University of North Texas

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jafar AbdelghaniAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
William E. Acree, Jr.Chemical Separations; Solution Chemistry; Chemical Equilibria
Swarnagowri AddepalliAnalytical Chemistry2000 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Prem R. AdhikariBiochemistry, Environmental Health, Environmental Sciences Biochemistry2012 Barney J. Venables (grad student)
Tiruchirapalli N. ArunagiriAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2003 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
Ravi K. ArvapallyInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2010 Mohammad A. Omary (grad student)
Molly B. AtkinsonChemistry Education Research
Shea Austin-Brown Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Brian G. AyreBiochemistry, Botany Biology, Physiology Biology
Mina Aziz Biology Kent D. Chapman (post-doc)
Paul S Bagus"Surface Chemistry, Electronic Structure Theory, Core-Level Spectroscopies"
Khaldoon A. Barakatcomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2007 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Swayambhu P. BeheraFluid and Plasma Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Analytical Chemistry2011 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Cameron BjelkevigPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2010 Jeffery A. Kelber (grad student)
Axel BlauFlexible all-polymeric microelectrode arrays (polyMEAs), Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC), Manipulating neural network composition and interconnectivity by optical tweezers, laser microdissection, µ-fluidic systems, biochemically and topologically µ-textured substrate19971997 Guenter W. Gross (grad student)
Weston T. BordenComputational Chemistry
Tammie L. BordersGeneral Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2012 Andrew Rusinko (grad student)
Paul S. BratermanAnalytical Chemistry
Michela Brumfield William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Corneliu Budacomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2004 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Yingqi Cai Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Margaret C. CalhounAnalytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry
Charlene R Case Biology2004 Kent D. Chapman (research scientist)
Kent D. ChapmanPlant Biochemistry, Lipid Metablism, Lipid Storage, Cell Biology, Mass Spectrometry
Kent D. ChapmanMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Zhibing Chen2003 Alan Marchand (grad student)
Wei-Hsuan ChenOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, General Chemistry2010 Mohammad A. Omary (grad student)
Oliver Ming-Ren ChyanAnalytical Chemistry
G. Andres CisnerosTheoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
Matthew Cotter Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Thomas R. Cundaricomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry
Francis D'Souza
Kasturi DasguptaBiochemistry, Botany Biology, Physiology Biology Biological Sciences2013 Brian G. Ayre (grad student)
Arland DeSouza Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
John J. DetermanGeneral Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2011 Mohammad A. Omary (grad student), Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Christopher T. DewberryMicrowave Spectroscopy2011 Stephen A. Cooke (grad student)
Nathan DeYonker Angela K. Wilson (post-doc)
Rebecca DicksteinBiochemistry, Botany Biology, Molecular Biology
Adriana Dinescucomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2007 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Debra D. DolliverOrganic Chemistry2001 Michael G. Richmond (grad student)
Michael L. Drummond Angela K. Wilson (post-doc)
Bradley M. EkstromAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering2005 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Oussama El-BjeiramiInorganic Chemistry2006 Mohammad A. Omary (grad student)
Travis M. Figgcomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2013 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Michelle GarzaAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2004 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Ravi K. GawalapuBiochemistry2007 Douglas D. Root (grad student)
Joshua S. Gibson2014 Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Hatice Gokcan2018 G. Andres Cisneros (post-doc)
Teresa D. Golden
Hector E. Gonzalezcomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry Chemistry2012 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Michael Scott Greer Biology20162018 Kent D. Chapman (post-doc)
Thomas V. Grimes-Marchancomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2007 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Laura M. GrubbsChemical Separations; Solution Chemistry; Chemical Equilibria2011 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Garry S. Grubbs IIMicrowave Spectroscopy20062011 Stephen A. Cooke (grad student)
Faith M. Halcom-YarberryAnalytical Chemistry2002 Paul S. Braterman (grad student)
Alesha N. Harris2014 Rob A. Petros (grad student)
Erin Fitzgerald Hartthermodynamics Chemistry2014 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Elizabeth M. Higgins Chemistry2015 William E. Acree, Jr. (research assistant)
Chau V. HoangBiochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture2001 Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Patrick Jacob HornLipid Metabolism, Omics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Plants Biological Sciences20082013 Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
David A. HrovatComputational chemistry Weston T. Borden (collaborator)
Shih-huang HuangInorganic Chemistry2010 Michael G. Richmond (grad student)
Zilin HuangOrganic Chemistry2006 Ruthanne D. Thomas (grad student)
Joshua M. HudsonInorganic Chemistry2007 Mohammad A. Omary (grad student)
Trace Q. HurdAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2005 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
Chris Jeffrey Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Wanyi Jiang Angela K. Wilson (post-doc)
Kameron R. Jorgensen Chemistry2012 Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Ahmed Y. KadryEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Sanitary and Municipal Engineering2002 Farida Y. Saleh (grad student)
Ushasree KaipaInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry2012 Mohammad A. Omary (grad student)
Srikanth KandalaOrganic Chemistry2007 Michael G. Richmond (grad student)
Jantana Keereetaweep Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Jeffery A. KelberPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Jeffery A. KelberPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Jeffry A. KelberAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry
Aswad Khadilkar Molecular Biology20072015 Brian G. Ayre (grad student)
Sang-Chul KimBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2010 Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Simon K. KoskeyAnalytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2014 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
Sebastian KozuchComputational quantum chemistry, catalysis Weston T. Borden (post-doc)
Marie Laury Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Jipu LeiAnalytical Chemistry2005 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Cong Liu Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Andrew Mahler Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Camelia Maier Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Sudha ManandharInorganic Chemistry2010 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Alan Marchand
David M. MartiniAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2008 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Michael A. McAllisterOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Rosemary McAndrew19931998 Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Elizabeth McClinche Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
G. David McClure, Jr.Protein chemistry; enzymology Biochemistry19891993 Paul Fabyan Cook (grad student)
Roisin C. McGarryBotany Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry20052013 Brian G. Ayre (post-doc)
Matthew H. MeckfesselBotany Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2011 Rebecca Dickstein (grad student)
Kortney M. MelanconInorganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology Chemistry2016 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Kevin P. MenardMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Plastics Technology
Christina MintzChemical Separations; Solution Chemistry; Chemical Equilibria2009 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Benjamin Mintz2008 Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Glenn Morellocomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2011 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Praveen R. NallaAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2006 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
Gopinath C. NallaniEnvironmental Health, Analytical Chemistry2010 Barney J. Venables (grad student)
Irishi N. NamboothiriOrganic synthesis and Physical Organic Chemistry19971998 Alan Marchand (post-doc)
Sehr Naseem-KhanTheoretical Chemistry Chemistry2018 G. Andres Cisneros (post-doc)
Purnima Neogi Biology Kent D. Chapman (post-doc)
Chengyu NiuAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2002 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Mohammad A. OmaryInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry
Gbenga A. OyedepoPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry2011 Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Siddharth Pandey19931997 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Frank L. PasqualeAnalytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2013 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Dipesh A. PatelBiochemistry2009 Douglas D. Root (grad student)
Charles Peterson Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Rob A. Petros
Aaron Pierpontcomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2010 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Charoendee Pingsuthiwong2004 Teresa D. Golden (grad student)
Catalina I. PislariuMolecular Biology2006 Rebecca Dickstein (grad student)
Thomas A. PonnuswamyAnalytical Chemistry2002 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
Bhaskar PoolaOrganic Chemistry2006 Michael G. Richmond (grad student)
Robert Albert Powoski20092011 Stephen A. Cooke (grad student)
Brian P. Prascher2009 Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Karen J. PribylaChemical Separations; Solution Chemistry; Chemical Equilibria2001 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Ann Marie Price Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Bruce M. Princecomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2014 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Merry PritchettAnalytical Chemistry2004 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Feili QinAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2005 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Mickey C. RichardsonInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2007 Paul S. Braterman (grad student)
Michael G. RichmondOrganic Chemistry
Amanda G. Riojas Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Amy Rommel Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Trevor Romsdahl Biology Kent D. Chapman (post-doc)
Douglas D. RootBiochemistry
Andrew RusinkoGeneral Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Farida Y. SalehEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Mohammad SalehinBiochemistry, Botany Biology, Molecular Biology Biology/Biochemistry2013 Rebecca Dickstein (grad student)
Shanmukh Salimath Biology Kent D. Chapman (research scientist)
Natdhera SanmaneeEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry2002 Farida Y. Saleh (grad student)
George SchoendorffQuantum Theory Angela K. Wilson (post-doc)
Krupanand S. ShepherdMaterials Science Engineering, Analytical Chemistry2000 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Rhidaya ShresthaMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2004 Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Pavel Silvestrov Chemistry2018 G. Andres Cisneros (grad student)
Pankaj SinhaInorganic Chemistry2009 Mohammad A. Omary (grad student), Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Christopher South Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Timothy W. Stephens20102014 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Drew Sturtevant Biology Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Karthikeyan Sundararaju Meenakshiah PillaiInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2011 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
Neal D. TeasterMolecular Biology2009 Kent D. Chapman (grad student)
Sammer Tekarli Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Ruthanne D. ThomasOrganic Chemistry
Jinhong TongAnalytical Chemistry2003 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Swati Tripathy Kent D. Chapman (post-doc)
Sheryl Ann Tucker1994 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)
Bishnu R. TwanabasuEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology2013 Barney J. Venables (grad student)
Jamal Uddin Angela K. Wilson (post-doc)
Vatsala VadapalliEnvironmental Sciences, Botany Biology2010 Barney J. Venables (grad student)
Sridhar Vaddadicomputational chemistry, inorganic, organometallic chemistry2006 Thomas R. Cundari (grad student)
Harita VeereshlingamPlant Physiology, Molecular Biology2005 Rebecca Dickstein (grad student)
Barney J. VenablesBiochemistry, Environmental Health, Environmental Sciences
Alice R. Walker Chemistry2018 G. Andres Cisneros (grad student)
Jiancheng WangOrganic Chemistry2000 Michael G. Richmond (grad student)
Hong Wang
Nick Wang Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Jiaqi Wang Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Rebecca Weber Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Justin WilksInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2010 Jeffry A. Kelber (grad student)
Gavin G. Williams2010 Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Brent R. Wilson2011 Angela K. Wilson (grad student)
Guanmin WuOrganic Chemistry2008 Michael G. Richmond (grad student)
Chengshi Yan Kent D. Chapman (post-doc)
Scott YockelResearch Computing2006 Angela K. Wilson (grad student), Paul S Bagus (post-doc)
W. Justin Youngbloodphotovoltaics, coordination chemistry, inorganic chemistry
Kyle K. YuChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry2011 Oliver Ming-Ren Chyan (grad student)
Qiuhua Yuan2006 Teresa D. Golden (grad student)
Zhiling ZhangBiochemistry2004 Douglas D. Root (grad student)
Anita I. ZvaigzneChemical Separations; Solution Chemistry; Chemical Equilibria2008 William E. Acree, Jr. (grad student)