Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
David C. Amberg Biochemistry1992 Charles N. Cole (grad student)
Joseph D. BeckmannBiochemistry19841987 Bernard L Trumpower (post-doc)
Phillip W. BermanDrug development, vaccines, AIDS, monoclonal antibody therapeutics, immunology, molecular cell/biology, recombinant protein production1977 Henry A. Harbury (grad student)
Charles N. Coletransport of messenger RNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
R. Clinton Fullerphotosynthesis
David J. GladstoneHuman Factors Engineering, Dosimetry
Julie A. Gossecell surface receptors Physiology20052007 Joshua W. Hamilton (post-doc)
Joshua W. Hamilton
Henry A. Harbury
Jennifer Marie Hurleycircadian biology, immunology, mycology Genetics Biochemistry20092015 Jay C. Dunlap (post-doc), Jennifer J. Loros (post-doc)
Alexey J. MerzCell biology, Membrane biology, Membrane fusion, Golgi, Vacuole20002004 William Wickner (post-doc)
George C. PrendergastCancer Research Department of Pharamcology & Genetics Michael D. Cole (grad student)
David J Robbins
Mark E SchmittMitochondrial DNA Replication, RNase MRP Biochemistry19851990 Bernard L Trumpower (grad student)
Robert TokhuntsNMDA excitotoxicity, Heme degradation, Hedgehog Signaling Pharmacology and Toxicology Experimental and Molecular Medicine20062012 Ethan Dmitrovsky (grad student), David J Robbins (grad student)
Bernard L TrumpowerCytochromes