University of Leeds

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
A S. AchalkumarLiquid Crystals20072009 Richard J. Bushby (post-doc)
Irshad Ahmad Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology20132017 Simon G. Patching (grad student), Peter J F Henderson (grad student)
Graeme AllinsonEnvironmental Science19871991 Richard J. Bushby (grad student)
Fraser Armstrong1978 A. Geoffrey Sykes (grad student)
William T. AstburyMolecular biology
Peter Brian Ayscoughelectron spin resonance
Alastair Bakerchemical synthesis, chemical catalysis, chemical engineering
Arthur BanisterMain Group Chemistry Chemistry1964 Norman N. Greenwood (post-doc)
Keith Bartle
Peter D. BattleInorganic chemistry
Simon BaumbergBacterial physiology
John H. Baxendale Meredith Gwynne Evans (research scientist)
Godfrey S Beddard
Kim Bettaney Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology20042008 Simon G. Patching (grad student), Peter J F Henderson (grad student)
Daniel A. Binks Aleksandra (Sasha) Radjenovic (post-doc)
Dan BizzottoPhysical Chemistry Andew Nelson (post-doc)
Katie Blake School of Biomedical Sciences20082010 Simon G. Patching (research assistant)
Robin S. Bon
William BradleyColour chemistry
Tom BransonSynthetic biology, Chemistry20092013 Bruce Turnbull (grad student)
Bronek Bronek Wedzicha
Richard Brook
Richard J. BushbyLiquid Crystals, Phospholipids, Pi Multiradicals
Sidney Herbert Cameron19281929 Joseph H. Priestley (post-doc)
Andrew N. CammidgeOrganic Materials, Catalysis19911994 Richard J. Bushby (post-doc)
Edward Raymond ClarkAnti-oestrogens
Julius Berend CohenOrganic chemistry
C. N. CollingeFluidized Beds
John Neil CouplandColloid science, food chemistry Bronek Bronek Wedzicha (grad student)
Durward W. J. CruickshankX-ray structure analysis1952 Ernest Gordon Cox (grad student)
Stanley DagleyMicrobial biochemistry
Biraj Mohan DasLeather chemistry19091911 Edmund Stiasny (grad student)
Kenneth George DenbighPhysical chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, chemical engineering19321934 Robert Whytlaw-Gray (grad student)
Eric DickinsonColloid science
Harold Ward Dudley1910 Julius Berend Cohen (grad student)
Shalini Edara School of Biomedical Sciences20112014 Simon G. Patching (research assistant)
Ian James Edwards20082008 Jim Deuchars (grad student), Jim Deuchars (post-doc)
Peter Edwards Chemistry Mathew John Evans (grad student)
S. Holger Eichhornsynthetic materials chemistry19971998 Richard J. Bushby (post-doc)
John Errington Chemistry1980 Bernard L. Shaw (grad student)
Mathew John EvansAtmospheric Chemistry
Colin W. G. Fishwick School of Chemistry Arthur Peter Johnson (research scientist)
Victoria Frankland
Colin W. G.
John Gergelymuscle proteins1948 Meredith Gwynne Evans (grad student)
Adrian GoldmanStructural Biology
James Gowdy Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology20102014 Simon G. Patching (grad student)
Norman N. Greenwoodsolid-state chemistry, boron hydrides
Mary E. Gunnorganic chemistry
Malcolm HalcrowMagnetochemistry, Supramolecular Materials
Brendan Hall School of Chemistry20162017 Alastair Baker (grad student)
Philip D Hansbro Respiratory infections 19861990 Richard J. Bushby (grad student)
Brian S. Hartley1952 Bernard A. Kilby (grad student)
Andrew M Hartley2019 Christos Pliotas (post-doc)
Peter J F HendersonMembrane transport; Resistance to drugs and antibiotics; Protein structure; Enzyme kinetics
Michael J. HeyPhysical chemistry Frederic Dainton (grad student), D Smithies (grad student)
King Kuok (Mimi) HiiCatalysis, Organometallics, Organic Synthesis, Flow Chemistry19911994 Bernard L. Shaw (grad student)
Kazumi Hiruma-Shimizu School of Chemistry20022014 Simon G. Patching (research scientist)
Ryan Hope Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology School of Biomedical Sciences20042007 Peter J F Henderson (research assistant), Simon G. Patching (research assistant)
David P. HornbyEnzymology
Mark J HowardNMR spectroscopy
Edward David Hughes1930 Christopher K. Ingold (post-doc)
Fouzia Ismat School of Biomedical Sciences20032008 Simon G. Patching (research assistant)
Scott M. Jackson School of Biomedical Sciences School of Biomedical Sciences20082012 Peter J F Henderson (grad student), Simon G. Patching (grad student)
Tony Johnson
Arthur Peter Johnson
Virgil Craig Jordantamoxifen1972 Edward Raymond Clark (grad student)
John D Kennedypolyhedral boron-containing cluster chemistry
Bernard A. Kilbycarbohydrate metabolism in insects
John A. Kilner Department of Materials19751979 Richard Brook (post-doc)
Philip Joseph KocienskiOrganic Chemistry1979 Basil Lythgoe (post-doc)
Benjamin J Lane2019 Christos Pliotas (grad student)
Edward LeeteOrganic Chemistry1950 William Bradley (grad student)
Alastair Lewis1995 Keith Bartle (grad student), Mike Pilling (grad student)
Laszlo LorandAlzheimer's Disease; Apoptosis; Autoimmune Diseases; Proteins, Macromolecules; Vascular Biology1951 William T. Astbury (grad student)
Rianne M. LordChemistry, Inorganic, Anti-cancer Chemistry20102014 Patrick McGowan (grad student)
Basil Lythgoeorganic chemistry
Yue (Mary) Ma2018 Christos Pliotas (grad student)
Pikyee Ma Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology20052010 Peter J F Henderson (grad student), Simon G. Patching (grad student)
Clare Mahon Bruce Turnbull (post-doc)
Andrew Marsh Centre for Self-Organising Molecular Systems19941995 Richard J. Bushby (post-doc)
David J. McClementsColloid science, food chemistry Eric Dickinson (grad student)
Patrick McGowen
Scott R. MurgatroydExercise tolerance, bioenergetics20052009 Harry B. Rossiter (grad student)
James MurrayChemical Biology, Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanomaterials Chemistry20102014 Robin S. Bon (grad student)
E. Bruce Naumanpolymer physics, reactor design1963 C. N. Collinge (grad student)
Nighat Nawaz School of Biomedical Sciences2017 Simon G. Patching (grad student)
Andew Nelson
Adam Nelson
Jack Nuttingelectron microscopy1948 Archibald Preece (grad student)
Jean-Louis Paillaudzeolites Richard J. Bushby (post-doc)
Simon G. PatchingMembrane Proteins, Protein Structure and Function, Antimicrobial Resistance, Infectious Diseases, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Structural Biology, Biophysics, NMR
Mike Pilling
Christos PliotasMechanosensation, Ion Channels, PELDOR/DEER, Membrane Proteins
John PowellOrganometallic Chemistry1967 Bernard L. Shaw (grad student)
Archibald Preecemetallurgy
Joseph H. PriestleyBotany
David J. Procter Christopher M. Rayner (grad student)
David John ProctorSamarium chemistry1995 Christopher M. Rayner (grad student)
Georgios Psakis School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology School of Biomedical Sciences20042006 Peter J F Henderson (grad student), Simon G. Patching (research assistant)
Moazur Rahman Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology20032008 Simon G. Patching (grad student)
Henry Stanley Raper
Christopher M. Rayner
Richard Marchese Robinson
John M. "Rab" RobsonChemical mutagenesis, gonadotropins19261930 Bryan A. McSwiney (post-doc)
Harry B. RossiterSkeletal Muscle Bioenergetics
Massoud Saidijam School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20002004 Peter J F Henderson (grad student)
Walter Schneider19551957 Frederic Dainton (post-doc)
Bernard L. ShawInorganic Chemistry
Charles William Shoppee Christopher K. Ingold (grad student)
Katie Simmons School of Chemistry School of Chemistry School of Chemistry20122014 Colin W. G. Fishwick (grad student), Arthur Peter Johnson (grad student), Simon G. Patching (research assistant)
D Smithies
Thomas N. Snaddonorganic chemistry2008 Philip Joseph Kocienski (grad student)
Frederick Campion Stewardplant tissue culture; genetic engineering and plant biotechnology1926 Joseph H. Priestley (grad student)
Edmund StiasnyLeather chemistry
Alex J. StirkSupramolecular chemistry, Mechanically Interlocked Molecule, Solid-state pharmaceuticals
Preethi Sukumar School of Biomedical Sciences School of Biomedical Sciences20082012 Peter J F Henderson (grad student), Simon G. Patching (grad student)
Lijie Sun Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology20032007 Simon G. Patching (grad student)
Leslie H. Sutcliffe Meredith Gwynne Evans (grad student)
Gerda Szakonyi Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology20042007 Peter J F Henderson (post-doc)
Colin Thomson1961 Peter Brian Ayscough (grad student)
John Trinick
Bruce TurnbullCarbohydrate Chemistry, Synthetic Biology
Francis Lawry UsherColloid chemistry
Rafaela VasiliadouAnalytical Chemistry, Microfluidics, Electrochemistry, Biology
Henrietta Venter School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19972001 Peter J F Henderson (grad student)
David C. Walkerradiation chemistry1959 Frederic Dainton (grad student)
Bolin Wang2018 Christos Pliotas (grad student)
Susan A. Wardcontrol of ventilation, pulmonary gas exchange and muscle energetics during exercise in health and disease
Stuart Warriner School of Chemistry Adam Nelson (research scientist)
Anthony Watts Astbury Department of Biophysics19721975 Derek Marsh (grad student)
Mike Webb School of Chemistry Adam Nelson (research scientist)
Christine Wells
Benjamin J Whitakermolecular reaction dynamics
Robert Whytlaw-GrayPhysical chemistry
Karl WieghardtCoordination Chemistry of Transition Metal Ions and Bioinorganic Chemistry1972 A. Geoffrey Sykes (post-doc)
Dudley Howard Williamsvancomycin1961 Basil Lythgoe (grad student)
J Derek Woollins Chemistry1984 Norman N. Greenwood (post-doc)
Hao Xie School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20012005 Peter J F Henderson (post-doc)
Briony A YorkeTime-resolved crystallography, Macromolecular crystallography, UV/Vis spectroscopy Chemistry Chemistry20092014 Godfrey S Beddard (grad student), Michael Webb (grad student)
Hao-Li ZhangMaterial Chemistry, Organic semiconductor, Nano-devices, Optoelectronics Department of Physics and Astronomy19992002 Stephen D. Evans (research assistant)