Swarthmore College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Katherine E. Berry20042005 Robert S. Paley (research assistant)
Kyle E. Broaders Chemistry20042006 Robert S. Paley (research assistant)
Derek A. Bruzewicz Chemistry Robert F. Pasternack (research assistant)
Nathan Todd La Portesolar fuels, photoinduced electron transfer, artificial photosynthesis Chemistry and Biochemistry20072008 Thomas A Stephenson (research assistant)
Bruce R. Lichtensteinoxidation-reduction in biological systems, protein design, enzyme engineering, directed evolution, chemical biology Chemistry and Biochemistry20012002 Robert S. Paley (research assistant)
Amir NainiPotassium channels19871988 Jonathan Copeland (research assistant)
Robert S. Paleysynthetic organic chemistry: organometallics and asymmetric synthesis
Robert F. Pasternack
Thomas A Stephenson