Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Barry J Steel
Michael I. Bruceorganometallic chemistry, cluster chemistry
Michael Creeth
John Barry Eganphage, bacterial genetics
Jacob ThomasNeuroimmunopharmacology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Pharmacology
Stanley G. Tomlinmembrane structure
T. Brailsford Robertsonphysiological chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology
Geoffrey Malcolm Badger
Alexander Killen Macbeth
Andrew A. SomogyiClinical Pharmacology, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacy2007 Mark Rowland Hutchinson (collaborator)
Francesca Avril Smith McInerneyPaleontology, Geochemistry
Christian J. Doonan
Christopher J. Sumby
Maurice Raymond Atkinson
Graeme Hunter Searle
Gregory Metha
Hedley Ralph MarstonBiochemistry, physiology19191930 T. Brailsford Robertson (research assistant)
Charles James MartinBiochemistry, physiology
Lloyd M. JackmanOrganic synthesis, vacuum line technique, NMR characterization of molecular motion1951 Alexander Killen Macbeth (grad student), Geoffrey Malcolm Badger (grad student)
Rowland Pettitorgano-transition metal chemistry1952 Alexander Killen Macbeth (grad student), Geoffrey Malcolm Badger (grad student)
Charles R. Worthingtonlow-angle X-ray diffraction1955 Stanley G. Tomlin (grad student)
Brian W. MatthewsX-ray crystallography, protein folding Physics1963 Stanley G. Tomlin (grad student), Edwin Harry Medlin (grad student)
Robert Kerford MortonAgricultural Chemistry
Andrew Walter Murray1964 Maurice Raymond Atkinson (grad student), Robert Kerford Morton (grad student)
Vasu Nair
Dennis E Mulcahy Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19641968 Barry J Steel (grad student)
F. Richard Keene Physical and Inorganic Chemistry1972 Graeme Hunter Searle (grad student)
Graeme MoadPolymer synthesis, Polymerization kinetics and mechanism1977 Athelstan Laurence Johnson Beckwith (grad student)
Mark G. HumphreyOrganometallic Chemistry, NLO materials19821986 Michael I. Bruce (grad student)
Andrew D. Abelldesign, synthesis and biological testing of inhibitors of enzymes of mechanistic and therapeutic importance1986 Ralph Massy-Westropp (grad student)
Omar bin Shawkatalyorganometallic chemistry, cluster chemistry19821987 Michael I. Bruce (grad student)
Graham 'Gus' J. Nathancombustion, energy, solar energy1988 Sam Luxton (grad student)
Robert Henry Symonsstructure, function and replication of plant viruses, viroids and virusoids
Keith E. ShearwinGene regulation mechanisms, phage19932005 John Barry Egan (grad student)
Peter M. GraceNeuroimmunopharmacology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Pharmacology Discipline of Pharmacology20072011 Mark Rowland Hutchinson (grad student), Paul E. Rolan (grad student)
Tony D. KeeneChemistry School of Physical Sciences School of Physical Sciences20122012 Christian J. Doonan (post-doc), Christopher J. Sumby (post-doc)
Lauren NicotraNeuroimmunopharmacology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Pharmacology20112013 Mark Rowland Hutchinson (grad student)
Matthew Briggs20152018 Nicolle H. Packer (grad student)