Missouri University of Science and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Abdo-Alslam Ali AlwakwakCatalysts
Abdo-Alslam Ali Abdo-Alslam AlwakwakCatalysts, CO2 capture and green chemistry
Kwame Awuah-OffeiMining Engineering, Geochemistry2005 Samuel Frimpong (grad student)
Sansanee BoonsaleeInorganic Chemistry, Environmental Sciences Chemistry2008 Jay A. Switzer (grad student)
Casey Burton Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Evelyn F. ChamberlainEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water Resource Management Civil Engineering2008 Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Minghang ChenPolymer Chemistry, Nanotechnology Chemistry2013 Michael V. de Mark (grad student)
XiaoLiang ChengAnalytical Chemistry, Water Resource Management, Environmental Sciences Chemistry2010 Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Michael V. de MarkPolymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Prachi DesaiMolecular Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nanoscience Chemistry2014 Manashi Nath (grad student)
Sanjeewa GamagedaraAnalytical Chemistry, Biomarkers, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Environmental Analysis2012 Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Stephen Gibbons Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Rainer Ernst GlaserElectronic Structure Theory
Rakesh V. GudavarthyInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Solid State Physics2011 Jay A. Switzer (grad student)
Ji HuSynergistic effect of nanoparticles and heavy metals Jianming Wang (grad student)
Yongqing Jiang Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Shubhender KapilaAnalytical Chemistry
Chang-Soo KimElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry
Elizabeth A. KulpInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2009 Jay A. Switzer (grad student)
Nicholas LeventisOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Ke Li Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Weisheng LinAnalytical Chemistry, Toxicology Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Guoqiang LiuNitrification performance of activated sludge under low DO conditions Jianming Wang (grad student)
Phalgun LolurComputational Chemistry, Liquid Phase Thermodynamics Chemical Engineering Chemistry20112016 Daniel Forciniti (grad student), Richard Dawes (grad student)
Yinfa MaAnalytical Chemistry, Water Resource Management, Environmental Sciences
Shruti Mahadik-KhanolkarGeneral Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2013 Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis (grad student)
Moagabo J. MathibaMining Engineering, Geochemistry Mining and Nuclear Engineering2013 Kwame Awuah-Offei (grad student)
Sukhada MishraNanoscience, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2013 Manashi Nath (grad student)
Jigar K. MistryPhysical Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2012 Michael V. de Mark (grad student)
Dhairyashil P. MohiteOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2012 Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis (grad student)
Ruipu Mu Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Guojun MuMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry2010 Jay A. Switzer (grad student)
Sudhir M. MulikPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2008 Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis (grad student)
Arpana S. MurthyMaterials Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Solid State Physics2012 Von L. Richards (grad student)
Manashi NathNanoscience, Materials Science Engineering
Jongwon Park Electrical Engineering2009 Chang-Soo Kim (grad student)
Von L. RichardsAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Anand G. SadekarPolymer Chemistry2011 Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis (grad student)
Thomas P. SchumanPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Sasidhar V. SiddabattuniNanotechnology, Polymer Chemistry2011 Thomas P. Schuman (grad student)
Chariklia Sotiriou-LeventisOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
James O. StafferGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Isaac A. StaytonAnalytical Chemistry2009 Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Tingzhi SuQuantifying Arsenic, Selenium, and Vanadium Adsorption onto Activated Alumina – A Speciation-based Surface Complexation Approach; Leaching Characteristics of inorganic contaminants from coal fly ash Jianming Wang (grad student)
Yongpeng Sun Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Jay A. SwitzerInorganic Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
Yulin TangModeling the adsorption characteristics of typical inorganic anions in water Jianming Wang (grad student)
Arumugam ThangavelOrganic Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry2010 Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis (grad student)
Chuan Wang2011 Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Rongpeng WangPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2014 Thomas P. Schuman (grad student)
Jianming Wang
Tian Wang
Tian WangThe Leaching Behavior of Arsenic, Selenium and Other Trace Elements in Coal Fly Ash Jianming Wang (grad student)
Danielle West Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Philip D. WhitefieldAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Clarissa A. WisnerOrganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2014 Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis (grad student)
Klaus H. WoelkBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry
Qihua WuAnalytical Chemistry, Petroleum Engineering Chemistry2014 Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Qingbo Yang Yinfa Ma (grad student)
Haiting Zhang20112013 Zhihming Qian (grad student)
Hongfang ZhaoAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2014 Von L. Richards (grad student)