Sorbonne Université

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Olivier AdjouaTheoretical Chemistry; High Performance Computing Chemistry20192021 Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student)
Dina El AhdabComputational Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry20182021 Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student)
Félix AviatTheoretical Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Mathematics Chemistry20192020 Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student), Alessandra Carbone (grad student), Yvon Maday (post-doc), Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc)
Loïc BertrandAncient materials, cultural heritage19992002 Philippe Walter (grad student)
Enzo Bertuit-Jourdain Faculty of Science and Engineering20182022 Ali Abou-Hassan (grad student)
Kajetan Bijouard Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Volker BormuthNeurophysiology, Systems Neuroscience
Alessandra Carbone
Frédéric Célerse Theoretical Chemistry Chemistry20172020 Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student), Etienne Derat (grad student)
Sawsen Cherraben20162019 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Igor CholletMathematics, tensors Chemistry Mathematics Mathematics20212022 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc), Laura Grigori (grad student), Xavier Claeys (grad student)
Xavier Claeys
Dmitri ColesnicCyclodextrin, Hierarchical self-assembly, Supramolecular chemistry20122015 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Perla El Darazi Theoretical Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry20182021 Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student), Nohad Gresh (grad student)
Ségolène Adam de20092012 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Héloïse Dossmanngas-phase chemistry, photoelectron spectroscopy,mass spectrometry
Pierre Evenou20142017 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Fabio Finocchi
Oceane Fort20182018 Marianne Gaborieau (grad student)
Emmanuel GinerTheoretical Chemistry, Physics
Nohad GreshTheoretical Chemistry
Laura Grigori
Maxime Guitet20102013 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Maxime Guitet20102013 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Mohammad Haidar Theoretical Chemistry Laboratoire Kastler Brossel20212021 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc), Yvon Maday (post-doc), Jean-Philippe Karr (grad student)
Floriane Heis20172021 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Cairedine Kalai20152018 Julien Toulouse (grad student)
Jean-Philippe Karr Laboratoire Kastler Brossel19982001 Elisabeth Giacobino (grad student)
Louis LagardèreTheoretical Chemistry, High-Performance Computing
Leonid Lavnevitch20172020 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Rodrigue Lescouezec
Aixiao Li Theoretical Chemistru20122013 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc)
Enxu Liu Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Haipeng Liu IPCM20182022 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Daniele LocoTheoretical Chemistry Chemistry20172021 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc)
Dan Lu20112014 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Alejandro Perez Luna
Maxime MariaComputer Graphics, computer science, scientific visualization Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique20182019 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc)
Nastasia MaugerTheoretical Chemistry; Physics Theoretical Chemistry20192022 Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student)
Lise MaurinApplied Mathematics Mathematics Chemistry20182021 Pierre Monmarché (grad student), Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student)
Jorge Meijide20152018 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Abhishake Mondal2013 Rodrigue Lescouezec (grad student)
Sehr Naseem-KhanTheoretical Chemistry Chemistry20152018 Jean-Philip Piquemal (grad student)
Julie Oble chemistry20082010 Serge Thorimbert (post-doc)
Jean-Philip PiquemalTheoretical Chemistry; High Performance Computing
Thomas Plé Physics Physics20212020 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc), Fabio Finocchi (grad student), Sara Bonella (grad student)
Pier Paolo Poier Theoretical Chemistry2021 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc)
Huanhuan Qu20102013 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Lou Rocardpeptide chemistry
Joseph A Romo GOBS20172017 Matthieu Sollogoub (research assistant)
Julien Rossignol20132016 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Adrien Schahl2021 Jean-Philip Piquemal (post-doc)
Rocio Seminostructure of porous materials, structure and dynamics of electrolytes in solution, structure and dynamics of liquids, computer simulation, molecular dynamics, enhanced sampling, crystal growth, structure at solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces, proton
Pierre Sinaÿcarbohydrate chemistry
Matthieu Sollogoubcarbohydrates, cyclodextrins, organic, supramolecular
Lydia Sosa-Vargasphthalocyanine, porphyrins, liquid crystals, surface self-assembly, softmatter, nanocomposites, organic electronics, photovoltaics
Serge ThorimbertChemistry
Julien ToulouseElectronic-structure theory
Hugo Vervoitte20172020 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Yuliia VybornaDNA Nanotechnology, Supramolecular Chemistry, Active Matter
Philippe Walter
Bo Wang Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Wenting Wu20152019 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Shaoping Wu
Bixue XU20082012 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Guangcan Xu20162020 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Elena Zaborova20072010 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Pinglu Zhang20122015 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Changping Zheng20152019 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Xiaolei Zhu20142017 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)
Sha Zhu20132017 Matthieu Sollogoub (grad student)