Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert J. AngeliciOrganometallic Chemistry, Catalysis1964 Ernst Otto Fischer (post-doc)
Thorsten Bach
Robert E. BachmanInorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry19941995 Hubert Schmidbaur (post-doc)
Raphael J. F. BergerInorganic Chemistry19992002 Hubert Schmidbaur (grad student)
Thomas BöttcherChemical Biology, Natural Products, Enzyme Inhibitors20102010 Stephan Sieber (post-doc)
Wilhelm BrenigTheoretical physics
Johannes BuchnerChaperones, protein aggregation,protein folding
Jakob Burger
Klaus Burger Department of Chemistry Friedrich Weygand (research assistant)
Wolfgang DomckeTheoretical chemistry1975 Wilhelm Brenig (grad student)
Alexander S.S. DömlingDrug Design1994 Ivar Karl Ugi (grad student)
Otto Dopfer19911994 Edward W. Schlag (grad student)
Julio Cesar Espinoza CamposMolecular Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Thermodynamics
Alexander Constantin FilippouOrganometallic Chemistry1984 Ernst Otto Fischer (grad student)
Ernst Otto FischerInorganic chemistry, organic chemistry
Hans FischerOrganic chemistry, natural products chemistry
Heinz G. Flossbiosynthesis of antibiotics and related natural products1961 Friedrich Weygand (grad student)
Joachim Frankcryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) of ribosomes1970 Walter Hoppe (grad student)
François P. Gabbaïmain group chemistry1998 Hubert Schmidbaur (post-doc)
Maxim F. Gelin20022003 Wolfgang Domcke (post-doc)
Stephan GoldschmidtAromatic and Radicalchemistry
Sayam S. GuptaInorganic Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering20052006 Thomas Scheibel (post-doc)
Horst C. KesslerSynthesis and structure of peptides
Stefan F. Kirsch Organic Chemistry20002003 Thorsten Bach (grad student)
Cornelius Gerhard Kreiter Chemistry Ernst Otto Fischer (grad student)
ZhengGang Lan2007 Wolfgang Domcke (grad student)
Zhu Liu
Jörn Manzquantumdynamic methods for chemical elementary reactions1972 G. Ludwig Hofacker (grad student)
Dale F. MierkeBiophysical chemistry, high resolution NMR, peptide hormone structure and function19901993 Horst C. Kessler (post-doc)
Sabyashachi MishraComputational and Theoretical Chemistry20032007 Wolfgang Domcke (grad student)
Marvin D. Rauschorganometallic chemistry1957 Ernst Otto Fischer (post-doc)
Thomas Scheibel
Edward W. Schlagspectroscopy and dynamics—principally ZEKE spectroscopy, but also multiphoton mass spectrometry, radiationless processes, cluster research, unimolecular reactions, electron transfer and ionization mechanisms
Hubert SchmidbaurChemistry of Silicon, Phosphorus, Beryllium, Gallium, Gold
Ulrich Schubert19721974 Ernst Otto Fischer (grad student)
Fritz SeelInorganic chemistry Institute of Inorganic Chemistry1940 Walter Otto Hieber (grad student)
Norbert SewaldBioorganic Chemistry, Biocatalysis Department of Chemistry19881991 Klaus Burger (grad student)
Dorit ShemeshAtmospheric chemistry Chemistry Wolfgang Domcke (post-doc)
Georg Süss-Fink1977 Max Herberhold (grad student)
Andrei Tokmakoffultrafast vibrational spectroscopy to study the molecular dynamics of chemical reactions in solution and biological processes19951996 Alfred Laubereau (post-doc)
Ivar Karl Ugimulticomponent reactions
Gerhard Wagnerstructural aspects of protein function1971 Adalbert Mayer-Heinricy (research assistant)
Cecil J. WatsonPorphyrins, Porphyria, Bile Pigments19301932 Hans Fischer (post-doc)
James Wilton-Elyfunctionalised nanostructures,multimetallic complexes, Multifunctional MRI contrast agents
Jeongsik YunPhysics, Electrochemistry, Battery Physics Department20142020 Aliaksandr S. Bandarenka (grad student)
Weining ZhaoChemical Biology, Proteomics Department of Chemistry Department of Chemistry20162018 Stephan Sieber (grad student), Stephan Sieber (post-doc)