University of Bern

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John Jacob Abelisolation and characterization of hormones18891890 Marceli Nencki (post-doc)
Martin Albrecht
Ulrich AschauerGreat surface chemistry with computers, mostly oxides, but also other stuff
Natalie Banerji
Jesse J. Bergkampartificial photosynthesis20142015 Silvio Decurtins (post-doc)
Mordechai Bobtelskyinorganic and analytical chemistry1922 Volkmar Kohlschütter (grad student)
Colette Boskovicinorganic chemistry Chemistry20012004 Hans U. Güdel (post-doc)
Thomas C. Brunoldgeometric and electronic properties of catalytically active metal centers in proteins1996 Hans U. Güdel (grad student)
Thomas Bürgi1995 Samuel Leutwyler (grad student)
Andrea Cannizzo
Silvio Decurtins
Katrin F. Domke20082008 Silvio Decurtins (post-doc), Thomas Wandlowski (post-doc)
Edmund DrechselPhysiological chemistry
Fritz Bruno EphraimAnalytical chemistry
Walter FeitknechtManganese oxide1922 Volkmar Kohlschütter (grad student)
Carl Friedheiminorganic chemistry
Alexander N. FrumkinElectrochemistry Chemistry Volkmar Kohlschütter (research assistant)
Casimir Funkvitamins (was the first to coin the term 'vital amines' or 'vitamines')1904 Stanisław Kostanecki (grad student)
Daniel R. Gamelinmultifunctional inorganic materials for spintronics and energy conversion technologies19972000 Hans U. Güdel (post-doc)
Hans U. GüdelPhysical-inorganic chemistry1969 Andreas M. Ludi (grad student)
Martin Heimann Physics Institute19781982 Hans Oeschger (grad student)
Eva Hevia
Moloud KavianiSome kind of chemistry using computers Ulrich Aschauer (grad student)
Tony D. KeeneChemistry Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry20072009 Silvio Decurtins (post-doc)
Hans Wolfgang Kohlschütter1926 Fritz Bruno Ephraim (grad student)
Volkmar Kohlschütter
Stanisław KostaneckiOrganic chemistry
Christian J. LeumannDNA analogues
Wolfgang Leupold1922 Paul Arbenz (grad student)
Samuel Leutwyler
Phoebus Aaron Theodor LeveneDNA Edmund Drechsel (post-doc)
Andreas M. LudiInorganic Chemistry1962 Walter Feitknecht (grad student)
Surajit Maity2016 Samuel Leutwyler (post-doc)
Florian Felix MulksOrganometallic chemistry, computational chemistry, physical organic chemistry Departement für Chemie und Biochemie20192020 Eva Hevia (post-doc)
Om Prakash PandeyIsotope Geochemistry, Archean Geology, Geochronology
Matteo PlanchestainerEnzyme engineering Chemistry and Biochemistry2017 Martin Albrecht (post-doc)
Melath V. RajasekharanStructural Chemistry magnetostructural correlations, coordination networks, 3d-4f hybrid compounds, polyihalide ions Chemistry19811982 Hans U. Güdel (post-doc)
Priyadaranjan RayInorganic chemistry19291930 Fritz Bruno Ephraim (research scientist)
Michael H. RäzBiomolecular Nanotechnology20112014 Christian J. Leumann (research assistant)
Christian Reberinorganic chemistry, spectroscopy, photochemistry19851989 Hans U. Güdel (grad student)
Harald Reuter
Ernst Schumacher
Rudolf SignerOrganic Chemistry
Geoffrey F. StrouseChemistry of Materials, Nanoscience, Photochemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Dynamics, Synthesis and Catalysis19931995 Hans U. Güdel (post-doc)
Rafael ValienteSpectroscopy Chemistry and Biochemistry Hans U. Güdel (post-doc)
Yuliia VybornaDNA Nanotechnology, Supramolecular Chemistry, Active Matter