Syracuse University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Omar Abdelrahman Jesse Q. Bond (grad student)
Atanu Acharyaquantum chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, QM/MM simulations, docking calculations, python, tcl, NAMD, VMD, Gaussian, ORCA, and QChem.
Arijit Anand Adhikari Chemistry20112017 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
Siegfried Aftergut Chemistry19501957 Gerald Francis Grillot (grad student)
Arvind D Agate Biology19681970 Donald George Lundgren (post-doc)
Ijaz Ahmed Chemistry20102015 Daniel A. Clark (grad student)
Rabeka Alam Chemistry20092013 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Jacob S. AlexanderInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19972003 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Colleen Marie Alexander Chemistry Chemistry20092014 Mathew M. Maye (grad student), James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
Damian Gregory Allisphysical chemistry Chemistry Chemistry19942004 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student), James T. Spencer (grad student)
Jennifer Amey Chemistry20102013 Mathew M. Maye (post-doc)
Apostolos G. Anastassiou
Nathan Gabriel Armatasvisual neuroscience Chemistry20022009 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Tewodros G. AsefaNanochemistry
Sudhat Ashok Chemistry20152020 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Shreyas S. Athavale Chemistry20052010 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Angela Y. Au Biomedical and Chemical Engineering2011 Martin B. Forstner (grad student)
Alex J. AugatisOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20032010 Nancy I. Totah (grad student)
David J. AugustineEcology Biology, Range Management Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2002 Samuel J. McNaughton (grad student)
Nicholas Azzarelli Chemistry2018 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Rebecca BaderOrganic Chemistry, General Chemistry
Suzanne L. BaldwinGeology, Geochemistry
John E. Baldwinstudies of thermal stereomutations of cyclopropanes, structural isomerizations of vinylcyclopropanes to cyclopentenes and vinylcyclobutanes to cyclohexenes, and degenerate isomerizations of cycloalka-1,3-dienes
James Michael Balquist Chemistry19621967 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Victoria Naa Kwale BampohGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2012 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Debjyoti Bandyopadhyay Chemistry20052012 Yan-Yeung Luk (grad student)
Andrew Toyi Banyikwa Chemistry2014 Mark S. Braiman (grad student)
Leon E. Barstow Chemistry19621967 George Alvin Wiley (grad student)
Andrew David Basner Chemistry2017 Michael B. Sponsler (grad student)
Laura Jean BatemanOrganic Chemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry20052012 Nancy I. Totah (grad student)
Frederick H. Batzold Chemistry19661972 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Michael Gray Bayne Chemistry20102018 Arindam Chakraborty (grad student)
Kevin D. BelfieldChemistry, two-photon absorption19821988 John E. Baldwin (grad student)
Tripti BhattacharyaPaleoclimate Dynamics, proxy analysis, monsoon dynamics
Robert R. Birgenanotechnology
Bradley D. BlackwellEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Melanie Jane Blanden Chemistry20112018 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Christopher Jon BlantonTheoretical and Computational Chemistry; High Performance Computing Chemistry20092014 Arindam Chakraborty (grad student)
Louise Ann BodackPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Christopher N. BoddyBiological Organic Chemistry
Sarah Lynn BoltonOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2008 Michael B. Sponsler (grad student)
Ronald L. Bonaccorso Chemistry20122016 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Grant Howard Bonavia Chemistry19931998 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Philip N. BorerBiochemistry; nucleic acid structure and interaction, biosensors, nuclear magnetic resonance
Kenneth F. Bottmicrobiology Biology1963 Donald George Lundgren (grad student)
Donald G. Botteronorganic chemistry
David Verne Braddon Chemistry19631971 Roger C. Hahn (grad student)
Mark S. BraimanGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Douglas Walter Bristol Chemistry19621969 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Walter Eric Brown
Harry BrumbergerSmall angle Scattering of X-rays
John Kent BryanPlant Enzymology
William Douglas BuchananInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry20062010 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Eric M. BurkholderInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20002004 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Felicia N. Burns Chemistry20152021 Yan-Yeung Luk (grad student)
Richard Charles Burrellstudies of thermal stereomutations of cyclopropanes, structural isomerizations of vinylcyclopropanes to cyclopentenes and vinylcyclobutanes to cyclohexenes, and degenerate isomerizations of cycloalka-1,3-dienes19952001 John E. Baldwin (grad student)
Maria Campana Chemistry20142020 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Patrick Carberry Chemistry20022009 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
John David Caruso Chemistry19972003 James T. Spencer (grad student)
Michael J. Cavaluzzi2003 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Scott Chadwick Chemistry19901997 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Joseph ChaikenBiomedical Engineering, Optics Physics
Arindam ChakrabortyPhysical and theoretical chemistry; quantum dots; nanomaterials
Yuan-Da Chang Chemistry19861994 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Bin Chao Chemistry19941999 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Diping Che Chemistry19871992 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Yuetian Chen Chemistry20152019 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Lei Chen Chemistry20032011 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Douglas James Chesnut Chemistry19962000 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
John D. Chisholmorganic synthesis
Youngil ChoBiogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2010 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Christopher Chu Chemistry20092015 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Bennie Cch'iu-Hung Chung Chemistry19601966 George Alvin Wiley (grad student)
Jennifer A. Ciezakphysical chemistry Chemistry20012004 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student)
Susan Clardy-JamesGeneral Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy Chemistry20082012 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Daniel A. Clark
Elizabeth Rose Cleverdon Chemistry20132018 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Joseph Wilfred Collins Chemistry1955 Paul M. Ruoff (grad student)
Kaitlin Coopersmith Chemistry20112015 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Anthony R. CummingsNatural Resource Management, Geography, Environmental Management Geography2013 Jane M. Read (grad student)
James Chester DabrowiakBioinorganic chemistry; metallo-pharmaceutical chemistry
Joseph Edgar Darling Chemistry20102015 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Kari Ann DarlingGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry20082012 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Franklin Arnold DavisAsymmetric Synthesis19621966 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Craig Davis James T. Spencer (grad student)
Andrew Davis Chemistry20162021 Weiwei Zheng (grad student)
Ana de Bettencourt-DiasCoordination chemistry and photophysical properties of lanthanide ions, Singlet oxygen generation, Separation chemistry of lanthanides Luminescent compounds, Single molecule magnets
Paul DeBurgomasterInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry20042009 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Christopher Loreto DeCiantis Chemistry19992008 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Eleni Degaga Physics2014 Martin B. Forstner (grad student)
Sean Patrick Delaneyphysical chemistry Chemistry2014 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Joseph S. DenkenbergerEnvironmental Engineering, Water Resource Management, Environmental Sciences Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Paul Washington Dent Chemistry20112016 Joseph Chaiken (grad student)
Venkat Dharmarajanphysical chemistry Biology2013 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student)
Anthony J. Di PasquaInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry20032008 James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
Max DiemPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry19761978 Laurence A. Nafie (post-doc)
Teresa Dierks Chemistry20142018 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Matthew Richard Dintzner Chemistry19921998 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Peter S. DiStefanoNeurotrophins, Oliver M. Brown (grad student)
Donald C. DittmerOrganic chemistry with tellurium, synthesis of optically active molecules, Zero-solvent reactions
Alexandre Dixon Chemistry20132018 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
David Dukane DixsonPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology Chemistry2011 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Tennyson Doane Chemistry20132017 Mathew M. Maye (post-doc)
Martin Dolan Chemistry20152019 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Robert Patrick Doylepharmaceutical drug development for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes
Charles T. DriscollEnvironmental Sciences, Geochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Biogeochemistry
Brian C. Duffy Chemistry20092016 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
Abhiram Dukkipatinanotechnology2006 Robert R. Birge (grad student)
Cole Tyler Duncan Chemistry20062010 Tewodros G. Asefa (grad student)
Otto Milhous Dungan Chemistry20142019 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
David Allen DunmirePhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2002 Theresa B. Freedman (grad student), Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Tiffany Dunston Chemistry20122017 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Spencer William Eachus Chemistry19651972 Apostolos G. Anastassiou (grad student)
Gary Ross Elling Chemistry19641974 Roger C. Hahn (grad student)
Benjamin Harrison Ellis Chemistry20112016 Arindam Chakraborty (grad student)
Jennifer Mary Elward Chemistry20092014 Arindam Chakraborty (grad student)
Christopher H. FazenPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Chemistry2012 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Anna Maria Fedor Chemistry20032007 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Frank Jospeh FemiaInorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chemistry19972001 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Janos H. Fendlerradiation chemistry, physical organic chemistry, micelles, membrane mimetic chemistry material sciences, nanomaterials, and plasmonic
Seth Fillioe Chemistry20152020 Joseph Chaiken (grad student)
Robert Clyde Finn19972001 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Collin Lesley Fischer Chemistry20052013 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Ross D. FitzhughBiogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Ecology Biology2000 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Susan Clare Flynn Chemistry20102015 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Emory Albert Ford Chemistry19621967 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Martin B. ForstnerBiomaterials, biomembranes
Theresa B. FreedmanPhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Teresa B. FreedmanAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Jonathan M. FrenchOrganic Chemistry
Harry L. FrischPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering19521954 Vivian Thomas Stannett (post-doc)
Colin B. FussBiogeochemistry, Hydrology, Ecology Biology Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Soumyashree A Gangopadhyay Chemistry20112016 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Robert J. GearyEnvironmental Sciences, Geochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Biogeochemistry2003 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Anthony Martin GiamisOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19922003 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Nathan B. Gillespienanotechnology Chemistry19982003 Robert R. Birge (grad student)
Miriam M. Gillett-Kunnath Chemistry19982008 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Luca Giomicondensed matter physics Physics2009 Mark John Bowick (grad student)
John Arthur Glass Chemistry19881993 James T. Spencer (grad student)
David J. GombosiGeology, Geochemistry Earth Sciences2013 Suzanne L. Baldwin (grad student)
Jonathan Gooch Chemistry20102015 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Jerry GoodismanPhysical chemistry, mechanism of action of anticancer drugs, chemical kinetics, agglomeration kinetics
Alan Goos Chemistry2016 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Pallavi M. GosaviProtein engineering, protein biochemistry, peptide chemistry, CRISPR, cancer biology, chemical biology Chemistry20122018 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Jonathan David Gough19982004 Watson James Lees (grad student)
David Anthony Gray Chemistry19731981 Roger C. Hahn (grad student)
Frederick T. GreenawayBiochemistry Chemistry Gershon Vincow (post-doc)
Tiffany Jo Greenfield Chemistry20132017 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Ronald Conrad Griffith Chemistry19691973 Apostolos G. Anastassiou (grad student)
Gerald Francis Grillot
Jarod Nathaniel Grossman Chemistry20122016 Tara F. Kahan (grad student)
Xinhong Simon Gu Chemistry19931997 Michael B. Sponsler (grad student)
Frederic G. Guerin Chemistry19951999 Janos H. Fendler (grad student)
Marites A. Guino-o Chemistry19982007 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Kenneth Balm Guiseley Chemistry19551960 Paul M. Ruoff (grad student)
Changning GuoAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry19992004 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Douglas Earl HagrmanInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19942000 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Pamela Jayne HagrmanInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19942000 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Roger C. Hahnasymmetric synthesis
Reino William HakalaChemistry, covolume contributions, mean ionic activity Chemistry19471965 Walter Eric Brown (grad student)
Patrick M. Hakeyphysical chemistry Chemistry20042010 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Kristen Hamner Chemistry20102014 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Hyunjoo Han Chemistry20082012 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Paul Joseph Hatala Chemistry19942001 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Michael Patrick Hayes Chemistry19891997 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Yanan HePhysical Chemistry Chemistry2005 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Peter Hegemannmicrobial opsins19851986 Kenneth W. Foster (post-doc)
James H. Henderson
Richard Stewart Henion Chemistry19621967 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Kelly Elizabeth Henry Chemistry2015 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Robert Lenard Hershkowitz Chemistry1964 George Alvin Wiley (grad student)
Julia HitzbleckInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20002004 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Michael Dennis Hoey Chemistry19831990 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Amanda E. Hoffman Chemistry2014 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Elan Hofman Chemistry20152020 Weiwei Zheng (grad student)
Michelle Ferguson Homsherphysical chemistry Chemistry20042009 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student)
Ian Dean Hosein
Jeanne M. HossenloppGeneral Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry1987 Joseph Chaiken (grad student)
Stephen Richard Houghton Chemistry2008 Christopher N. Boddy (grad student)
James L. Houglandchemistry and biochemistryof nucleic acids
Kyle Timothy Howard Chemistry20102016 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
Matthew R. Hudsonphysical chemistry Chemistry20062010 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student)
Bruce Samuel Hudsonphysical chemistry
Michael Charles Hughes1971 Daniel Joseph Macero (grad student)
Brian Phillip Huta Chemistry2014 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Arizza Chiara Siwa Ibañez Chemistry20152020 Yan-Yeung Luk (grad student)
Oluwatayo (Tayo) IkotunInorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Electricity and Magnetism Physics Chemistry20052009 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Raghuvaran Mani Iyer Chemistry20092020 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Edwin C. Jahncellulose research
Shelly James Chemistry19972007 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
William Francis Jarvis Chemistry1988 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Megha Jayachadran Chemistry20152020 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Timothy Andrew Jenkinsphysical chemistry Chemistry19992003 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student)
Richard P. Johnson1976 Roger C. Hahn (grad student)
Gerald Walter Jones Chemistry19641970 Roger C. Hahn (grad student)
Stephanie Jones Labadie Chemistry20062012 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Thomas R. Julianophysical chemistry Chemistry20112014 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Tara F. KahanReactivity at ice surfaces, Fate of pollutants in natural waters, Chemistry at urban surfaces, Indoor chemistry
James Lewis KallmertenOrganic chemistry; natural products; synthesis; electro-optical materials
Lauren Kaminsky Chemistry20102015 Daniel A. Clark (grad student)
Liliana Karam Chemistry20122018 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Christine D. KeatingAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry19891991 Janos H. Fendler (research assistant)
Edmund John Keliherstudies of thermal stereomutations of cyclopropanes, structural isomerizations of vinylcyclopropanes to cyclopentenes and vinylcyclobutanes to cyclohexenes, and degenerate isomerizations of cycloalka-1,3-dienes2001 John E. Baldwin (grad student)
M. Ishaque KhanInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry1992 Jon A. Zubieta (post-doc)
Matthew D. Kingphysical chemistry Chemistry2012 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Chris Allen Kirk Chemistry19921998 James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
Elyse M KleistLow-frequency vibrational spectroscopy, density functional theory, solid-state interactions Chemistry20132020 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Eric Michael KohnChemistry, Biophysics, Biochemistry Chemistry20182018 Ivan V. Korendovych (research assistant)
Ivan V. KorendovychBiochemistry, protein design
Timothy Korterphysical chemistry
Nicholas A. Kotov19921996 Janos H. Fendler (post-doc)
Shawn Kowal Chemistry2018 Tara F. Kahan (grad student)
Richard Alan Krebs19972006 Mark S. Braiman (grad student)
Sriram KrishnaswamyBlood coagulation, hemostasis19791984 John Kent Bryan (grad student)
Corey Richard Kroptavich Chemistry20162020 Tara F. Kahan (grad student)
Alona Kuleshabioinorganic chemistry, protein design, biochemistry
Gillian V. Kupakuwana Biology2011 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
David Williams Kurtz Chemistry19641972 Roger C. Hahn (grad student)
Anakarin Kusnetzowstudies of thermal stereomutations of cyclopropanes, structural isomerizations of vinylcyclopropanes to cyclopentenes and vinylcyclobutanes to cyclohexenes, and degenerate isomerizations of cycloalka-1,3-dienes chemistry19952001 John E. Baldwin (grad student)
Matthew S. LachnietGeology, Hydrology, Geochemistry2001 Geoffrey O. Seltzer (grad student)
Troy LamOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20042009 Nancy I. Totah (grad student)
Yanmei Lan Chemistry2007 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student)
Amanda F. Lashuaphysical chemistry Chemistry20082014 Michael B. Sponsler (grad student)
Neva LazarovaNuclear Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering Chemistry20002005 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Richard Michael Lazarus Chemistry19661972 Apostolos G. Anastassiou (grad student)
Eunah Lee Chemistry19932000 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Watson James Leesprotein folding
Zsófia Lengyel Chemistry20132018 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Joshua J. LensbouerBiochemistry Chemistry20052010 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Ronald Vivas Lerum Chemistry20022007 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
George C. Levynuclear magnetic resonance
Alisha Janae Lewis Chemistry20122016 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Yue Li Chemistry2010 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Zhi-Jun Li Chemistry20172020 Weiwei Zheng (post-doc)
Guohua LiangOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19962007 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Yong Lin Chemistry19912002 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Henry LinschitzPhysical chemistry
Anthony Lombardo Chemistry19611967 Donald C. Dittmer (grad student)
Fujin Long Chemistry19891998 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Valerie Lopez Chemistry2019 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Peter Michael LoreyAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2001 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Yan-Yeung Lukchemical biology of cell adhesion
Patrick Lutz Chemistry20112015 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Eric Hock Lye Tan Chemistry1996 Robert R. Birge (grad student)
Pei Ma Chemistry20072013 James T. Spencer (grad student)
Shengli Ma Chemistry19992008 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Daniel Joseph Macero
Nivedita S. Mahajani Chemistry20132020 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
Eleanor M. MaineOrganic Chemistry
Somak Majumder Chemistry20102015 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Sasthi Charan Mandal Atanu Acharya (post-doc)
Kevin P. Maresca Chemistry19931998 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Nadia Marino Chemistry20082011 Robert Patrick Doyle (post-doc)
Bryan G. MarkGeology, Physical Geography, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology2001 Geoffrey O. Seltzer (grad student)
Frank MassothFuels Engineering1955 Henry Edgar Wirth (grad student)
Mathew M. MayeInorganic & Materials Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Alloys, Biomimetic Self-Assembly & Energy Transfer, DNA, Sensing, Energy
Richard Thomas McDonough Chemistry20132019 Joseph Chaiken (grad student)
Kayleigh McGovern-Gooch20122017 James L. Hougland (grad student)
Peter Francis McLaughlin Chemistry20132020 Arindam Chakraborty (grad student)
Samuel J. McNaughtonEcology Biology, Range Management Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences
Brenden E. McNeilBiogeochemistry, Physical Geography, Ecology Biology2006 Jane M. Read (grad student)
Mark Patrick McPikeBiochemistry2001 James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
James Robert Miller Chemistry1950 Paul M. Ruoff (grad student)
Caitlin M. Miller Chemistry20092015 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Brian D. MonteleoneGeochemistry, Geology2007 Suzanne L. Baldwin (grad student)
Yurii Moroz Chemistry20112013 Ivan V. Korendovych (post-doc)
Olesia Moroz Chemistry Ivan V. Korendovych (post-doc)
Tanieka L. Motleyphysical chemistry Chemistry20052009 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Laurence A. NafiePhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Paul C. Nelson2006 Laurel H. Carney (grad student)
Amy E. NewlonInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19962003 James T. Spencer (grad student)
Yan Nie Chemistry2016 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
David Niedzwiecki Chemistry2013 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Peter N. NjokiAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry20102012 Mathew M. Maye (post-doc)
Anna Yosik O'BrienInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry20002005 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Lauren L. O'Neil20092010 Martin B. Forstner (post-doc)
Keith C. Oppenheimphysical chemistry Chemistry20052010 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Wayne Ouellette Chemistry Chemistry20072008 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student), Jon A. Zubieta (post-doc)
Wei Ouyang Chemistry20032011 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Andrew Paoletti Chemistry19982004 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Laxmikant Pathadestainless-steel Nanoparticles Chemistry20132018 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Steven Louis PellizzeriGeneral Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry20072013 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Albert J. PenningsPolymer Chemistry1960 Willem Prins (grad student)
Melissa PerreiraOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19972006 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Christopher Robert Petrelli Chemistry20082015 James T. Spencer (grad student)
Amanda K. PetrusBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chemistry2009 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
Atahualpa Pinto Chemistry20062011 Christopher N. Boddy (grad student)
Daniel John Plata Chemistry19811987 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Ithamar Ephraim Pollak Chemistry19631966 Gerald Francis Grillot (grad student)
Hillard Warren Pouncy Jr. Chemistry19521958 Donald G. Botteron (grad student)
Afshin PourmokhtarianEnvironmental Engineering, Climate Change Civil and Environmental Engineering2013 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Deepali Prashar Chemistry20052012 Yan-Yeung Luk (grad student)
Willem Prinspolymer physical chemistry
Xinhua Qu Chemistry Chemistry19881995 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student), Teresa B. Freedman (grad student)
Anuradha S. Raghavanstudies of thermal stereomutations of cyclopropanes, structural isomerizations of vinylcyclopropanes to cyclopentenes and vinylcyclobutanes to cyclohexenes, and degenerate isomerizations of cycloalka-1,3-dienes Chemistry19992006 John E. Baldwin (grad student)
Narayan Ragunathan Chemistry1991 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
Raghu Ramaya Chemistry1997 Harry Brumberger (grad student)
Pierre Ramondparticle physics theory1969 Aiyalam P. Balachandran (grad student)
Randy S. RarigInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19942002 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Elizabeth A Raymond Caselle Chemistry20112016 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Jane M. ReadBiogeochemistry, Physical Geography, Ecology Biology
Elsa Reichmanispolymeric and nanostructured materials for advanced technologies1975 Apostolos G. Anastassiou (grad student)
Burton Maxwell ReinOrganic Chemistry19601964 George Alvin Wiley (grad student)
Lei Ren Chemistry19972004 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Derek Frank Rhodes Chemistry1989 Daniel Joseph Macero (grad student)
Emily Grace Ripka Chemistry20152019 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Sharon A. Rivera Chemistry20032008 Bruce Samuel Hudson (grad student)
Michael Richard Robinson Chemistry2017 Nancy I. Totah (grad student)
Mark William Roggenbuck Chemistry19841990 George C. Levy (grad student)
Jennifer V. Romero Chemistry2008 James T. Spencer (grad student)
Peter J. Rosado FloresInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2014 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Joel L. Rosenbaumflagella of the bi-flagellate alga Chlamydomonas as a model system for studying the assembly of cell organelles1963 George Gilbert Holz (grad student)
Adam Jason Rosenberg Chemistry20092013 Daniel A. Clark (grad student)
Caroline Rufo Chemistry20112015 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Michael Thomas Ruggieroterahertz, density functional theory, X-ray diffraction, crystals, optics Chemistry20122016 Timothy Korter (grad student)
Karin Ruhlandt-SengeInorganic Chemistry
Paul M. Ruoff
El-Ssaed Omar Ali Sabbak Chemistry1977 James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
Martin L. SageTheoretical Chemistry
Jose Ramos Salta Chemistry19891996 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Mahesh SankaranEcology Biology2001 Samuel J. McNaughton (grad student)
Robert Eben Schaffrath Chemistry19461958 Gerald Francis Grillot (grad student)
Jeremy A ScherTheoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry Chemistry20122020 Arindam Chakraborty (grad student)
Danielle E. Schuehler SherwoodInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2009 Michael B. Sponsler (grad student)
Conrad Schuerch
James A. Schwarzadsorptive storage of hydrogen on carbon and catalyst preparation
Sripriya K. SeetharamanInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2006 Michael B. Sponsler (grad student)
Preeti Sejwal Chemistry20032008 Yan-Yeung Luk (grad student)
Geoffrey O. SeltzerGeology, Hydrology, Geochemistry
Pranesh SelvendiranBiogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2009 Charles T. Driscoll (grad student)
Jigisha ShahOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20092016 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
Krishna Kant Sharma Chemistry2010 Tewodros G. Asefa (grad student)
Xingyu SheGenetics, Human Development, Molecular Biology2010 Eleanor M. Maine (grad student)
Huitao Sheng Electrical Engineering and Computer Science2011 Philip N. Borer (grad student)
Brian A. Sherer Chemistry19911998 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Gauri Shirish Shetye Chemistry20082015 Yan-Yeung Luk (grad student)
Yi ShiGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Nanotechnology Chemistry20072012 James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
Michael Frederick ShubsdaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2000 James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
Casey R. SimonsCarborane Chemistry, Inorganic/Organic Synthesis Chemistry20092015 James T. Spencer (grad student)
Ny Sin Chemistry19891996 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Deepak Singhnanotechnology2001 Robert R. Birge (grad student)
Nischal Singh Chemistry20082015 Yan-Yeung Luk (grad student)
Raheim Davon Slaton Chemistry20112015 Mathew M. Maye (grad student)
Tiffany Marie Smith Chemistry20092013 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Victoria Garabed Soghomonian Chemistry19871995 Jon A. Zubieta (grad student)
Erik J. Sorensencomplex chemical synthesis1989 Roger C. Hahn (research assistant)
Christopher H. SotakDevelopment of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods1983 George C. Levy (grad student)
Kevin Martin Spencer Chemistry19831989 Laurence A. Nafie (grad student)
James T. SpencerBoron Chemistry
Michael B. SponslerPolymer Chemistry
Anne Marie SpuchesBioinorganic Chemistry1996 Michael B. Sponsler (research assistant)
Francine Joy St. DenisOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chemistry19962005 James Lewis Kallmerten (grad student)
Vivian Thomas StannettPolymer science, physical chemistry, chemical engineering
Alexa Stathis Chemistry20142018 Tara F. Kahan (grad student)
Basker SundararajuSynthetic Organic Chemistry Chemistry19972004 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Tamie Suzuki Chemistry20152019 John D. Chisholm (grad student)
Kevin SwedereGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Farhana F. Syed Chemistry2011 Mark S. Braiman (grad student)
Nikolaus M. SzeverenyifMRI, MRI contrast mechanisms Chemistry19842008 George C. Levy (research scientist)
Michael SzwarcPhysical and Polymer Chemistry
Kirk A. TackaBiochemistry, Pharmacology2004 James Chester Dabrowiak (grad student)
Michelle Takacs Chemistry20132018 Ivan V. Korendovych (grad student)
Yuriko Takahashi Chemistry2014 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Jack R. Tallent Chemistry19891999 Robert R. Birge (grad student)
Zhimin Tao Chemistry20012007 Jerry Goodisman (grad student)
Jesse W. Taylor Chemistry19952001 James T. Spencer (grad student)
Weijie TengInorganic Chemistry Chemistry19942004 Karin Ruhlandt-Senge (grad student)
Jessica J. TerrienGeology, Geochemistry Earth Sciences2012 Suzanne L. Baldwin (grad student)
Jay B. Thomas2003 Robert J. Bodnar (grad student)
Craig Joseph Thomasstudies of thermal stereomutations of cyclopropanes, structural isomerizations of vinylcyclopropanes to cyclopentenes and vinylcyclobutanes to cyclohexenes, and degenerate isomerizations of cycloalka-1,3-dienes Chemistry19952000 Watson James Lees (grad student), John E. Baldwin (grad student)
Jay Tinklepaugh Chemistry20132018 Robert Patrick Doyle (grad student)
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