National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gerard Michael CarrollElectrochemical energy storage and catalysis Chemistry and Nanoscience20172020 Nathan R. Neale (post-doc)
Ann L. Greenawaysemiconductor synthesis, photoelectrochemistry Materials Chemistry Science & Technology2018 Adele C. Tamboli (post-doc)
Yeyoung Hainterfaces, electrochemistry, energy storage Energy Storage2018 Sang-Don Han (post-doc)
Nadia Korovinaphotophysics, singlet fission, organic synthesis, spectroscopy Chemistry and Nanoscience20172020 Justin C. Johnson (post-doc)
Anastasia Ledinina Biosciences2020 Carolyn E. Lubner (research assistant)
Carolyn E. LubnerPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Energy Biosciences20142016 Paul W. King (research scientist)
Ryan Pekarek Nathan R. Neale (post-doc)
Sébastien Vidal Golden, CO20032004 Joseph J. Bozell (post-doc)
Aron WalshComputational Chemistry and Computational Materials Science Materials Theory20072009 Su-Huai Wei (post-doc)
Su-Huai Weisolar cells, modeling, materials
Courtney E Wise Biosciences2019 Carolyn E. Lubner (post-doc)
Ji-Guang Zhangenergy storage, thin films