Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert Heinz Abelesmechanistic enzymology
Marie E. Adamsphase transitions in colloidal suspensions2000 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Ray Adkins Physics20182023 Zvonimir Dogic (grad student)
Jeffrey N. AgarAnalytical Chemistry, General Biophysics, Biochemistry
Rafael Aguade Cabanasphase transitions in colloidal suspensions Physics2014 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Yong Ahnsynthetic organic chemistry2000 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Sathish V. Akellaphase transitions in colloidal suspensions Physics2014 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Karen N. Allenprotein crystallography, enzymology, structural homology19841989 Robert Heinz Abeles (grad student)
William S. Allisonbioenergetics; molecular mechanism of ATP synthase1963 Nathan O. Kaplan (grad student)
Paul T. N. AnastasGreen Chemistry1989 Robert Stevenson (grad student)
Vandana Arorarelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2001 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Niloufar J. Ataierelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function Biochemistry2008 Dagmar Ringe (grad student), Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Bruce A. Averill Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Brian James BahnsonStructural Enzymology19941998 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc), Dagmar Ringe (post-doc)
Chen Bai Chemistry2017 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Timothy S. BakerMacromolecular, cryoelectron microscopy and three-dimensional, image-reconstruction techniques.19801982 Donald L. D. Caspar (post-doc)
Anna Christina Balazs19811983 Irving R. Epstein (post-doc)
Prakriti Ranjan Bangal19992001 Henry Linschitz (post-doc)
Ronald Edward BarnettBiochemistry1968 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Edward F. Barryphase transitions in colloidal suspensions Physics2011 Zvonimir Dogic (grad student)
Keith J. BartelsonAlkaloid organocatalysis Chemistry2012 Li Deng (grad student)
Olga V. Barykinasynthetic organic chemistry Chemistry2010 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Brian Clifford BeckettEvolution of Apicomplexan dehydrogenases20132019 Douglas Lowell Theobald (grad student)
Rodney A. BednarDrug Discovery, Enzymology Biochemistry19821984 William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Lorena S. BeeseStructural Biology1984 Carolyn Cohen (grad student)
Igal Berenstein oscillatory chemical reactions, spatial pattern formation, dynamical systems and neurobiology2005 Irving R. Epstein (grad student)
John Andrew BerglundRNA19931997 Michael Rosbash (grad student)
Mark Bezpalko Department of Chemistry20102016 Christine M. Thomas (grad student)
Rajiv BhatProtein folding, stability and aggregation; Protein-solvent interactions19861989 Serge Nicholas Timasheff (post-doc)
Lacramioara Bintugene&chromatin regulation, synthetic&systems biology, cell engineering20132015 Jané Kondev (research assistant)
Jeetayu BiswasRNA Binding Proteins
Elliott BlockImmunodiagnostics19661970 Robert Stevenson (grad student)
Joshua D. Bloustinephase transitions in colloidal suspensions2006 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Robert K. Boeckman, Jr.Synthetic Organic Chemistry1971 James B. Hendrickson (grad student), Ernest Grunwald (grad student)
Kristin J. BoggioProtein Crystallography Chemistry2012 Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Jeffrey P. BombardierSingle-molecule biochemistry Biophysics and Structural Biology2015 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Daryl A. BoscoNeurodegeneration ALS2004 Dorothee Kern (grad student)
Ashley E. Brammerion channels Biochemistry2014 Christopher Miller (grad student)
Ludwig Branddynamic structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids, glyco-conjugates, and membranes Nathan O. Kaplan (post-doc)
Gabriel S. Brandtphysical organic chemistry to systems of biological importance2008 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc), Dagmar Ringe (post-doc)
Joerg Eberhard BraunmRNA Biochemistry2012 Jeff Gelles (post-doc)
Charles Brennermetabolism19931996 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Xiaochuan Cai2013 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Sharon L. CampbellRas and Rho GTPases, Their Modulators and Effectors19861988 Alfred G. Redfield (post-doc)
Xiaoyan CaoGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Hydrology Chemistry2015 Klaus Schmidt-Rohr (post-doc)
Michael CaplowMicrotubule Assembly Department of Biochemistry19591963 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Stephen J. Carter Chemistry19801986 Louis Stuhl (grad student)
Joshua S. ChappieX-ray crystallography, cryo-EM, GTPases, ATPases, nucleases, anti-phage defense systems, host-pathogen interactions, plant viruses Biochemistry20012003 Christopher Miller (research assistant)
Qinglin Chesynthetic organic chemistry2006 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Shuyan Chenrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2000 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Jinsheng Chensynthetic organic chemistry2000 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Chun-Hsing ChenX-ray Crystallography Chemistry2010 Bruce M. Foxman (grad student)
Yonggang ChenAlkaloid organocatalysis2003 Li Deng (grad student)
Alan C. Cheng
Leo Cheng Chemistry1993 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Ryan Cheng Chemistry20092011 Christine M. Thomas (research assistant)
James ClarageBiophysics1990 Donald L. D. Caspar (grad student)
Jennifer S. CobbGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Jeffrey N. Agar (grad student)
Carolyn CohenProtein Structure, Dynamics, and Assembly
Saul G. Cohen
Allison Colthart Biochemistry20102015 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Harold Conroy
Eugene H. CordesChemical Biology & Drug Design1962 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Michael Matthew Coxgenetic recombination and DNA repair1980 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Alan R. CutlerInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry1974 Myron Rosenblum (grad student)
Kevin Dalby Chemistry19921994 William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Marina DangPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Chittaranjan DasBiochemistry20012006 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Eugenio Daviso Chemistry2012 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Huub J.M. de GrootBiophysical organic chemistry Chemistry1988 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Johannes G. de Vries 19791981 James B. Hendrickson (post-doc)
Alexandra M. Deaconescubiochemistry, x-ray crystallography, TEM Nikolaus Grigorieff (post-doc)
Li DengAlkaloid organocatalysis
Carin C. DePaolarelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2000 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
David J. DeRosierSuper-resolution light microscopy and the structure of the synapse
William T. Desmaraisrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2003 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Erin Devinerhodopsin, molecular evolution20112015 Daniel D. Oprian (grad student), Douglas Lowell Theobald (grad student)
Ruben Diaz-AvalosStructural Biology1993 Stanley Deser (grad student), Donald L. D. Caspar (grad student)
Zvonimir Dogicphase transitions in colloidal suspensions2001 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Kathleen M. DohoneySingle-molecule biochemistry2001 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Paul Brendel Dorain
Loretta T. Dorn
Farokh J. DotiwalaDNA repair Molecular and Cell Biology2009 James E. Haber (grad student)
Chris DouvrisOrganometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers Chemistry Oleg V. Ozerov (post-doc)
Adam M. Drakemembrane protein evolution20102013 Douglas Lowell Theobald (research assistant)
Xuewen Dunanomaterials Chemistry20102017 Bing Xu (grad student)
Jeremy R. Duvallsynthetic organic chemistry2006 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Meir EdelmanBiochemistry Biophysics1965 Jerome A. Schiff (grad student), Herman Theodore Epstein (grad student)
Solen Ekesan Chemistry2015 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Irving R. Epstein oscillatory chemical reactions, spatial pattern formation, dynamical systems and neurobiology
Herman Theodore EpsteinMolecular and Cellular Biology
Claudia M. FafardInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Oleg V. Ozerov (grad student)
Hao FanBacteria stress response Biology20202021 Alexandre W Bisson-Filho (grad student)
Xiaomin FangPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2008 Anne Gershenson (grad student)
David H. FarbMolecular physiology of benzodiazepines and other ion channel modulators; GABA(A) receptor structure-function; NMDA receptor structure and function; neuroactive steroids19691975 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Margaret R. Farrar Chemistry1991 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Gerald D. FasmanConformational studies of biopolymers, Alzheimer's disease
Timothy D. Fennrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2004 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Alan Roy Fershtprotein engineering, protein folding, and enzyme catalysis19681969 William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Carol A. FierkeEnzymology, metalloenzymes, ribozyme, RNA1984 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Laura Finzi Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Bruce M. FoxmanX-ray Crystallography
Seth Fradenphase transitions in colloidal suspensions1987 Robert B. Meyer (grad student)
Perry A. FreyMechanisms of enzyme and coenzyme action; stereochemistry and mechanisms of phospho- and nucleotidyl transferase action; structure and function of multienzyme complexes1968 Robert Heinz Abeles (grad student)
Gary Freymechanistic enzymology2000 Robert Heinz Abeles (grad student)
Michelle Yen Fry20132014 Douglas Lowell Theobald (research assistant)
Yuan GaoOrganic chemistry, Nanoscience, Hydrogel, Drug delivery Chemistry20082011 Bing Xu (grad student)
Xiaolei Gaosynthetic organic chemistry2006 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Stefano GarofoliGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry2001 Peter C. Jordan (grad student)
Michael H. Gelbmedicinal enzymology1985 Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Jeff GellesSingle-molecule biochemistry
Anne GershensonPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Mohamed Amine GharbiSoft Matter, Liquid crystal, colloids, biomaterials, active matter Physics Physics20172018 Seth Fraden (post-doc), Zvonimir Dogic (post-doc)
Warren P. GieringOrganometallic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Ligand and Substituent Effects19691971 Myron Rosenblum (post-doc)
Jose-Luis GinerOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Saul G. Cohen (grad student)
Luca Giomicondensed matter physics Physics20092010 Michael Hagan (post-doc)
Steve A. N. GoldsteinGeneral Biophysics, Pediatrics, Cardiology Life Sciences19901993 Christopher Miller (post-doc)
Susannah Gordon-MesserDNA repair Biophysics and Structural Biology2011 James E. Haber (grad student)
James F. Grabowskisynthetic organic chemistry2006 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Lawrence Grossmannucleic acids research
Ernest Grunwaldphysical organic chemistry
Yonghong Gusynthetic organic chemistry2004 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Chengyun GuoX-ray Crystallography2006 Bruce M. Foxman (grad student)
James E. HaberDNA repair
Jining Han Chemistry1995 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Jianfeng HangAlkaloid organocatalysis2004 Li Deng (grad student)
David H. T. Harrisonmolecular recognition19931995 Dagmar Ringe (post-doc), Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Mary Hatcher Chemistry1998 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Natalie A. Hawryluksynthetic organic chemistry2001 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Michael Henchman
James B. HendricksonSynthesis of natural products
Reinhard Hentschke Chemistry1990 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Katherine Henzler-Wildman20032008 Dorothee Kern (post-doc)
Daniel Herschlagribozymes1988 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Judith Herzfeldstatistical thermodynamics and solid state NMR
Jennifer Heymontrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2006 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Magali B. HickeyX-ray Crystallography2003 Bruce M. Foxman (grad student)
Wade M. HicksDNA repair Molecular and Cell Biology2011 James E. Haber (grad student)
Daniel M. HimmelProtein Structure, Dynamics, and Assembly2001 Carolyn Cohen (grad student)
Quyen Q. HoangMolecular modeling of protein - protein and protein - ligand interactions2009 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc), Dagmar Ringe (post-doc)
Christine HofstetterPhysical Chemistry2001 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Todd Holyoakenzyme mechanisms, their regulation and structure and how they are interrelated2003 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc), Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Kwang H. Hongion channels2001 Christopher Miller (grad student)
Jianping Hustatistical thermodynamics and solid state NMR Chemistry2010 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Jerry Hu Chemistry1995 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Wei HuaSingle-molecule biochemistry2002 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Fei Huangphase transitions in colloidal suspensions Physics2009 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Hugh Esmor Huxleymuscle structure and function
Barbara Imperialiprotein structure, function and design1986 Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Dmitri IvanovStudies of Macromolecules by Magnetic Resonance2001 Alfred G. Redfield (grad student)
Joseph R. Jacobowitz20122014 Douglas Lowell Theobald (research assistant)
Suvi JainDNA repair Molecular and Cell Biology2010 James E. Haber (grad student)
William P. JencksCatalysis, Enzyme Mechanisms
Zulma A. Jimenez
Edwin C. Johnsonmolecular pharmacology, nicotinic receptors, mGluRs19841987 John Lisman (post-doc)
Peter C. JordanStatistical mechanics of membranes and of membrane transport. Electrostatic modeling of ion pores. Molecular dynamics.
Tingting Ju Chemistry2005 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Sebastian KadenerRNA biology, splicing, circadian rhythm’s Biology Michael Rosbash (post-doc)
Seyit Kalestatistical thermodynamics and solid state NMR Biophysics and Structural Biology2012 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Yan-Biao KangOrganic synthesis and catalysis, physical organic chemistry20072008 Li Deng (post-doc)
Evan R. KantrowitzBiochemistry19831984 Robert F. Schleif (post-doc)
Nathan O. Kaplanenzymology, immobilized enzymes, affinity chromatography, cancer chemotherapy.
John W. KapplerBiochemistry, Immunology Biochemistry1969 Gordon H. Sato (grad student)
Nezihi M. KarabacakAnalytical Chemistry, General Biophysics, Biochemistry Chemistry2010 Jeffrey N. Agar (grad student)
Sophia Kazanis Bioorganic Chemistry1999 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Philip M. Keehn
T. Ross Kellysynthesis of natural products19681969 James B. Hendrickson (post-doc)
Marcus R. Kellyevolution20092011 Douglas Lowell Theobald (research assistant)
Kelleigh Kennedy Biochemistry20132017 Steve A. N. Goldstein (grad student)
Dorothee Kernenzymology, NMR20121994 Douglas Lowell Theobald (collaborator), Gunter S. Fischer (grad student)
William J. Kerrmetal-mediated synthetic organic chemistry19861988 Myron Rosenblum (post-doc)
Jihan KhanAlkaloid organocatalysis Chemistry2010 Li Deng (grad student)
Pramod KhoslaNutrition, Biochemistry, Food Science and Technology Agriculture Biology1996 Kenneth C Hayes (post-doc)
Jung-Ae Kim Molecular and Cell Biology2007 James E. Haber (grad student)
Beom Jin KimSupramolecular Chemistry Chemistry20192020 Bing Xu (post-doc)
Anthony J. KirbyPhysical Organic Chemistry William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Jack F. Kirsch Biochemistry19611963 William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Louis J. KirschenbaumHypervalent metal ions Chemistry1968 Kenneth Kustin (grad student)
G Barrie KittoBiochemistry, Plant Pathology Agriculture1966 Nathan O. Kaplan (grad student)
Ronald H. Klugerorganic chemistry19691970 Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Milka KosticPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biophysics2004 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Daniel J KramerInorganic Chemistry, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, Metals in Medicine19971998 Bruce M. Foxman (research assistant)
Eric Kramer Chemistry1998 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Isaac J. KraussOrganic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Glycobiology, Transition-metal-catalyzed reactions
Jeremy Krogman Department of Chemistry20102015 Christine M. Thomas (grad student)
Yi Kuang Chemistry2013 Bing Xu (grad student)
Daniel Kulp Chemistry1994 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Sidney R. Kushnerpost-transcriptional control of gene expression1970 Lawrence Grossman (grad student), Inga Mahler (grad student)
Kenneth KustinVanadium, Bioinorganic
Miklos Kuti Chemistry1997 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
D LaJoie Biochemistry20162017 Steve A. N. Goldstein (post-doc)
K. V. LakshmiSolar Energy Conversion, Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis, Photosystem II, Proton-coupled Electron Transfer Chemistry1994 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Nicholas B. LastProtein Folding and Dynamics, Structural Biology Life Sciences20122018 Christopher Miller (post-doc)
Arnon LavieBiochemistry, X-ray1995 Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Nathaniel Lazar20082010 Douglas Lowell Theobald (research assistant)
Louis Lazarrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function Biochemistry2012 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Meredith LeMasurier2002 Christopher Miller (grad student)
Bryan W. Leporerelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2005 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Hung-Wen Li Jeff Gelles (post-doc)
Jiayang Li Chemistry2013 Bing Xu (grad student)
Ning Liphase transitions in colloidal suspensions Physics2015 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Hongming LiAlkaloid organocatalysis2006 Li Deng (grad student)
Tian Li Biochemistry20142016 Steve A. N. Goldstein (post-doc)
Margaret Liebgenetics
Raquel L. Liebermanbionorganic chemistry, protein crystallography20052007 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc), Dagmar Ringe (post-doc)
Gustav Edward LienhardBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology19641965 William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Hyun-Ho Limion channel, membrane transporter20072013 Christopher Miller (post-doc)
Hong Linsynthetic organic chemistry2000 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Hongyu Linsynthetic organic chemistry Chemistry2012 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Henry LinschitzPhysical chemistry
John T. Listranscription and processing of mRNAs1975 Robert F. Schleif (grad student)
Dali LiuBiochemistry, Enzymology, Protein Crystallography Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center20042009 Dagmar Ringe (post-doc), Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Shuang LiuChemistry, Material, Chemical biology, Imaging Department of Chemistry Bing Xu (post-doc)
Mercedes Loberasynthetic organic chemistry2004 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Michael L. LoveProtein Structure, Dynamics, and Assembly2000 Carolyn Cohen (grad student)
John M. Lowenstein
Susan Loweythe role of myosin in muscle contraction
Xiaojie LuAlkaloid organocatalysis Chemistry2011 Li Deng (grad student)
John R. LydeardDNA repair Molecular and Cell Biology2009 James E. Haber (grad student)
Teresa A. Lyons Biology19901996 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Kristine Ann Mackinbacteriorhodopsin, molecular evolution Biochemistry20102014 Douglas Lowell Theobald (grad student)
Roderick MacKinnonIon channels1989 Christopher Miller (post-doc)
Thomas L. Madden Chemistry1993 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Inga MahlerDNA repair1961 Margaret Lieb (grad student)
Melody Mak-Jurkauskasstatistical thermodynamics and solid state NMR Chemistry2008 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Irena Mamajanovstatistical thermodynamics and solid state NMR Chemistry2008 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Seth L. Marquardreactions catalyzed by transition metal complexes Department of Chemistry20112015 Christine M. Thomas (post-doc)
Michael T Marr IIMolecular Biology
Sabir H. MashraquiSynthetic organic chemistry19801982 Philip M. Keehn (post-doc)
Yoh Matsuki Chemistry2009 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Nathan L. Maugelsynthetic organic chemistry Chemistry2011 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Paul McDaidAlkaloid organocatalysis2006 Li Deng (grad student)
Fiona M. McMillanrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2001 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Vincent Mecozzirelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function Biochemistry Biochemistry2012 Dagmar Ringe (grad student), Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Christopher P. MercoglianoSuper-resolution light microscopy and the structure of the synapse2004 David J. DeRosier (grad student)
Christopher Millerion channels2007 Douglas Lowell Theobald (collaborator)
Anne-Frances MillerMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology19901992 Alfred G. Redfield (post-doc)
Huaping Mo
Octavio MonasterioProtein engineering and structural biology Serge Nicholas Timasheff (post-doc)
Aaron G. MoulinProtein Crystallography2007 Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Petra Munihrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2002 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Nicole MusheroGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry Biochemistry2008 Anne Gershenson (grad student)
Siegfried Musser Jeff Gelles (post-doc)
Raphael NagaoNonlinear Chemical Dynamics Chemistry and Volen Center for Complex Systems20112012 Irving R. Epstein (grad student)
C. Mallaiah NagarajaInorganic and organometallic synthesis and catalysis20072008 Oleg V. Ozerov (post-doc)
Amir NainiPotassium channels Christopher Miller (grad student)
Daniel J. NeedlemanPhysics of Macromolecular Assemblies and Subcellular Organization19941998 Seth Fraden (research assistant), Larry F. Abbott (research assistant)
Bobbianna J. Neubert-Langillesynthetic organic chemistry2005 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Wang Nguitragoolion channels20022008 Christopher Miller (grad student)
Hong Ni Chemistry1997 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Jesse M. NicholsonOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry1965 Saul G. Cohen (grad student)
Walter R. NovakBiochemistry Biochemistry20042009 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Sean M. O'Haresynthetic organic chemistry2002 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
John C. ObenauerBiochemistry, General Biophysics2001 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Donald Olbris Chemistry2002 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Daniel D. OprianGPCR membrane protein crystallography2012 Douglas Lowell Theobald (collaborator)
Melisa OsborneSingle-molecule biochemistry Biochemistry2011 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Renee Otten
Bo OuYangPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Oleg V. OzerovInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Energy, Catalysis
Yue PanNanotechnology Chemistry2012 Bing Xu (grad student)
Baofei Pansynthetic inorganic, organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry Chemistry2012 Christine M. Thomas (grad student)
Camden A. Parks Chemistry19861991 James B. Hendrickson (grad student)
Ronald John Parrybiosynthesis of natural products1968 James B. Hendrickson (grad student)
Alexandra Patera
Howard Hugh PattersonGeneral Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Pharmacy1968 Paul Brendel Dorain (grad student)
Wenbo PeiOrganic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Glycobiology, Transition-metal-catalyzed reactions Chemistry2014 Isaac J. Krauss (grad student)
Ezra Peisachrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2000 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Nallagounder PeriasamySpectroscopy19771978 Henry Linschitz (post-doc)
Iva PerovicPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biophysics Chemistry2012 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Aneta T. Petkovastatistical thermodynamics and solid state NMR2000 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
George N. PhillipsBiochemistry, X-ray diffraction, computational biology19771982 Carolyn Cohen (post-doc), Donald L. D. Caspar (post-doc)
Charles B PhillipsIon Channels Christopher Miller (grad student)
Kene N. Piastaion channels Biochemistry20072011 Christopher Miller (grad student), Joseph J. Falke (post-doc)
Cecile M. Pickartubiquitin1982 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Thomas C. PochapskyPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry
John A. PojmanPolymer Chemistry19881990 Irving R. Epstein (post-doc)
Brian A. ProvencherAlkaloid organocatalysis Chemistry2012 Li Deng (grad student)
Kirstin R. Purdyphase transitions in colloidal suspensions2004 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Jean PyunSingle-molecule biochemistry2005 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Matthew J. Ranaghannanotechnology Biochemistry20112015 Daniel D. Oprian (post-doc)
R. Lynn Rardinmolecular structure, computing Biochemistry19911994 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Pradipsinh K. RathodMalaria Pharmacology, Functional Genomics Biochemistry19821986 Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Gayathri Ratnaswamy Chemistry19901995 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Harini RaviSingle-molecule biochemistry Biochemistry2008 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Katya RavidCell Biology, Human Development John M. Lowenstein (grad student)
Ivan RaymentStructural Biology1984 Donald L. D. Caspar (post-doc)
Alfred G. RedfieldStudies of Macromolecules by Magnetic Resonance
Benjamin R. ReinerOrganometallic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Casey R. Wade (grad student)
Basil RigasPolymer Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Dagmar Ringerelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function
Renato del Rosario Chemistry19801985 Louis Stuhl (grad student)
Michael RosbashMolecular Genetics of RNA Processing and Behavior
Myron RosenblumTransition metal organometallic chemistry
Paolo RossiPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2003 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Richard A. Roybacteriorhodopsin, evolution20122018 Douglas Lowell Theobald (grad student)
Anurag RoyOrganic Synthesis & Chemical Glycobiology Chemistry2021 Isaac J. Krauss (grad student)
Gary RudnickNeurotransmitter transport19691973 Robert Heinz Abeles (grad student)
Martin L. SageTheoretical Chemistry
Tim Sanchezphase transitions in colloidal suspensions Physics2012 Zvonimir Dogic (grad student)
Kurt SchaffnerBioinorganic Chemistry Chemistry19571958 Harold Conroy (post-doc)
Klaus Schmidt-RohrPhysical Chemistry of Polymers & Nanocomposites, Analysis of Complex Organic Matter, Solid-state NMR Methods
Peter SetlowBacillus spores1969 Nathan O. Kaplan (grad student)
Tanvir R. ShaikhSuper-resolution light microscopy and the structure of the synapse2003 David J. DeRosier (grad student)
Wen ShangX-ray Crystallography2004 Bruce M. Foxman (grad student)
Zhe Shen Chemistry2019 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Bo Shisynthetic organic chemistry2003 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Junfeng ShiPeptide chemistry2015 Bing Xu (grad student)
Jung u. Shimphase transitions in colloidal suspensions2006 Seth Fraden (grad student)
Richard B. SilvermanOrganic, Synthetic, Bio-Organic, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology19741976 Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Melvin I. SimonSignal Transduction1963 Helen Van Vunakis (grad student)
Ravi P. SinghOrganocatalysis, Transition Metal catalyzed C-H activation, Total Synthesis of small molecules20072011 Li Deng (post-doc)
Vishwakarma SinghOrganic chemistry, biochemistry19811982 James B. Hendrickson (post-doc)
Astrid Sivertsen Chemistry2008 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
Barry B. Snidersynthetic organic chemistry
Julie H. SnookX-ray Crystallography2001 Bruce M. Foxman (grad student)
Frank Solomoncytoskeleton1970 William P. Jencks (grad student)
Fengbin Songsynthetic organic chemistry2001 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Geoffrey F. Stamperrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2000 Dagmar Ringe (grad student), Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Cynthia V. StauffacherGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry Carolyn Cohen (post-doc)
Phillip A. Steindelmalate dehydrogenase, lactate dehydrogenase, molecular evolution Biophysics and Structural Biology20082014 Douglas Lowell Theobald (grad student)
Robert Stevenson
Amie M. Stewartsynthetic organic chemistry Chemistry2011 Barry B. Snider (grad student)
Ann M. Stock19891991 Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Randy B. StockbridgeMembrane protein crystallography, electrophysiology, kinetics of enzymatic reactions Life Sciences20102015 Christopher Miller (post-doc)
Alan Mitchell StolzenbergBio-inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry
Lubert StryerVision, G proteins, signal transduction19611962 Carolyn Cohen (post-doc)
JoAnne Stubbebiological chemistry19751977 Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Heng SuAlkaloid organocatalysis Chemistry2010 Li Deng (grad student)
Radhika Subramanian Biochemistry2007 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Catherine A. SukowSuper-resolution light microscopy and the structure of the synapse2001 David J. DeRosier (grad student)
Kaiming SunDNA repair2002 James E. Haber (grad student)
Boqin Sun Chemistry1997 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Maurice Sussman
Onkei TaiChemistry Chemistry20102012 Bruce M. Foxman (research assistant)
Liang TangAlkaloid organocatalysis2004 Li Deng (grad student)
Seiichiro TanizakiPhysical Chemistry2003 Peter C. Jordan (grad student)
Mark Taylor Physics1991 Judith Herzfeld (grad student)
Deanne Marie TaylorBioinformatics, Computational Biology, Biophysics, Physical chemistry
J Sebastian Temme
Christine M. Thomassynthetic inorganic, organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry
Todd ThoresenSingle-molecule biochemistry2007 Jeff Gelles (grad student)
Shi Kai TianOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19992002 Li Deng (post-doc)
Drew R. Tietz Chemistry20092015 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Serge Nicholas TimasheffProtein-solvent interactions, Biophysical Chemistry
Brett Tounge Chemistry2001 Judith Herzfeld (post-doc)
John Trinick19731976 Susan Lowey (grad student)
Ming-Feng TsaiMembrane biochemistry, electrophysiology, cryo-electron microscopy, live-cell imaging Life Sciences2018 Christopher Miller (post-doc)
Mark Turnbull Myron Rosenblum (grad student)
R. Urdaneta Biochemistry20132014 Steve A. N. Goldstein (post-doc)
Maria A. ValenciaDNA repair2004 James E. Haber (grad student)
Helen Van Vunakisstructure of enzymes and their precursors, of bacterial viruses, and of the use of immunological procedures to detect small changes in nucleic acids
Alexander Varvak Chemistry19951997 James B. Hendrickson (grad student)
Dennis M. Vitkuprelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2000 Dagmar Ringe (grad student), Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Erik M. Voganrelationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function2000 Dagmar Ringe (grad student)
Casey R. Wade
Michael P. Walden2006 Christopher Miller (grad student)
Christopher T. WalshEnzymes Chemistry19701972 Robert Heinz Abeles (post-doc)
Xuan WangDNA repair2004 James E. Haber (grad student)
Huaimin Wang chemistry Bing Xu (post-doc)
Anping Wang Chemistry1998 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
Michael Washabaugh19861988 William P. Jencks (post-doc)
Julie Y. WeiGeneral Biophysics2006 Thomas C. Pochapsky (grad student)
John W. WeiselBlood clotting, fibrinogen1973 Carolyn Cohen (grad student)
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