Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Magid Abou-GharbiaPharmacology, Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmacy
Salsabil Abou-HatabTheoretical Computational Chemistry Chemistry2017 Spiridoula C. Matsika (grad student)
Anna Abraham Chemistry19671972 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Martin W. AdlerPharmacology, substance abuse
Selver AhmedPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Nanotechnology Chemistry2012 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Suleyman Akocak Pharmaceutical Sciences20092014 Marc Antoniu Ilies (grad student)
Guy F. AllenTransport properties of binary mixtures near the critical point
Emad Saleem AlnemriCell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology1991 Gerald Litwack (grad student)
David W. AngertPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology Physiology2011 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Sivakumar AnnaduraiPharmacology, Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences2011 Daniel J. Canney (grad student)
Omari E. AnsongPolymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Taryn P. Anthony Department of Chemistry20142019 Katherine A. Willets (grad student)
Yaroslav AulinOptical Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2015 Eric Borguet (post-doc)
Krithika BalasubramanianBiochemistry Biochemistry2010 Barbara L. Stitt (grad student)
Larry A. BarrPhysiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology Physiology2014 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Jefferson E. BatesTheoretical and Computational Chemistry20152017 John P. Perdew (post-doc), Adrienn Ruzsinszky (post-doc)
Richard J. BattagliaPolymer Chemistry2000 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Zainab I. BelloBiochemistry2008 Charles Timmis Grubmeyer (grad student)
Richie R. BhandarePharmacy Pharmaceutical Science2013 Daniel J. Canney (grad student)
BL BhargavaComputational chemistry ICMS20072011 Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
Dheeraj BhavanasiPhysiology Biology Physiology2014 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Kamala BhavarajuPhysiology Biology Molecular and Cellular Physiology2010 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Andrew G. BlaggAnimal Physiology Biology2004 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Anthony J. BlewettAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2008 Susan J. Varnum (grad student)
James Lawrence BloomerBiosynthesis
Yingjian BoOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Scott M. Sieburth (grad student)
Michael R. BorensteinPharmacology, Polymer Chemistry
Eric Borguet
Abdelaziz Boulesbaa Chemistry2014 Eric Borguet (grad student)
Kerisha A. BowenAsymmetric Synthesis Chemistry2009 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Kristin Bowman-JamesInorganic Chemistry1974 Zvi Dori (grad student)
Claudia L. Buitrago MurciaPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology Physiology2012 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
G. Leslie Burnett20072008 Scott M. Sieburth (research assistant)
David M. BurnsAsymmetric Synthesis2003 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Yamini S. BynagariCell Biology, Physiology Biology Molecular and Cellular Physiology2010 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
R. Kramer Campen Eric Borguet (grad student)
Daniel J. CanneyPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Angie Cardis19721977 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Samuel Chackalamannil Chemistry19801983 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Sudip ChakrabortyMolecular Modeling & Simulation, CPU-GPU Hybrid Computing Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
Pratip ChakrabortyComputational Chemistry Department of Chemistry2015 Spiridoula C. Matsika (grad student)
Ramya ChariPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Physiology2010 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Khuram W. ChaudharyAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry2003 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Yiling ChenPhotochemistry, redox mechanisms, computational calculation CEE20112016 Huichun Zhang (grad student)
Xiongwen ChenPathology, Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering2003 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Peiling ChenOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2010 Scott M. Sieburth (grad student)
Indrani ChoudhuriComputational Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Materials, Photo-chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Bio-sequencing Chemistry2020 Ronald M. Levy (post-doc)
Cynthia M. CilibertoAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmacy2004 Susan J. Varnum (grad student)
Matthew A. CoughlanPhysical Chemistry, Optics Physics Chemistry2012 Robert J. Levis (grad student)
Hai-lung Daispectroscopy, dynamics, surfaces
Matteo Dal Peraro Department of Physics20042007 Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
David Robert DaltonChemistry Chemistry20102019 Phillip E. Sonnet (collaborator)
Franklin Arnold DavisAsymmetric Synthesis
Frankin A. DavisBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry
Subir DebnathPolymer Chemistry, Dentistry2003 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Lucie Delemottemechanisms of membrane transport and of allosteric regulation Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
Elena DeliuPharmacology, Biochemistry Pharmacology2012 Nae J. Dun (grad student)
Patrick P. DeLucaPharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicine and Surgery1963 Harry Barr Kostenbauder (grad student)
Nikolay N. Dementev Chemistry2011 Eric Borguet (grad student)
Shyam N. DesaiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology2008 Daniel J. Canney (grad student)
Michael DiCiccoAnalytical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2005 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Paul W. DoetschMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry1982 Robert J. Suhadolnik (grad student)
Patrick J. DoonanBiochemistry, Molecular Biology Biochemistry2012 Madesh Muniswamy (grad student)
Zvi Dorisynthetic and structural coordination chemistry
Robert T. DorsamPharmacology2004 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Nae J. DunPharmacology, Biochemistry
Hoan Q. DuongOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Scott M. Sieburth (grad student)
Jason M. DuranPhysiology Biology Physiology2015 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Thomas DurigPharmacology2001 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
Ved Dutta Chemistry19651969 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Ramakrishna Edupuganti RamAsymmetric Synthesis Chemistry2011 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Ali Eftekhari-Bafrooei Chemistry20052010 Eric Borguet (grad student)
Tianan FangAsymmetric Synthesis2004 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Hui FangPhysical Chemistry, Spectroscopy Chemistry2016 Hai-lung Dai (grad student)
Reza FassihiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy
Mark A. FeitelsonVirology Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Mark A. FeitelsonVirology Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Paul M. FlaniganAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Robert J. Levis (grad student)
Steven A. Flemingorganic mechanisms, chemical education
Henry G. Foley Chemistry19691974 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Tiffany I. FriedmanMolecular Biology, Virology Biology, Oncology Biology2012 Mark A. Feitelson (grad student)
Narendra V. GaddirajuAsymmetric Synthesis Chemistry2013 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Ana M. GameroBiochemistry, Oncology
Wei Gan Hai-lung Dai (post-doc)
Satyakala GantiAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Susan A. Jansen (grad student)
Paul GaspariBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Frankin A. Davis (grad student)
Yunhui GeComputational Chemistry Chemistry20142020 Vincent A. Voelz (grad student)
Todd M. GetzPhysiology Biology, Biochemistry Physiology2012 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Charles Timmis GrubmeyerBiochemistry
Md. Imdadul HaqueAtmospheric Chemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry Chemistry20172022 Ann M. Valentine (grad student)
George W. Harrington
Teresa Head-GordonTheoretical and computational chemistry, biophysics Chemistry19891990 Ronald M. Levy (post-doc)
Nicholas E. HoffmanBiochemistry Biochemistry2014 Madesh Muniswamy (grad student)
Steven R. HouserAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry
Qiuli HuangOrganic Chemistry2004 Grant R. Krow (grad student)
Kathryn T. IaconoMolecular Biology2002 Robert J. Suhadolnik (grad student)
Marc Antoniu Iliesmedicinal chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, drug and gene delivery systems
Saadet InanPharmacology, Neurobiology Biology Pharmacology2010 Nae J. Dun (grad student)
Oleksandr Isaienko Chemistry2011 Eric Borguet (grad student)
Marlene Ann Jacobsondrug discovery and preclinical development
Naser JaleelPhysiology Biology, General Biophysics Physiology2010 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Shahla JamzadPharmacy2006 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
Haishan C. Jang2000 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
Susan A. JansenAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Susan A. Jansen-VarnumAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Serge Jasmin Chemistry19921996 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Vibha JhaImmunology Microbiology and Immunology2009 Marc Monestier (grad student)
Padmanabh B. Joshi Department of Chemistry20152018 Katherine A. Willets (post-doc)
Fernando A. JoveInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20082010 Bradford B. Wayland (post-doc)
Albert S. JungPhysiology Biology, Molecular Biology2007 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Mushir ul Hasan K TTheoretical and Computational Chemistry Chemistry2017 Spiridoula C. Matsika (grad student)
Vyjayanthi N. KambamOrganic Chemistry2007 Scott M. Sieburth (grad student)
Tolga N. V. Karsili20162018 Spiridoula C. Matsika (post-doc)
Hemant Kumar Kashyap2013 Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
Christopher J. KemmererPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy2001 Tully Speaker (grad student)
Kurt A. KistlerPhysical Chemistry, Quantum Physics, General Biophysics Chemistry2010 Spiridoula C. Matsika (grad student)
Michael L. Kleincomputer simulation of condensed molecular systems
Kimberly D. KlonowskiImmunology2001 Marc Monestier (grad student)
Goutham KodaliProtein design, Biochemistry Chemistry2009 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
Harry Barr Kostenbauder
Grant R. KrowOrganic Chemistry
Svitlana KulykOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2014 Scott M. Sieburth (grad student)
Satya P. KunapuliPhysiology Biology, Biochemistry
Mortimer M. LabesPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Walden S. LesterOrganic Chemistry, Pharmacology2008 Grant R. Krow (grad student)
Benjamin G. LevineComputational Studies of Photochemistry20072011 Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
Robert J. LevisPhysical Chemistry
Liping LiImmunology Microbiology and Immunology2009 Marc Monestier (grad student)
JingXin Liang Department of Chemistry20092012 Spiridoula C. Matsika (research assistant)
Shirley Liebman Chemistry19651969 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Guoliang LinOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2010 Grant R. Krow (grad student)
Gerald Litwackglucocorticoid receptor
Lee-Yuan Liu-ChenOpioid receptors, Pharmacology
Weiqi LuPharmacy2001 Tully Speaker (grad student)
Gerald Lucovskyultra-thin Si oxyitride devices1960 Elmer L. Offenbacher (grad student)
Jianqiang Maspectroscopy, dynamics, surfaces Chemistry2011 Hai-lung Dai (grad student)
Alexander W. MacFarlane2003 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
Rajesh R. MadathingalPolymer Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2011 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Prithwiraj MaitraPolymer Chemistry2003 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Catherine A. MakarewichPhysiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Molecular and Cellular Physiology2014 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Manasa Mamunooru Chemistry2013 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
Yingying MaoPhysiology Biology Physiology2009 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Kyle Marchuk Katherine A. Willets (post-doc)
Julian A. MattielloMedicine and Surgery, Animal Physiology Biology2000 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Azad MayanglambamPhysiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Physiology2010 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Joseph C. McGinleyMedicine and Surgery, Animal Physiology Biology2004 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Robert L. McNeil, Jr.introduced Butisol® and Tylenol®1938 James C. Munch (research assistant)
Jeffrey Y. MelamedAsymmetric Synthesis2005 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
John MeshkiCell Biology, Pharmacology2004 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Stephen I Miller Chemistry19661971 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Geoffrey D. MillsAnimal Physiology Biology2006 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Shahrzad MissaghiPharmacy2006 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
Natalia Molina Department of Chemistry20152020 Katherine A. Willets (grad student)
Joseph W. Monaghan Department of Chemistry20162021 Katherine A. Willets (grad student)
Utpal Kumar Mondal Pharmaceutical Sciences20132019 Marc Antoniu Ilies (grad student)
Marc MonestierImmunology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
James C. MunchPharmacology
Madesh MuniswamyBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Christopher K. MurphyCBRNE Chemistry19901995 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Swaminathan MurugappanPhysiology Biology2006 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Nicholas F. MutoMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2001 Robert J. Suhadolnik (grad student)
Madhavan Narayanan Chemistry2010 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
Danielle M. NicoloImmunology, Pathology2002 Marc Monestier (grad student)
Ivo P NnanePharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Analytical Chemistry
Silpa NuthalapatiPharmacy, Pharmacology, Oncology Pharmaceutical Sciences2012 Daniel J. Canney (grad student)
Johanan OdhnerPhysical Chemistry, Optics Physics Chemistry2012 Robert J. Levis (grad student)
Otito I. OkporPharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences2011 Daniel J. Canney (grad student)
Santiago Orregobiomineralization, fatigue, fracture, dentin, biofilms, acids
Mark D. PaciollaAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2002 Susan A. Jansen (grad student)
N.P. L. PalliyaguruPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Robert J. Levis (grad student)
Utpal J. PatelBiochemistry2008 Charles Timmis Grubmeyer (grad student)
Benjamin Z. PaulPharmacology, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2002 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Raymond F. Pauszek Chemistry2013 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
John P. Perdewdensity-functional theory of electronic structure
Rebecca E. PetrePhysiology Biology2006 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Valentino PiacentinoAnimal Physiology Biology2002 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Eduardo PiaggioImmunology Microbiology and Immunology2009 Marc Monestier (grad student)
Viness PillayPharmacology2000 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
Alexander Platttheoretical population genetics Biological Sciences Jody Hey (post-doc)
Piramanayagam PrakasamPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2003 Mortimer M. Labes (grad student)
kavirayani ramakrishna prasadorganic chemistry chemistry20002003 Franklin Arnold Davis (post-doc)
Hui QiuAsymmetric Synthesis Chemistry2012 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Michael P. QuailePhysiology Biology2008 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Robert RaffaPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Rahul A. RanadePolymer Chemistry2006 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Ashwin U. RaoAsymmetric Synthesis2005 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Deepa RapoluOrganic Chemistry2008 Grant R. Krow (grad student)
Phillip A. Reinhardt Department of Chemistry20172022 Katherine A. Willets (grad student)
Richard C. RemsingTheory2015 Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
Michael E RockmanIon Channels, Protein Structure Biochemistry2016 Brad S. Rothberg (grad student)
Ronald K. Rodebaugh Chemistry19661971 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Sofia B. RodriguezBiochemistry2008 Barbara L. Stitt (grad student)
Eric I. RossmanAnimal Physiology Biology2003 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Brad S. RothbergK+ channels
Benjamin M. RowleyImmunology2004 Marc Monestier (grad student)
Adrienn Ruzsinszky
Vaishnavi SambandamOncology, Molecular Biology, General Biology Biology2014 Mark A. Feitelson (grad student)
Rajesh KK Sanku Pharmaceutical Sciences20132018 Marc Antoniu Ilies (grad student)
Uttam SatyalDrug and nucleic acid delivery systems Pharmaceutical Sciences20132018 Marc Antoniu Ilies (grad student)
Sushma SavaralaBiochemistry, Pharmacy, Nanoscience Chemistry2012 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Christian E. Schafmeistersynthetic chemistry, molecular biology, and X-ray crystallography
Michael SchiraldiImmunology Microbiology and Immunology2011 Marc Monestier (grad student)
Martha Schrempelcomputer simulation of condensed molecular systems Music Performance2010 Michael L. Klein (grad student)
Robert J. SchulingkampPharmacology2002 Robert Raffa (grad student)
Lawrence T. SeinPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2000 Susan A. Jansen (grad student)
Sushmita SenOrganic Chemistry2007 Scott M. Sieburth (grad student)
Ahmed Marawan Shabana Pharmaceutical Sciences20132018 Marc Antoniu Ilies (grad student)
Haripriya ShankarMolecular Biology2006 Satya P. Kunapuli (grad student)
Jyoti SharmaPharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences2013 Daniel J. Canney (grad student)
Vishnu Dutt Sharma Pharmaceutical Sciences20102014 Marc Antoniu Ilies (grad student)
Leif J. Sherrytheory and computation as applies to problems in nanotechnology, properties of materials, macromolecular structures and dynamics, molecular self-assembly, optics, materials physics and biophysics Chemistry Katherine A. Willets (post-doc)
Susan E. ShetzlineBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2001 Robert J. Suhadolnik (grad student)
Fengjian ShiMass Spectrometry Chemistry20112017 Robert J. Levis (grad student)
M. S. Siddiqui2007 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
Scott M. SieburthOrganic Chemistry
Swapnil SinghOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Scott M. Sieburth (grad student)
Jonathan M SmithMolecular Spectroscopy
Jonathan SoboloffBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Phillip E. Sonnet
Dianne R. SopranoBiochemistry, Cell Biology
Frank C. SpanoPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics
Tully SpeakerPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy
Shawn D. SpencerPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry2004 Robert Raffa (grad student)
Gregory W. StaglianoPharmacology, Pharmacy2006 Robert Raffa (grad student)
Kenneth W. StaglianoNatural products chemistry, anti-viral agents1992 James Lawrence Bloomer (grad student)
Robert J. Stanley
Arnold Steingene regulation1972 Guy F. Allen (grad student)
Barbara L. StittBiochemistry
Robert J. SuhadolnikMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Weilin SunPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2005 Daniel J. Canney (grad student)
Yugang Sunnanoscience
Vignesh SundaresanElectrochemistry, Super-resolution imaging, Plasmonics Department of Chemistry20142018 Katherine A. Willets (grad student)
Kenneth T. SykesAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry2001 Susan A. Jansen (grad student)
Rahmat M. TalukderPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy2005 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
Sicheng Tangunnatural peptide Chemistry2018 Christian E. Schafmeister (post-doc)
Xiaolu (Lisa) TaoPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Analytical Chemistry2005 Ivo P Nnane (grad student)
Bryan TeetsBiochemistry Biochemistry2011 Dianne R. Soprano (grad student)
Naresh ThedduAsymmetric Synthesis Chemistry2011 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
H. Ti TienMembrane Biophysics1963 George W. Harrington (grad student)
John Tierney Chemistry19761980 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Lara TutunjiPharmacy2005 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
George D. V. vanPharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Molecular Biology
Shivaiah VaddypallySynthetic Bioinorganic Chemistry20092013 Michael J. Zdilla (post-doc), Christian E. Schafmeister (post-doc), Robert J. Levis (grad student)
Ann M. ValentineBioinorganic Chemistry
Deepti R. VarmaAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2012 Susan J. Varnum (grad student)
Susan J. VarnumAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Jaya VasImmunology Microbiology and Immunology2008 Marc Monestier (grad student)
Cristina D. Vianna-SoaresPharmacology, Polymer Chemistry2001 Michael R. Borenstein (grad student)
Vincent A. Voelzmolecular simulation of proteins and peptidomimetics
Jennifer Caroll WaltersHypervalent Iodine Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Synthesis Department of Chemistry20142019 Sarah E. Wengryniuk (grad student)
Rongsheng WangChemical Biology
Gary P. WangBiochemistry2001 Charles Timmis Grubmeyer (grad student)
Rongwei WangMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2000 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Sarah E. Wengryniuk
Charles Earl WennerCell Biology, Biochemistry1953 Sidney Weinhouse (grad student)
Katherine A. Willets
Yongzhong WuAsymmetric Synthesis2005 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Chunyu WuPharmacy2004 Ivo P Nnane (grad student)
Yunqi WuPharmacy2004 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
William M. WuestBioorganic Chemistry
Stephanie Louisa WunderPolymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Qi XiaoChemistry Chemsitry2017 Michael L. Klein (post-doc)
Yangjun Xing Chemistry2009 Eric Borguet (grad student)
He XuAsymmetric Synthesis2007 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Hajime YamagataPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics Chemistry2013 Frank C. Spano (grad student)
Kongsheng Yang2007 Robert J. Stanley (grad student)
Cara YoungPharmacy, Polymer Chemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences2014 Reza Fassihi (grad student)
Yun Yu Department of Chemistry20162019 Katherine A. Willets (post-doc)
Ke YuanVirology Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology Biology2011 Mark A. Feitelson (grad student)
Hongfei YueAnalytical Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Pharmacology2005 Susan J. Varnum (grad student)
Chanyu YueBiochemistry, Oncology Biochemistry2013 Ana M. Gamero (grad student)
Young Yuh Chemistry19811985 David Robert Dalton (grad student)
Sara zahimorganic chemistry
Michael J. ZdillaInorganic chemistry
Hongyu ZhangPhysiology Biology Physiology2010 Steven R. Houser (grad student)
Yulian ZhangAsymmetric Synthesis2002 Franklin Arnold Davis (grad student)
Hanjun ZhangPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Physical Chemistry2006 Stephanie Louisa Wunder (grad student)
Qingquan Zhaosynthetic chemistry, molecular biology, and X-ray crystallography Chemistry2014 Christian E. Schafmeister (grad student)