Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Paul David Adamscrystallography, cryo-EM, computational methods, structural biology Trent R. Northen (collaborator)
Tae Kyu AhnLaser spectroscopy, Photosynthesis, Solar Cells Physical Bioscience20052009 Graham R. Fleming (post-doc)
Muratahan Aykolcomputational materials science, DFT, batteries, machine learning2017 Kristin Aslaug Ceder-Persson (post-doc)
Patricia Ann Baisden19751977 Glenn T. Seaborg (post-doc)
Steven BaldelliSurface Chemistry2001 Philip N. Ross, Jr. (post-doc)
Swastika Banerjee20172019 Lin-Wang Wang (post-doc)
Mark D. Biggin
Mina J. BissellMicroenvironmental Influences on Gene Expression and Tissue Specificity in Normal and Malignant Breast
Samuel M. BlauReaction networks, high-throughput molecular electronic structure, electrochemistry, open quantum systems
Hendrik Bluhm
Henry John BurkiRadiation Biology, DNA damage, Biophysics
Jordi CabanaMaterials Chemistry, Batteries, X-Ray Spectroscopy
Charles R. CantorHuman genome analysis; molecular genetics; new biophysical tools and methodologies; genetic engineering
Sophie CarencoChemistry ; Material Sciences20122013 Miquel Salmeron (post-doc)
Yu ChaiPolymer Physics, AFM Molecular Foundry Paul D. Ashby (post-doc)
Joel Chasis
Zhan ChenBiomaterial and Polymer Surfaces, Biocompatibility, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Lasers19982000 Gabor A. Somorjai (post-doc)
Chun-Long Chen Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Guoying ChenChemistry of Nanoscale Inorganic Materials20022005 Thomas J. Richardson (post-doc)
Linfeng ChenInorganic Chemistry Molecular Foundry2023 Jeffrey J. Urban (post-doc)
Eun Seon Cho20132017 Jeffrey J. Urban (post-doc)
In-Geol ChoiComputational Genomics Physical Biosciences Division20042007 Sung-Hou Kim (research scientist)
Jaeyoo Choi2017 Jeffrey J. Urban (post-doc)
Gregory R. Choppin19531956 Glenn T. Seaborg (post-doc)
Victor Chubukov Aindrila Mukhopadhyay (post-doc)
Bruce Elliot Cohennanoscience, bioimaging, chemical biology
Gavin E. CrooksThermodynamics
Tanja Cukartificial photosynthesis2011 Heinz Markus Frei (post-doc)
Wibe A. de Jongquantum chemistry, HPC, machine learning, quantum computing
Selvan Demir20132015 David K. Shuh (post-doc)
Richard M. Diamondnuclear chemistry
Baoquan Ding Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Muammar El KhatibMachine Learning, Electronic Structure Computational Research Division20182020 Wibe A. de Jong (post-doc)
Thomas Engsystems biology, genetics Biological Systems Engineering Aindrila Mukhopadhyay (post-doc)
Heinz Markus FreiArtificial Photosynthesis
Chengyin Fu Juchen Guo (grad student)
Kevin J. GagnonChemistry, crystallography Advanced Light Source20132016 Simon J. Teat (research scientist)
Warren Manford Garrison
Naomi Shauna Ginsbergphotosynthetic light harvesting20072010 Graham R. Fleming (post-doc)
Anne E. V. GordenSynthetic Chemistry and Actinide Science
Gautam Gundiah
Jeffrey J. Headd3D structures of proteins Paul David Adams (post-doc)
Clayton H. Heathcocknatural products chemistry
Brett A. HelmsOrganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
Alexandre HERVE Actinide2016 Stefan G. Minasian (post-doc)
Daniel Allen Horner Chemical Sciences20042006 C. William McCurdy (post-doc)
Jianping HuangMaterials Chemistry
Earl K. Hydenuclear chemistry
Kinson C. KamMaterials Chemistry
Wang Hay KanSolid State Chemistry, Energy Storage/Conversion Systems, X-ray/Neutron Diffraction20162017 Guoying Chen (post-doc)
Balasubramaniam R. KavaipattiFuel Cells, PVD, MBE
Jan Florian Kernphotosynthesis, structural biology, biospectroscopy
Hyunchul KimRechargeable battery system, Synchrotron radiation-based analysis
Brandon KrullQuantum chemistry, density functional theory Center for Computational Science and Engineering2016 Michael L. Minion (post-doc)
Romas Kudirkaorganic synthesis Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Byoung-Chul Leeprotein folding and stability Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
James C LeeCell mechanics; neurodegenerative diseases; Alzheimer's disease20012002 Joel Chasis (grad student)
Woochul Lee20142018 Jeffrey J. Urban (post-doc)
Sophie A. LelievreCell Biology, Biochemistry19951999 Mina J. Bissell (post-doc)
Frank T Lindgrenlipoproteins
Gao Liupolymer science, materials
Yuchen LiuScattering Theory Chemical Science20202025 Robert R. Lucchese (grad student)
Nathaniel A. LyndPolymer science
Victor R. MannNanoscience, chemical biology20202021 Bruce Elliot Cohen (grad student), Bruce Elliot Cohen (post-doc)
Edwin M. McMillanNuclear chemistry
Dina Mirijanian Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Tara Prasad MishraElectron Microscopy, Computational Condensed Matter Physics
Aindrila Mukhopadhyaysupramolecular self-assembly Physical Sciences Jay D. Keasling (post-doc)
Hannah MurnenPolymer Science Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (grad student)
Satish C. B. Mynenienvironmental geochemistry19951998 Tetsu K. Tokunaga (post-doc)
Ki Tae Nam Molecular Foundry20062007 Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Bryan P. NellOrganophosphorus chemistry, organometallics, synthesis
Celeste M. NelsonTissue Morphodynamics20032007 Mina J. Bissell (post-doc)
John T. NewbergSurface Chemistry and Physics Chemical Sciences Division Materials Sciences Division20092012 Hendrik Bluhm (post-doc), Miquel Salmeron (post-doc)
Ka Chon NgInterface properties, Nonlinear optical spectroscopy, Physical chemistry
Andy I. NguyenChemistry The Molecular Foundry2016 Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Tad Ogorzalek
Billy K. PoonGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering Paul David Adams (research scientist)
Arthur M Poskanzer
Caroline ProulxOrganic Chemistry Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Yusen QiaoInorganic chemistry
Archana Raja
Adrianne M. RosalesPolymer Science Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (grad student)
Philip N. Ross, Jr.Electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems, hydrogen production from fossil fuels
Miquel Salmeronnanometer scale mechanical, chemical and physical properties of surfaces and interfaces
Suchol SavagatrupConjugated polymers, Sensors, Complex colloids20112012 Adam Z. Weber (research assistant)
P. James Schuckplasmonics, spectroscopy
Adam Michael SchwartzbergPhysical chemistry, ultrafast dynamics, stimulated Raman, atomic layer deposition, gas phase photochemistry, renewable energy, nanotechnology20082010 Jeffrey J. Urban (post-doc)
Ondřej Sedláček20122013 František Švec (research assistant)
David K. Shuh
Marina Simiancell biology, mammary gland biology, breast cancer, nanotechnology Life Sciences19972002 Mina J. Bissell (grad student)
David A. SivakBiophysics, Theoretical Chemistry Gavin E. Crooks (post-doc)
Frank Samuel Stephens
Ralf SudoweRadiochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry
Jing Sun Molecular Foundry Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
František Švec
John R. SwierkInorganic, Analytical, Energy Conversion20142015 T. Don Tilley (post-doc)
Franklin (Feng) Taochemistry and structure of the catalyst surfaces2010 Miquel Salmeron (post-doc)
Simon J. Teatsmall molecule crystallography, diffraction, framework materials, in-situ experiments
Stanley Gerald Thompsonnuclear chemistry
Tetsu K. Tokunaga
Bert Mills TolbertBiochemistry
Francesca Maria TomaPhotoelectrochemistry
Wei Tong
Lynn TraheyPhysical and Inorganic Chemistry
Blakely W Trescaorganic, supramolecular, peptoids20162018 Ronald N. Zuckermann (post-doc)
Susan E. Tsutakawa John Tainer (post-doc)
Jeffrey J. Urban
Kai-An Wangcombinatorial synthesis materials science
Glenn A. Waychunas
Walter W. WeareInorganic Chemistry20062010 Heinz Markus Frei (post-doc)
David B Williams-YoungElectronic Structure Theory, Quantum Chemistry, High Performance Computing, Numerical Linear Algebra
Kevin Wilson
Xiaoqin Wu
Jing Xuenergy Applied Energy Materials20142016 Wei Tong (post-doc)
Jiajun YanPolymer Chemistry Materials Science Division20182021 Brett A. Helms (post-doc)
Young-Sang YuX-Ray Syncrotron, materials
Changlin ZhangNano Materials, Electron Microscopy, Energy Conversion
Ronald N. ZuckermannNanobioscience