 Arthur Kornberg (post-doc)
Paul L. ModrichDNA Mismatch Repair1973 I. Robert Lehman (grad student)
Karl H. Muenchcancer genetics19611965 Paul Berg (post-doc)
Michael E. O'DonnellDNA Replication1986 I. Robert Lehman (post-doc)
Baldomero M. Oliveracharacterization of venom components in venomous marine snails, in particular, those belonging to the genus Conus, and the identification of their molecular targets, and exploration of potential biomedical applications19661968 I. Robert Lehman (post-doc)
Anthony E. OroOncology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry1998 Matthew P. Scott (post-doc)
Sankha Pattanayak Chemical and Systems Biology James K. Chen (post-doc)
Samantha PiekosStem Cell Biology, Biomedical Informatics, Genomics, Developmental Biology
Frederic Poitevinstructural biology, statistical mechanics
Elisabetta V. Puglisi
Joseph Puglisithe role of RNA in cellular processes and disease
Rajat RohatgiBiochemical Mechanisms of Hedgehog (Hh) Signaling20052008 Matthew P. Scott (post-doc)
Gerald M. Rubinstructure, function of fly genome David S. Hogness (post-doc)
Saumya SaurabhChemical Biology, Super-resolution microscopy, Fluorescent tags, Bacterial Systems Biology Developmental Biology2017 Lucy Shapiro (post-doc)
Matthew P. ScottGenetic Regulation in Development and Disease
Lisa Selzer Genetics2015 Karla Kirkegaard (post-doc)
Peter SetlowBacillus spores19681971 Arthur Kornberg (post-doc)
Fotini StylianopoulouEarly experiences19721976 R. B. Clayton (grad student)
Jeremy ThornerTransmembrane and intracellular signal transduction pathways in yeast Biochemistry19721974 I. Robert Lehman (post-doc)
Jorge Torresformation of the mitotic microtubule spindle during cell division2009 Peter Kent Jackson (post-doc)
Ping-Chuan (Christina) TsaiEnzymology, Protein engineering, Microbiome Bioengineering20102012 Jennifer Rachel Cochran (post-doc)
Alan M. Weinerthe origin of life Biochemistry19731974 Arthur Kornberg (post-doc)
William Weis
James A. Wellsmolecular recognition1982 George R. Stark (post-doc)
Albert Y. Wucontrol of signal transduction by cyclic nucleotide second messengers in the cell Ophthalmology2017 Irving L. Weissman (research scientist)
Kenneth YamadaCell Biology, Biochemistry1971 Norman K. Wessells (grad student)
Balyn W. Zaro2017 Irving L. Weissman (post-doc)
Esther Miriam Zimmer - Lederbergbacteriology, bacteriophage genetics