University of Massachusetts Medical School

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Miguel A. AmatMolecular modeling and computational chemistry
Stefan L. AmeresRNAi2007 Phillip D. Zamore (post-doc)
Aniuska Becerra Artiles Pathology Lawrence J. Stern (research scientist)
Richa Arya Pathology20172022 Lawrence J. Stern (post-doc)
Sydney J. Blevins Pathology Lawrence J. Stern (post-doc)
Daniel N. Bolonmolecular evolution
Daryl A. BoscoNeurodegeneration ALS
Laurie A. Boyer2000 Craig L. Peterson (grad student)
Jaime Mauricio Calvo-Calle Pathology Lawrence J. Stern (research scientist)
Ivana L. De la SernaMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology19982003 Anthony N Imbalzano (post-doc)
Robert W. FinbergBiochemistry, Cell Biology
Jean-Pierre Flattphysiological chemistry
Ryuya FukunagaRNA silencing mechanism2013 Phillip D. Zamore (post-doc)
Nicholas Hayden Pathology2023 Lawrence J. Stern (grad student)
Anthony N Imbalzanochromatin and chromatin remodeling enzymes in gene regulation
Mollie M Jurewicz Pathology20132019 Lawrence J. Stern (grad student)
Brian A. KelchStructure, function, and folding of proteins, chromosomes, and centrosomes
Girish J. KotwalMicrobiology Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry
Liying Lu Pathology Lawrence J. Stern (research scientist)
Zachary Maben Pathology20132019 Lawrence J. Stern (grad student)
C. Robert MatthewsProtein Folding
Craig Cameron MelloRegulation of gene expression
Mary Munsonmembrane trafficking, protein biochemistry, structural biology
Padma P Nanaware Pathology Lawrence J. Stern (post-doc)
Maria Pia Negroni Pathology20132019 Lawrence J. Stern (grad student)
Bryce M. Paschal1992 Richard B. Vallee (grad student)
Craig L. Petersonchromosome structure
Karthik M RameshNon-classical MHCII antigen presentation
Alonzo H. RossPTEN phosphatase and tumor suppressor, CNS Stem Cells and neural tumors
Harleen SainiRNA biology2012 Melissa J. Moore (grad student)
Jie Songbiomaterial- and stem cell-based approaches towards bone and cartilage tissue regeneration
Sarah G Swygertchromatin structure, budding yeast genetics Molecular Medicine20092015 Craig L. Peterson (grad student)
Peter Trenh Pathology20132019 Lawrence J. Stern (grad student)
Grant C Weaver Pathology20162023 Lawrence J. Stern (grad student)
Liusong Yin Pathology20082014 Lawrence J. Stern (grad student)