University of Southampton

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Neil Kensington Adamsurface chemistry
Oleg Antzutkin
John P. Appleton1961 Kenneth N. C. Bray (grad student)
Raymond Baker
Philip N. BartlettElectrochemistry Chemistry1981 John Wyndham Albery (grad student)
Alan BerryMolecular Enzymology, Directed evolution, Protein engineering, Aldolases, enzymes19791983 Peter M. Shoolingin-Jordan (grad student)
Alan Bewick Martin Fleischmann (grad student)
Peter Birkin Chemistry Philip N. Bartlett (grad student)
Margaret A. Brimble19831985 Raymond Baker (grad student)
Nathalie Busschaert20102014 Philip A. Gale (grad student), Philip A. Gale (grad student)
Stephen Caddick1989 Philip J. Parsons (grad student)
Claudia Caltagirone Philip A. Gale (post-doc)
Ishbel Grace MacNaughton Campbell
Daren Carauana
Marina Carravetta Malcolm H. Levitt (grad student)
Alan CarringtonSpectroscopy1959 Martyn Symons (grad student)
Neil R. ChampnessNanoscience19891993 William Levason (grad student)
Maria Concistrè Malcolm H. Levitt (grad student)
Richard C. CooksonOrganic Chemistry
Kenneth George DenbighPhysical chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, chemical engineering
James DowdenNatural product synthesis, Biochemistry19931996 Jeremy D. Kilburn (grad student)
John M. DykePhysical chemistry Noel Sydney Hush (grad student)
James Eills Malcolm H. Levitt (grad student)
Jonathan W. Essex
Martin FleischmannElectrochemistry
Philip A. GaleSupramolecular Chemistry
Steve Goldup
Duncan H. GregorySolid state chemistry19891993 Mark T. Weller (grad student)
Martin C. GrosselOrganic, polymers, photochemistry, Alicyclic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Molecular Electronics
David C. Hanna
Cally J.E. Haynes Department of Chemistry20092011 Philip A. Gale (grad student)
Richard H. HenchmanStatistical Mechanics, Theoretical Chemistry Jonathan W. Essex (grad student)
Jennifer R. Hiscock20072010 Philip A. Gale (grad student)
Martin Blake HockingOrganic chemistry1963 Ishbel Grace MacNaughton Campbell (grad student)
David M. Hodgsonsynthesis of biologically active molecules19861989 Philip J. Parsons (grad student)
Brian J. HowardSpectroscopy, Intermolecular forces, Clusters19671970 Alan Carrington (grad student)
Tony D. KeeneChemistry School of Chemistry School of Chemistry20142015 Michael B. Hursthouse (grad student), Simon J. Coles (research scientist)
Jeremy D. KilburnSupramolecular chemistry
William LevasonSynthetic inorganic chemistry
Malcolm H. Levitt
Sumeet Mahajan Chemistry Philip N. Bartlett (grad student)
Stephen R. Meech1983 David Philips (grad student)
Benno Meier Malcolm H. Levitt (post-doc)
Korakot Navakhun Philip A. Gale (grad student)
David Nicholls1959 Gerald Wilfred Albert Fowles (grad student)
J Steve OgdenMatrix Isolation
Philip J. Parsonsnatural product synthesis1978 Richard C. Cookson (grad student)
Rüdiger Paschotta19941997 David C. Hanna (post-doc)
Giuseppe Pileio Malcolm H. Levitt (post-doc)
B. Stanley Pons1979 Alan Bewick (grad student)
christopher pyneChemical Physics Alan Carrington (grad student)
Roberto Quesada Philip A. Gale (post-doc)
Anna Regoutzsolid state chemistry, X-ray spectroscopy
Kevin A. ReynoldsPharmaceutical Chemistry, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry1987 John A. Robinson (grad student)
Andrea E. RussellElectrochemistry, EXAFS, IR, SERS
Peter J. SarreAstrochemistry19731976 Alan Carrington (grad student)
Trevor J. Sears1978 Alan Carrington (grad student)
Silke Severmann Martin Palmer (post-doc)
Peter M. Shoolingin-Jordan
Timothy P. SoftleySpectroscopy and dynamics Alan Carrington (grad student)
Jonathan B. Spencerbiosynthesis of antibiotics Peter M. Shoolingin-Jordan (grad student)
Martyn Symonsfree radicals
Neil R. ThomasBiological chemistry19871990 David Gani (grad student)
mark viant Alan Carrington (grad student)
William Arnot WakehamThermophysical properties of fluids, intermolecular forces, thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering
Richard A. Waltonsynthesis, structure and reactivity of transition metal halides, hydrides, carboxylates and phosphine complexes1964 Gerald Wilfred Albert Fowles (grad student)
Jonathan K. WattsNucleic Acid Therapeutics, Chemical Biology
Jonathan James Westmicrofluidics, lab on chip
Robert J K Wood
Gavin L. Woodhall Howard Wheal (grad student)
Timothy G. WrightPhysical chemistry19881991 John M. Dyke (grad student)
Nigel A. YoungMaterials Chemistry J Steve Ogden (grad student)
Zhihui Zhang Hsiu-Yi Chao (grad student), Steve Goldup (grad student)