University of California, Riverside

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mildred Acevedo-DuncanBiochemistry19791983 Edward J. Carroll, Jr. (grad student)
Peter AdriaensField and laboratory analysis of bioremediation in natural and engineered groundwater and sediments; Risk and uncertainty management for site characterization and technology implementation; Microbial sensing in complex environmental systems1989 Dennis D. Focht (grad student)
Arun AgarwalPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Leonard J. Mueller (grad student)
Huiwang AiBioanalytical chemistry, chemical biology, protein chemistry
Sukon AimanantAtmospheric Chemistry Environmental Toxicology2012 Paul Jeffrey Ziemann (grad student)
Jose Alanis Bioengineering20132014 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Ali H. Alisurface chemistry2002 Francisco Zaera (grad student)
Sarah I. Allec2015 Bryan M. Wong (grad student)
Edith Bach AllenEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry, Ecology Biology
Adah AlmutairiOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry2005 Michael J. Marsella (grad student)
Gabriel A. Amaral2001 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Sudhakar Ambadi Chemistry20112015 Michael C. Pirrung (post-doc)
Michael A. AndersonSoil Chemistry
Matthew J. AndrolewiczMolecular Biology, Biochemistry1991 Carl Frederick Ware (grad student), Leah Tepper Haimo (grad student)
Steven Roger Angle
Pablo Ricardo ArantesComputational Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, Genome Editing Technology Bioengineering Giulia Palermo (grad student)
Janet AreyAtmospheric Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
Matt J. Asay Chemistry2009 Guy Bertrand (grad student)
Roger AtkinsonAtmospheric Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
Amy C. AvelarInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Christopher A. Reed (grad student)
Claudia Christine E AvilaSoil Carbon
Jeffrey B. BachantCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Jane M. Bader Theodore Kuwana (grad student)
Yaocai Bai20122017 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Ayesha BaigBotany Biology Plant Biology2013 Thomas Eulgem (grad student)
Nicole Bakas Chemistry2017 Michael C. Pirrung (grad student)
Jillian D. BakerEnvironmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics2004 Roger Atkinson (grad student)
Sharada BalakrishnanToxicology2002 David Eastmond (grad student)
Melissa L. BaldwinBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2007 Jeffrey B. Bachant (grad student)
Thomas Oakley BaldwinGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Mengdi Bao
Christopher John BardeenPhysical Chemistry, Laser Spectroscopy, Organic Materials
Gregory A. BardingAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2013 Julia Bailey-Serres (grad student)
Steven Bates
Airica L. Baxter-BurrellBotany Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2002 Julia Bailey-Serres (grad student)
Dominique S. Belanger2002 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Jan E. BelloOrganic Chemistry, Entomology Biology Chemistry2014 Jocelyn G. Millar (grad student)
Greg BeranQuantum Chemistry Martin Head-Gordon (grad student)
Craig E. BernardToxicology, Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health2001 David Eastmond (grad student)
Daniel S. Bernier2001 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Guy Bertrand
Heidi L. BethelGeophysics, Environmental Sciences2002 Janet Arey (grad student)
Ward P. BeyermannOptics Physics, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Virunya S. BhatToxicology, Environmental Sciences Environmental Toxicology2014 David Eastmond (grad student)
Melinda M. Bigelow DykToxicology, Agricultural Chemistry2009 David Eastmond (grad student)
Robert R. Birgenanotechnology
Louis B. BjostadEntomology Biology, Organic Chemistry Entomology1978 Harry H. Shorey (grad student)
Henry Blount
David F. Bocian
Krystelle Borja2023 Ke Du (research assistant)
Sara A. BrazillAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Werner G. Kuhr (grad student)
Robert L. BuddEnvironmental Sciences Environmental Sciences2009 Jianying Gan (grad student)
Craig M. BulaBiochemistry2003 Anthony W. Norman (grad student)
Wybren Jan Bumamolecular spectroscopy19891991 Bryan Earl Kohler (post-doc)
Jonathan J. BurdettInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Christopher John Bardeen (grad student)
Homero M. CamachoToxicology2009 David Eastmond (grad student)
Brad L. CavinderPlant Pathology Agriculture Microbiology and Plant Pathology20122014 Jason E. Stajich (post-doc)
Ricardo A. Cesped-RuizAgronomy Agriculture, Botany Biology, Plant Physiology, Plant Culture Agriculture2003 Carol J. Lovatt (grad student)
Vijaya S. ChagantiSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry Soil and Water Sciences2014 David M. Crohn (grad student)
Steven D. Chambreau2002 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Sunney I. ChanStructure and function of membrane proteins
Yu Chang
Ing-Feng ChangBotany Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2004 Julia Bailey-Serres (grad student)
Keith R. Chann2002 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
John C. Chaput2000 Christopher Y. Switzer (grad student)
Sulekha ChattopadhyayEnvironmental Sciences, Chemical Engineering2004 Paul Jeffrey Ziemann (grad student)
Lingling ChenPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Leonard J. Mueller (grad student)
Zhenshan ChenEnvironmental Sciences, Toxicology, Analytical Chemistry Environmental Toxicology2011 Robert Krieger (grad student)
Zhijie Chen Chemistry20112016 Huiwang Ai (grad student)
Mingguang ChenGraphene, carbon nanotube, nanomaterilas
Xinye Chen
Quan Jason Cheng
Huan-Chih ChiuCell Biology2007 Constance Nugent (grad student)
Konstantin Choumiline Earth Science20132019 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Phillip N. ChristopherHeterogeneous catalysis
Eric L. ChronisterInorganic Chemistry, Optics Physics
Wei-lien ChuangAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2000 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
David R. CockerAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Keith R. CoffeeAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Soil Science Agriculture2002 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Kathryn A. ColbyAnalytical Chemistry, Alternative Energy, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Christopher John Bardeen (grad student)
Salvador Conejero Inorganic Chemistry Guy Bertrand (post-doc)
Paul Fabyan Cook Biochemistry1976 Randolph Townsend Wedding (grad student)
Djurdjica CossCell Biology Biomedical Sciences19942000 Richard A. Luben (grad student), Ameae M. Walker (grad student)
David M. CrohnSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Damien B. CulverInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20152020 Matthew P. Conley (grad student)
Bryce W. Davis Chemistry2011 Quan Jason Cheng (grad student)
Alan J. DeHope Chemistry2010 Guy Bertrand (grad student)
Changhui DengBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2006 Richard A. Luben (grad student)
Sara J. DickensBotany Biology, Ecology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture Plant Biology2010 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Jolene K. DiedrichAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2011 Ryan R. Julian (grad student)
Tas DienesAnalytical Chemistry2003 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Justin Dingle Roya Bahreini (grad student)
Kenneth S. DochertyEnvironmental Sciences, Analytical Chemistry2004 Paul Jeffrey Ziemann (grad student)
Harvey Erwin Donerenvironmental factors and soil properties that control the retention and release of trace elements1967 Parker Frost Pratt (grad student)
Allyson Dorsey Bioengineering20142016 Michael C. Pirrung (grad student)
Chris DouvrisOrganometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers Chemistry Christopher A. Reed (post-doc)
Ke DuBiosensing, nanomanufacturing, nanomaterials, machine learning
Nicole Anh-Tho Duong Bioengineering20152016 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
David EastmondToxicology, Agricultural Chemistry
Douglas W. ElliottPhysical Chemistry2006 Leonard J. Mueller (grad student)
Nahla A. Elsaid2001 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Barry Epstein19621965 Theodore Kuwana (grad student)
Aholibama J. Escobar Chemistry2011 Guy Bertrand (grad student)
Samia EstassiOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry2005 Michael J. Marsella (grad student)
Thomas EulgemPlant Culture Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry
Yichong Fan Huiwang Ai (grad student)
Jian Fang Jikui Song (grad student)
Marta S. Fellows OlteanuInorganic Chemistry, Optics Physics Chemistry2010 Eric L. Chronister (grad student)
Pingyun FengMaterials Chemistry, Porous Materials, Photocatalysis
William H. FenicalNatural Products Chemistry1968 Phillip C. Radlick (grad student)
Maximilian R. FernandezAnalytical Chemistry2000 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Barbara J. Finlayson-PittsAtmospheric, Physical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry 1973 James N. Pitts (grad student)
Dennis D. Focht
Emmanuel Fofie Chemical and Environmental Engineering Akua Asa-Awuku (grad student)
Boniface P. T. Fokwa
Bruce A. Freemaneukaryotic cell production, reactions and signal transduction properties of oxidizing and free radical inflammatory mediators1978 John Brian Mudd (grad student)
Tetsuo Roy Fukuto
Narendar Reddy GadeOrganic Synthesis Chemistry20152017 Michael C. Pirrung (post-doc)
Jeffrey S. GaffneyAtmospheric and Environmental Chemistry, Climate Change, Nuclear and Isotope Chemistry19711975 James N. Pitts (grad student)
Luca Gambini Chemistry20152016 Michael C. Pirrung (post-doc)
Jianying GanEnvironmental Sciences, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry
Jay Gan
Yuan Gao2008 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Mitch André GarciaNuclear Chemistry Chemistry20002003 Michael Marsela (research assistant)
Lauren C. GarnerBotany Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2004 Carol J. Lovatt (grad student)
Linxiao Geng Chemical and Environmental Engineering20132017 Juchen Guo (grad student)
Abhik GhoshBioinorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, computational chemistry Department of Chemistry19951996 David F. Bocian (post-doc)
Catherine F. GibbonsToxicology, Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences2008 David Eastmond (grad student)
Richard A. Gibbs1988 William H. Okamura (grad student)
William P. GilhoolyGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry Eartth Science20062010 Timothy William Lyons (post-doc)
Benjamin Charles Gillbiogeochemistry; isotope geochemistry; paleoceanography20042009 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Ian G. GillespieBotany Biology, Ecology Biology2003 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Kandis Gilliard
Michael Giordano Akua Asa-Awuku (grad student)
Paul M. GlancyOptics Physics, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry2009 Ward P. Beyermann (grad student)
James A. GoeblMaterials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Colloidal Chemistry, Photonic Crystals, Self-Assembly Chemistry2014 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Elizabeth Goldbaum Earth Sciences20122014 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
C. S. GopinathSurface Science & Heterogeneous Catalysis19972000 Francisco Zaera (post-doc)
Russell N. Grimessynthesis and study of polyhedral molecular cage compounds of boron1963 M. Frederick Hawthorne (post-doc)
Deborah S GrossChemistry Chemistry19961998 Kimberly A. Prather (post-doc)
William H. GroverBioengineering, Microfluidics
Chunang GuChemical Toxicology2007 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Sankar K. GuchhaitSynthetic organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, medicinal chemistry, anticancer drugs20052006 Michael C. Pirrung (post-doc)
Juchen Guo
Michael S. GutierrezOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry Chemistry2013 Michael J. Marsella (grad student)
Robert C. Haddoncarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors1997 Mikhail E. Itkis (collaborator)
Jana Hajj-Shehadeh2023 Ke Du (research assistant)
James Hall20092014 Russ Hille (grad student)
Bruce D. HammockPesticide Biotechnology
Mark HamzaAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Glen Hance
Leanne Grace Hancock Earth Sciences20132018 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Dalton Hardisty Earth Science20122016 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
James M. Hargrove2007 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Kenny Hass
Rena Hayashiorganic and bioorganic chemistry of steroids as well as other biologically relevant molecules, mechanism of hormone action and the molecular basis of drug design2001 William H. Okamura (grad student)
Le HeMaterials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Colloidal Chemistry, Photonic Crystals, Self-Assembly Chemistry2013 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Qian He
Jiacheng He
Robert L. Heath
Nicole E. HebertAnalytical Chemistry2003 Werner G. Kuhr (grad student)
George Kenneth HelmkampOrganic chemistry
Helen L. HenryMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Dean HesterbergSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry1988 Albert Lee Page (grad student)
Benjamin D. HeubergerBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology2007 Christopher Y. Switzer (grad student)
Russ Hille
Diane M. HinkensOrganic Chemistry2006 M Mark Midland (grad student)
Hsiao-Yung HoEntomology Biology, Ecology Biology2000 Jocelyn G. Millar (grad student)
Stephan P. HoffmannInorganic Chemistry2005 Christopher A. Reed (grad student)
T. Keith Hollis
Brett HolmquistMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2003 Helen L. Henry (grad student)
Haizheng HongChemical Toxicology2007 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Yuan-Hao HsuSignal Transduction, Molecular Biology2006 Jolinda A. Traugh (grad student)
Yongxing HuMaterials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Colloidal Chemistry, Photonic Crystals, Self-Assembly Chemistry2011 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Zhongdong HuangSignal Transduction, Molecular Biology2000 Jolinda A. Traugh (grad student)
Wesley S. HunterEnvironmental Sciences, Toxicology, Agricultural Chemistry2009 Jay Gan (grad student)
Niranjan V. Ilawe2014 Bryan M. Wong (grad student)
Mikhail E. ItkisMaterial Science
Masahita Ito
Abishek Kannan Iyer20182019 Boniface P. T. Fokwa (post-doc)
John A. IzbickiHydrology, Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences2000 Donald Suarez (grad student)
Augusta V. JaminMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Botany Biology, Biochemistry Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics2011 Zhenbiao Yang (grad student)
Rodolphe JazzarCatalysis, Inorganic, Organic, Carbene20052006 Guy Bertrand (post-doc)
Purusottam JenaNano-structured materials, condensed matter physics, materials science1970 Tara Prasad Das (grad student)
Ao Ji Huiwang Ai (post-doc)
Fang JiaEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Organic Chemistry, Toxicology, Ecology Biology Environmental Sciences2014 Jay Gan (grad student)
Xinzhao JiangChemical Toxicology2006 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Yong JiangChemical Toxicology Environmental Toxicology2009 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Weiying JiangEnvironmental Sciences, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry Environmental Sciences2012 Jianying Gan (grad student)
De-en Jiang
Zhehui JinStatistical Thermodynamics Chemical and Environmental Engineering20072012 Jianzhong Wu (grad student)
Darin E JonesMedicinal Chemsitry19961998 Steven Roger Angle (post-doc)
Darin E. JonesMedicinal chemistry, drug discovery, organic chemistry Chemistry19961997 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Hans Jorgensen
Marcus A. JuhaszInorganic Chemistry2005 Christopher A. Reed (grad student)
Ryan R. JulianAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Jin-Hun JungSignal Transduction, Molecular Biology2004 Jolinda A. Traugh (grad student)
Piyada JuntawongGenetics, Molecular Biology Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics2010 Julia Bailey-Serres (grad student)
Michael Just2022 Ke Du (grad student)
Harry W. K. TomCondensed Matter Physics, Biochemistry
Matthew J. KaleHeterogeneous catalysis Phillip N. Christopher (grad student)
Stephen J. KarrMolecular Biology2008 Zhenbiao Yang (grad student)
Riki KawaguchiMolecular Biology2003 Julia Bailey-Serres (grad student)
Ornusa KhamsukBotany Biology, Evolution and Development Biology, Molecular Biology Plant Biology2011 Zhenbiao Yang (grad student)
Richard M. KhoInorganic Chemistry, Toxicology2000 Rajesh K. Mehra (grad student)
Brandi Kiel Reese Soil and Water Sciences20052007 Michael A. Anderson (grad student)
Musong Kim2002 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Colleen M. KnothMolecular Biology, Botany Biology, Genetics2008 Thomas Eulgem (grad student)
Aileen F. KnowlesBiochemistry Anthony W. Norman (grad student)
Bryan Earl Kohlermolecular spectroscopy
Grant Korensky
Robert KriegerToxicology, Agricultural Chemistry
Glenn R. Kuchenbeiser Chemistry2009 Guy Bertrand (grad student)
Werner G. KuhrAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology
Richard Joseph Kula1964 Donald T. Sawyer (grad student), Sunney I. Chan (grad student)
Raphael Kung Bioengineering20142015 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Theodore KuwanaElectroanalytical Chemistry
Jinfeng LaiPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2009 Leonard J. Mueller (grad student)
Thiranjeewa I. LansakaraMaterial Science, Surface Science Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering2021 Younjin Min (post-doc)
Cynthia LariveAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry1992 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Catharine H. LarsenDevelopment and Application of New Catalytic Methods for Direct, Green Syntheses of Highly-Substituted Amine Building Blocks as Potential Therapeutics
David A. Laude1984 Charles L. Wilkins (grad student)
Richard lauhead Bioengineering20102011 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Vincent LaVallo20052008 Guy Bertrand (grad student)
Karine G. Le RochMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Parasitology Biology
Dongkye LeeOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2004 Christopher Y. Switzer (grad student)
Ming-Ta LeeBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2009 Jeffrey B. Bachant (grad student)
Travis Lee Plant Biology2018 Julia Bailey-Serres (grad student)
Bridget Kimhaejii Lee Earth Science20132015 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
L. M. Fredrik Leeb-LundbergBiochemistry1981 Richard W Olsen (grad student)
Don Leedy Theodore Kuwana (grad student)
Yu Lei Chemical Engineering2004 Ashok Mulchandani (grad student), Wilfred Chen (grad student)
Jessy M. Lemieux Chemistry2013 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Zhidong LiChemical Engineering2007 Jianzhong Wu (grad student)
Shundai LiPlant Physiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2005 Zhenbiao Yang (grad student)
Yanhong LiToxicology, Occupational Health and Safety2009 Robert Krieger (grad student)
Jun Li
Puhong Liaocarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors2007 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
Jiayu LiaoQuantitative systems biology, quantitative FRET technology, SUMOylation, GPCRs, high-throughput screening, diabetes, inflammation, cancers Chemistry Statistic20142015 Michael Pirrunbg (collaborator), Jun Li (collaborator)
Sheri J. LillardAnalytical Chemistry
Yong Bin LimAtmospheric Chemistry Chemistry2008 Paul Jeffrey Ziemann (grad student)
Jian Linmaterials, machine learning, robotics Mechanical Engineering20072011 Cengiz Ozkan (grad student)
Ying-Hsuan Lin Environmental Sciences20102013 Jason D. Surratt (grad student)
Jiang Ling Bioengineering20112013 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Matthew J. Linman Chemistry2011 Quan Jason Cheng (grad student)
Jikai Liu Chemistry2013 Pingyun Feng (grad student)
Yan Liu Bioengineering20072012 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Li Liu
Patrick M. LloydAnalytical Chemistry2000 Eric L. Chronister (grad student)
Charles F. LouisBiochemistry
Carol J. LovattPlant Physiology, Biochemistry, Botany Biology
Zhenda LuMaterials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Colloidal Chemistry, Photonic Crystals, Self-Assembly Chemistry2012 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Zhijiang LuEnvironmental Sciences, Toxicology, Endocrinology Biology, Biochemistry Environmental Sciences2014 Jay Gan (grad student)
Qipeng Lu20112013 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Richard A. LubenBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Nan Luo Botany and Plant Sciences20102016 Zhenbiao Yang (grad student)
Tony LyAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2010 Ryan R. Julian (grad student)
Timothy William Lyonsbiogeochemistry, geobiology, astrobiology, paleoceanography
Zhen Masurface chemistry2006 Francisco Zaera (grad student)
Qiang Masurface chemistry Chemistry2010 Francisco Zaera (grad student)
Guangyu Ma2007 Quan Jason Cheng (grad student)
Vipul Madahar Bioengineering20112012 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Harbani Kaur Malik-Chaudhry Bioengineering20092014 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Swadhin K. MandalOrganometallic chemistry20022006 Robert C. Haddon (post-doc)
Anthony J. ManzoCondensed Matter Physics, Plant Physiology, General Biophysics2005 Ward P. Beyermann (grad student)
Michael Marsela
Michael J. MarsellaOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
David B. C. MartinOrganic synthesis
Theresa C. Massoudchemical biology, synthesis, and nucleic acids Chemistry2010 Michael C. Pirrung (grad student)
Francois MatheyOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Aiko MatsunagaPhysical Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry Chemistry2009 Paul Jeffrey Ziemann (grad student)
Michael J. McIntirePhysical Chemistry2003 Eric L. Chronister (grad student)
Andrew K. McPhersonOrganic Chemistry2000 M Mark Midland (grad student)
David S. Medina Chemistry2011 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Rajesh K. MehraInorganic Chemistry, Toxicology
Randall Mello Bioengineering20102011 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Lijie MenChemical Toxicology2007 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Robert Lee Metcalfentomology
Courtney E. MeyetNitrogen heterocycles, transition metal catalysis Chemistry20082013 Catharine H. Larsen (grad student)
M Mark MidlandOrganic Chemistry
Jocelyn G. MillarOrganic Chemistry, Entomology Biology
Younjin MinInterfacial Phenomena, Adhesion, Friction, Tribology, Biophysics, Biomaterials, Polymers
Mathew T. MizwickiBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Pharmacology2004 Anthony W. Norman (grad student)
Rebecca Mock Environmental Toxicology20152017 Samantha Ying (grad student)
Aaron R. MoehligBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Tom H. Morton (grad student)
Scott T. MondralaCell Biology2006 David Eastmond (grad student)
Ricardo A. Morales Llanossurface chemistry2007 Francisco Zaera (grad student)
Alexander Morita Huiwang Ai (grad student)
Tom H. MortonBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Emily M. MosesChemistry
John Brian MuddLipid metabolism in plants; mechanism of enzyme action; biochemical effects of toxic oxidants.
Leonard J. MuellerPhysical Chemistry
Marc C. Mumby1978 Jolinda A. Traugh (grad student)
Sara Nafar20212023 Ke Du (grad student)
Jenifer N. Nalbandianchemical biology, synthesis, and nucleic acids
Kaushik D. NandaQuantum Chemistry Chemistry2013 Greg Beran (grad student)
Martin L. Neitzel2000 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Robert C. NeumanPhysical Organic, Dynamics
Kevin D. Nguyen Earth Science20122014 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Mae G. NillosToxicology, Environmental Sciences2009 Jay Gan (grad student)
Noriko NishinoAtmospheric Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences2009 Janet Arey (grad student)
Sandip Niyogicarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors2006 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
Anthony W. NormanBiochemistry
Vardis E. NtoukakisPlant Physiology, Biochemistry, Botany Biology2005 Carol J. Lovatt (grad student)
Constance NugentBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Analytical Chemistry
Gregory J. O BeranMolecular Chemistry
Gregory J. O. BeranPhysical Chemistry
William H. Okamuraorganic and bioorganic chemistry of steroids as well as other biologically relevant molecules, mechanism of hormone action and the molecular basis of drug design
Andrew J. OlaharskiMolecular Biology, Oncology, Genetics2004 David Eastmond (grad student)
Christopher J. OliveraMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2008 Anthony W. Norman (grad student)
Ryan A. OlsenPhysical Chemistry2005 Leonard J. Mueller (grad student)
Stephanie L. Olson Earth Science20142018 Timothy William Lyons (grad student), Christopher T. Reinhard (grad student)
Kevin C. OrtonSignal Transduction, Molecular Biology2000 Jolinda A. Traugh (grad student)
Tetsuo Osa
M. Belen Oviedo20142016 Bryan M. Wong (post-doc)
Thomas W. Owen2007 Quan Jason Cheng (grad student)
Jeremy D. Owens Earth Science20082013 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Albert Lee PageSoil chemistry, Ion-exchange equilibria, Biogeochemistry of trace elements
Giulia Palermo Department of Bioengineering20132015 Ursula Roethlisberger (post-doc)
Chan Seung Park Global Energy Center19841990 Hasuck Kim (grad student)
Chad ten Pas
Sylvia H. PastorAnalytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2003 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Ruonan Peng2022 Ke Du (grad student)
Kenneth S. Phillips2006 Quan Jason Cheng (grad student)
Patricia T. PhousongphouangToxicology, Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics2002 Janet Arey (grad student)
Conor J. PierceDevelopment and Application of New Catalytic Methods for Direct, Green Syntheses of Highly-Substituted Amine Building Blocks as Potential Therapeutics Chemistry2013 Catharine H. Larsen (grad student)
Lynn J. PillitteriBotany Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Carol J. Lovatt (grad student)
Pedro Piqueras Akua Asa-Awuku (grad student)
Michael Pirrunbg
Michael C. Pirrungchemical biology, synthesis, and nucleic acids
James N. Pittsphotochemistry
Noah Planavsky Earth Science20072012 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Alex Plong Plant Biology2016 Judy A Brusslan (grad student)
Parker Frost Prattapplied chemistry of phosphorus and potassium, the leaching of nitrate into groundwater, and the use of organic wastes on cropland
Jorge Lomeli Prieto2023 Ke Du (research assistant)
Namratha Pulla Reddy GariSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences Soil and Water Sciences2013 David M. Crohn (grad student)
Xuelei Qian2006 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Qi Qian Huiwang Ai (post-doc)
Sujie QinEnvironmental Sciences, Agricultural Chemistry2007 Jay Gan (grad student)
Haibo QiuChemical Toxicology Chemistry2009 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Sophie (He) Qu Bioengineeirng20122014 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Dallas L. RabensteinAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Phillip C. Radlick
Shohreh RahbarniaOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry Chemistry2009 Michael J. Marsella (grad student)
Jon D. Rainiersynthesis of natural products, biological and medicinal chemistry1993 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
A Ramamurthy
Leela E. RaoEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry, Ecology Biology2008 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Christopher A. ReedInorganic Chemistry
Rodney J. ReidOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry2002 Michael J. Marsella (grad student)
Fabienne ReisenAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2003 Janet Arey (grad student)
Wei Ren Chemistry Huiwang Ai (grad student)
Michael S. Reyes Bioeningeering20112012 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Natascha Riedinger20092015 Timothy William Lyons (post-doc)
Gilberto F. RodriguezCondensed Matter Physics2005 Ward P. Beyermann (grad student)
Melinda S. Rodriguez-SalusPlant Culture Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry Plant Biology2012 Thomas Eulgem (grad student)
William M RosenChemistry, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry1967 Phillip C. Radlick (grad student)
Steven E. RosenwaldAnalytical Chemistry2000 Werner G. Kuhr (grad student)
Kristian M. Roth2002 David F. Bocian (grad student)
Patrick Roth Chemical and Environmental Engineering Akua Asa-Awuku (grad student)
Ramel J. Rubio2007 Pingyun Feng (grad student)
Aakash SahaComputational Chemistry, Biophysics, Computational Biology, Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Molecular Biology, Animal Cell Culture Bioengineering2019 Giulia Palermo (grad student)
Amy Salvador Environmental Science20152017 Samantha Ying (grad student)
Jaime E. SalvoPlant Physiology, Botany Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2005 Carol J. Lovatt (grad student)
Gayatri SankaranEnvironmental Sciences, Toxicology, Occupational Health and Safety Environmental Toxicology2012 David Eastmond (grad student)
Santanu Sarkarcarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors Chemistry2013 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
Tania A. SasakiAnalytical Chemistry2000 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Donald T. SawyerAnalytical Chemistry
Bohdan H. SchatschneiderPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2008 Eric L. Chronister (grad student)
G. Alan SchickSurface Chemistry, Materials Chemistry Chemistry19801984 David F. Bocian (grad student)
Heather E. SchneiderBotany Biology, Ecology Biology Plant Biology2010 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Richard Royce SchrockOrganic chemistry James N. Pitts (research assistant)
Franklin A. SchultzInorganic Chemistry1967 Donald T. Sawyer (grad student)
Clinton Scott Earth Science20042009 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Silke Severmann20052008 Timothy William Lyons (post-doc)
Pritam Shankhari20132019 Boniface P. T. Fokwa (grad student)
Kuanliang ShaoPyrolysis, Mass spectrometry
Stephanie Z. Shaw2001 Steven Roger Angle (grad student)
Min Shensurface chemistry2007 Francisco Zaera (grad student)
Xiulin Shen Bioengineering20062007 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Yali Shen
Dongwon ShinOrganic Chemistry2007 Christopher Y. Switzer (grad student)
Concepcion SiguenzaEcology Biology, Botany Biology, Environmental Sciences2000 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Justin Silva
Surajit SinhaOrganic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Drug discovery and delivery20002003 Christopher Y. Switzer (post-doc)
Abby G. SirulnikBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture2004 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Vanessa Y. SmallMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology2010 Constance Nugent (grad student)
Calvin Smith
Maoying Song2007 Guy Bertrand (grad student)
Yu Song Chemistry2011 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Yang Song Bioengineering20062011 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Reed S. SorensonBotany Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Plant Biology2012 Julia Bailey-Serres (grad student)
Stephen M. SpainAnalytical Chemistry2003 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Thomas C SparksInsecticide discovery, resistance, mode of action, biochemistry Entomogy19741978 Bruce D. Hammock (grad student)
Seenu Srinivasan
Ronald P. SteerPhysical Chemistry1969 James N. Pitts (post-doc)
Robert J. SteersEcology Biology, Botany Biology, Environmental Sciences Plant Biology2008 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Mark Alan StidhamBiochemistry, Plant Physiology, Microbiology Biochemistry19771980 Robert L. Heath (grad student)
Christen M. Strollo GordonOrganic Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry Chemistry2013 Paul Jeffrey Ziemann (grad student)
Timothy A. SuMaterials Chemistry, Molecular Electronics
Donald SuarezHydrology, Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences
David T. SuessPhysical Chemistry, Automotive Engineering2002 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Qiang SuiAnalytical Chemistry2006 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Huaxing SunAtomic Layer Deposition, Chemical Vapor Deposition Chemistry20082013 Francisco Zaera (grad student)
Qingyu SunAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Ryan R. Julian (grad student)
Ge SunPhysical Chemistry, Photochemistry20142020 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Ashley L. SwansonChemical Toxicology Environmental Toxicology2014 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Christopher Y. SwitzerOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Steven A. Benner (post-doc)
Hosein TafazolianOrganometallics Chemistry20162017 Matthew P. Conley (post-doc)
Jason M. Tangcarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors2007 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
Kevin Tao2023 Ke Du (research assistant)
Kelly L. TheelQuantum Chemistry Chemistry2013 Greg Beran (grad student)
Charles M. ThompsonOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry1982 Tetsuo Roy Fukuto (grad student)
Jolinda A. TraughSignal Transduction, Molecular Biology
Tan Truong Huiwang Ai (grad student)
Li-Chun TungCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering2005 Ward P. Beyermann (grad student)
Cesar Valenzuela-SolanoSoil Science Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy Agriculture2003 David M. Crohn (grad student)
Mario R. VargasChemical Toxicology Chemistry2012 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Victor C. Vassarorganic and bioorganic chemistry of steroids as well as other biologically relevant molecules, mechanism of hormone action and the molecular basis of drug design2001 William H. Okamura (grad student)
Johannes S. VerreynnePlant Culture Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2005 Carol J. Lovatt (grad student)
Helen A. VioliPlant Physiology, Botany Biology, Agronomy Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture2005 Carol J. Lovatt (grad student)
Ashley Vizenor Chemical and Environmental Engineering Akua Asa-Awuku (grad student)
Diep Vu Chemical and Environmental Engineering Akua Asa-Awuku (grad student)
Jake Waitkus2022 Ke Du (grad student)
Isha K. WallaceCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology2010 Jeffrey B. Bachant (grad student)
Jeffrey Kwok-Sing Wan1963 James N. Pitts (post-doc)
Yinsheng WangChemical Toxicology
Yuesong WangChemical Toxicology2006 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Hongxia WangChemical Toxicology Chemistry2010 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Jianshuang WangChemical Toxicology Chemistry2011 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Xiqing Wang2006 Pingyun Feng (grad student)
Feihu Wangcarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors Physics2012 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
Zhuangzhi Wang2007 Quan Jason Cheng (grad student)
Yehong WangEnvironmental Health, Genetics Environmental Toxicology2009 David Eastmond (grad student)
Can Wang2023 Ke Du (post-doc)
Hilda Wariyawan Medical Science20102014 Jiayu Liao (grad student)
Tariq H. WarsiCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2009 Jeffrey B. Bachant (grad student)
Rebeccah A. WaterworthHorticulture Agriculture, Entomology Biology Entomology2010 Jocelyn G. Millar (grad student)
Kristin A. WeathersEcology Biology, Natural Resource Management, Botany Biology Plant Biology2013 Edith Bach Allen (grad student)
Kevin H. Weber Chemistry2010 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Laura Wehrmann20102012 Timothy William Lyons (post-doc)
Lingyun Wei2006 David F. Bocian (grad student)
Ryan J. WenzelAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2004 Sheri J. Lillard (grad student)
Alex White Plant Biology2018 Judy A Brusslan (grad student)
Jeffrey R. WhiteakerAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering2002 Dallas L. Rabenstein (grad student)
Jarett WilcoxenBioinorganic Chemistry, Enzymology, EPR Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20082013 Russ Hille (grad student)
Christopher F. Wilkinson1965 Robert Lee Metcalf (grad student)
Renee T. WilliamsChemical Toxicology Chemistry2013 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Nathan WilmotOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry2006 Michael J. Marsella (grad student)
Jorg C. WoehlPhysical Chemistry1996 Bryan Earl Kohler (grad student)
Bryan M. WongComputational Chemistry and Materials Science
Richard E Woodlingasymmetric reductions Chemistry1988 M Mark Midland (grad student)
Kimberly A. Worsleycarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors Chemistry2010 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
James H. Wright Chemistry Chemistry20112013 Vincent LaVallo (grad student), Christopher A. Reed (grad student)
Jianzhong WuMolecular Modeling, Statistical Mechanics, Chemical Engineering
Chaolumen WuSynthesis and assembly of colloidal nanoparticles and their optical properties Chemistry Department20172023 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Yongsheng XiaoChemical Toxicology Chemistry2014 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Yuchen Xiao
Zuowei XieChemistry of boron, boron clusters, carboranes and metallacarboranes, homogenous catalysis, small molecule activation and organometallics Christopher A. Reed (post-doc)
Lei XiongChemical Toxicology Chemistry2011 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Kesheng Xu2001 Jingsong Zhang (grad student)
Lingyun XuSignal Transduction, Molecular Biology2007 Jolinda A. Traugh (grad student)
Tongda XuCell Biology, Microbiology Biology, Botany Biology Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology2010 Zhenbiao Yang (grad student)
Lianbin XuMaterials Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry20042007 Yushan Yan (post-doc)
Jian XueEnvironmental Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry20132015 Heejung Jung (post-doc)
Min XueSingle-cell analysis, Bioanalytical methods, Protein mimetics, Nanomedicine
Sharma S. YamijalaComputational Chemistry and Materials Science20172020 Bryan M. Wong (post-doc)
Ruoxue YanChemistry, Material Science, Nanotechnology
An YanBotany Biology Plant Biology2010 Zhenbiao Yang (grad student)
Zhenbiao YangMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Botany Biology, Biochemistry
Chia-Hei YangCondensed Matter Physics2007 Ward P. Beyermann (grad student)
Hai-Bin Yang Chemistry20172018 David B. C. Martin (post-doc)
Amir A. Yasseri2004 David F. Bocian (grad student)
Hsien-Wei Yeh
Yadong YinMaterials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Colloidal Chemistry, Photonic Crystals, Self-Assembly
Samantha Ying
Chan Yul YooPlant Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Department of Botany and Plant Sciences20152020 Meng Chen (research scientist)
Kunsang YoonOrganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials Chemistry2003 Michael J. Marsella (grad student)
Richard J YouleCell biology; Biochemistry Anthony H. C. Huang (grad student)
Michael C. YoungSynthetic Methodology Chemistry20092014 Richard J. Hooley (grad student)
Suzan Youssef Chemistry20112016 Huiwang Ai (grad student)
Aiping Yucarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors2008 Robert C. Haddon (grad student)
Henry Yuqing2023 Ke Du (grad student)
Jennifer L. ZabzdyrAnalytical Chemistry2004 Sheri J. Lillard (grad student)
Francisco Zaerasurface chemistry
Yu Zeng2007 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Qibin ZhangChemical Toxicology2005 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Qingchun ZhangChemical Toxicology2008 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Qiao ZhangMaterials Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Colloidal Chemistry, Photonic Crystals, Self-Assembly Chemistry2012 Yadong Yin (grad student)
Qichun Zhang2007 Pingyun Feng (grad student)
Shen Zhang Huiwang Ai (grad student)
Fa Zhang Chemistry20122014 Michael C. Pirrung (post-doc)
Jingsong Zhang
Xiang Zhao Chemistry2011 Pingyun Feng (grad student)
Dong S. Zhao2004 Quan Jason Cheng (grad student)
Yongfeng Zhao Chemistry and Bioechmistry20072012 Jiayu Liao (post-doc)
Nanfeng ZhengChemistry20012005 Pingyun Feng (grad student)
Lingyan ZhuPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Nanotechnology Chemistry2011 Christopher John Bardeen (grad student)
Paul Jeffrey ZiemannPhysical Chemistry, Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry
Kathryn J. ZimmermannAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Analytical Chemistry Environmental Toxicology2012 Janet Arey (grad student)
Yan ZouChemical Toxicology2007 Yinsheng Wang (grad student)
Fan Zuo Chemistry2012 Pingyun Feng (grad student)