University of Melbourne

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Palika Abayakoon Chemistry20162019 Spencer John Williams (grad student)
Graeme AllinsonEnvironmental Science
James L. BanalExcitonics, Organic electronics, Light-harvesting School of Chemistry School of Chemistry20132016 Kenneth Ghiggino (grad student), Wallace WH Wong (grad student)
Stephanie Bellmaine Chemistry20122015 Spencer John Williams (grad student)
Pavla Bojarova Chemistry20062007 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Colette Boskovicinorganic chemistry
Berin Boughton Chemistry2009 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Ronald Drayton BrownTheoretical chemistry, Microwave spectroscopy19471959 Francis Norman Lahey (research assistant)
Donald Cameron
Alan Cartmell2013 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Frank Caruso Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering1994 Franz Grieser (grad student), Peter Thistlethwaite (grad student)
Robert Catrall Bruce O. West (grad student)
Janice Chan Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Carlie L Charron Chemistry20152017 Craig A Hutton (post-doc)
Jinhan Cho Chemical Engineering20012003 Frank Caruso (post-doc)
Toni Cox School of Earth Sciences John W. Moreau (grad student)
Maxwell Crossley Donald Cameron (grad student)
Susan Cumberland
Peter T. CummingsMolecular Modeling Department of Mathematics1979 Edgar Roderick Smith (research assistant)
Gabriel da SilvaChemical kinetics
David DanaciAdsorption, porous materials, gas separation, CO2 capture, CO2 utilisation Chemical Engineering20122018 Paul A. Webley (grad student)
Phillip van derPeet Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
David DewhurstBiomedical Engineering
Zoran Dinev Chemistry20042006 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Paul S. Donnelly
Warren William Fee
Brendan J FisherTotal Synthesis of Natural Products
Alison Funston20062010 Paul Mulvaney (post-doc)
Kenneth Ghiggino
Caitlin Gionfriddo School of Earth Sciences John W. Moreau (grad student)
Gemma K. Gransburyinorganic chemistry Chemistry Chemistry20152019 Colette Boskovic (grad student), Alessandro Soncini (grad student)
Franz GrieserSurface and Colloid Chemistry
John GrutznerPhysical Organic Chemistry19631967 Lloyd M. Jackman (grad student)
Christian Gunawan Chemistry20122014 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Ronald Halimmicroalgae, macroalgae, nutraceuticals, sustainable food production, sustainable energy production
Amber N. HancockPhysical Organic, Radicals2011 Carl H. Schiesser (post-doc)
Jack Harrowfield1969 Warren William Fee (grad student)
Andrew B. HolmesNatural product synthesis, Polymers Lloyd M. Jackman (research assistant)
Ashleigh Hood
Katrin Hug School of Earth Sciences John W. Moreau (grad student)
Elizabeth Helene KrenskePhysical and Computational Chemistry; Organic Chemistry
Gang LiCarbon capture, natural gas purification, pressure swing adsorption, zeolites, waste recycling
Shea (Fern) Lim Chemistry20122013 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Zhixing Lin Chemical Engingeering20172021 Frank Caruso (grad student)
Yu-Chen Ling School of Earth Sciences John W. Moreau (grad student)
Irvine Masson1907 David Orme Masson (research assistant)
David Orme MassonNitroglycerine
Drew McCormack School of Chemistry19941997 Kieran F. Lim (grad student)
Andre Mu School of Earth Sciences John W. Moreau (grad student)
Paul MulvaneyNanomaterials, Nanoscience, Solar energy conversion, Quantum dots1989 Franz Grieser (grad student)
Fidelis NittiAnalytical and Environmental Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry20162020 Spas D Kolev (grad student), Robert Cattrall (grad student)
Brett M. Paterson Paul S. Donnelly (grad student)
Jeff PressingCognition, music, neuroscience, theoretical physical chemistry
Helena Qin20062009 Spencer John Williams (grad student)
Tim Quach Chemistry20102011 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Gavin E. ReidAnalytical Chemistry
Mark B Richardson Chemistry20122015 Spencer John Williams (grad student)
G. Wilse Robinsonpicosecond spectroscopy
Samad Sandanayake Chemistry20112012 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Carl H. SchiesserOrganic Chemistry, Selenium, Radicals, Homolytic Substitution
Gregory D. ScholesUltrafast electron transfer, Quantum mechanical energy transfer processes, Photosynthetic and bio-inspired solar energy conversion, Multidimensional electronic spectroscopy, Ultrafast laser spectroscopy, Quantum Biology1994 Kenneth Ghiggino (grad student)
Sayali Shah Chemistry20122016 Spencer John Williams (grad student)
Jin ShangGas adsorption, gas separation, gas storage, catalysis Chemical Engineering20092013 Paul A. Webley (grad student)
Edgar Roderick SmithMath molecular dynamics
Alessandro Soncini
Gaetano Speciale Chemistry20132016 Spencer John Williams (grad student)
Helen Stolpblood brain barrier, cortical development, perinatal brain injury Pharmacology Norman Saunders (grad student)
Robert Henry Symonsstructure, function and replication of plant viruses, viroids and virusoids1960 Francis J. R. Hird (grad student)
Peter Robert TaylorComputational Quantum Chemistry
Peter Thistlethwaite
Sammi Tsegay Chemistry20112012 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Brett M. TylerMolecular Biology, Plant Pathology Agriculture, Biochemistry1981 Jerry M. Adams (grad student)
Graham R. Underwood1966 Lloyd M. Jackman (grad student)
Hong Vu
Ian Walker Chemistry20042005 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Mathew Watts
Paul A. Webleyhydrogen, adsorption, CO2 capture, CO2 utilisation, thermodynamics
Anthony "Tony" G. Wedd
Spencer John WilliamsCarbohydrates
Rohan Williams Chemistry20102013 Spencer John Williams (grad student)
Wallace WH WongMaterials Chemistry20062014 Andrew B. Holmes (post-doc)
Gongkui XiaoGas separation, carbon capture, hydrogen recovery, natural gas processing
Suwan Yap Chemistry20102011 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Charles G. Young Chemistry John A. Broomhead (grad student)
Steven Zammit Chemistry20072010 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)
Shannon Zanatta Chemistry20072009 Spencer John Williams (post-doc)